Viking European River Cruises – 6 Key Must-Knows Before You Go

You’re about to discover the six things
that you really need to know, and watch out for, if you’re thinking of cruising
in Europe with Viking River Cruises. I’m Gary Bembridge and this is another of
my tips for travellers. I’m just back from a European River cruise along the Danube
with Viking on the Viking of Vilhjalm, and I thought it would be a great
opportunity to share with you the things that I wish I’d known, and the things
that I learned, to help you better understand a Viking River cruise in
Europe. And the things to really watch out for and make sure that you’re aware of before you go. It was established back in 1997, and so it’s not
the oldest of the river cruise companies, but it is a large company. It has over
70 ships (at the time of recording) either on the rivers or about to enter the
rivers, and they’re constantly expanding. It operates in the premium end of river
cruising, so not on the ultra-luxury end – it’s in the premium segment. Secondly, in
Europe Viking operate what are known as the Viking longships. These long
ships operate on most of the rivers in Europe. There are a couple of rivers
where the longships are too big to operate on, so they have a scaled-down
version. Let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect on a Viking
Longship. It has a 190 passengers and around about 45
crews. So, a high crew to passenger ratio. When you step on board the longship, the first thing you’ll notice is the decor.
It’s very Scandinavian in look and feel, and that of course links back to the
original heritage and the founders who come from Scandinavia. There are four
different accommodation types on board. There are suites at the rear
of the longships, they have veranda suites which have an actual
balcony which you can go out on and it has a table and two chairs.
They also have veranda cabins which have floor-to-ceiling windows, but these are
Juliet balconies and no actual balcony you can step out on. On the lower
level they have standard cabins which have a small window at the top of the
cabin, and that’s because these cabins are partly below the water level. On the
top deck you have the Sun Deck which is a big open space where you can sit out
and enjoy the weather and the scenery. On the next level down you have the real
heart and hub of the ship, which is the lounge. This is where you
have the bar. It’s also where you will have your daily briefings. It is where
people meet during the day and go for drinks before and after dinner.
It’s where if there’s any entertainment it’ll also be hosted here. In the front
of the lounge is what’s known as Aquavit. It has the early riser
breakfast out here and also a lighter breakfast, a lighter lunch
and in the evening you can dine here and it’s the same menu as in the
main restaurant. To the rear of the lounge you have the 24-hour tea and
coffee making facilities, which are great. There’s also on this level a small
library and a couple of computers if you have not brought your own laptop. On the
level below that you have the Reception area, a small Viking shop, which sells
branded merchandise and other products related to the cruise, and then you have the
dining room. This is a great open space. Everyone can sit here. It’s open seated
dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is buffet, although they do
have eggs cooking station where you can order things like pancakes and Eggs Benedict.
Lunch is a buffet and there will often be a pasta station and again you can order
from a menu. The evening is a full multi-course dinner menu where you’ll
have a regional menu based on where you’re cruising through, and a la carte and
then some standards which are on every single day. What’s as important as what
the ship does have is what it doesn’t have. There’s no medical centre on
board, and that’s true of all river cruising ships because you’re close
enough to the banks and ports to not have medical centres. Also, unlike
some other River cruise companies, it doesn’t have a fitness centre, it doesn’t
have a spa, doesn’t have a hairdresser, doesn’t have an exercise room and it doesn’t
carry bicycles. The focus of the Longship is very much on he hotel
experience, the dining experience and very much around the destinations and
the excursions. The third thing to know about Viking is they offer you an
enormous choice of rivers and also different itineraries on those rivers, because
there’s such a big fleet in operation they have huge permutations.You should
find pretty much any of the rivers in Europe that you want to sail on Viking
are there. For example, they sail on the Danube, the Rhine, the Rhone, the Elbe, the Duoro, Volga, the waters of
Bordeaux, they sail on rivers in Holland and Belgium – and even on those
there’s lots of different itineraries. So, as you look at the rivers that you want
to go on there’s going to be different itineraries. The next key thing to
understand, and watch out for, is what is and isn’t included in a Viking fare.
River cruising generally in Europe is pretty all-inclusive, however, there are
nuances and differences based on the different brands. So, when
you look at the Viking fare understanding what you are going to get is very important
because a lot of people, particularly coming from ocean cruising, take a look
at the river cruising fares and think they’re on the high side. That’s
because there’s a lots of stuff included. What is included? The obvious things
are included like your accommodation and Dining is included. Some
of your drinks are also included. At lunch and dinner wine, beer and soft
drinks are included. You’ll normally find there’ll be a choice of wines,
obviously often a white and a red wine is included. Also excursions are included.
You’ll find at every place you stop there’s normally at least one included
excursion within your fare. Sometimes there will also be a choice of
excursions and you might have a choice of two or three excursions that are
included. The excursions do tend to focus on the historical, the cultural and the
arts side of a destination. You will find in some places there are optional
excursions, which you do have to pay for. For example, in Vienna there was the
opportunity to go to a classical concert in the evening. Entertainment is also
included within the fare. Entertainment is not on the scale of
an ocean cruise ship. Every evening there will normally be one activity which could be local singers, dancers or musicians. It could be a quiz. There’s also a pianist who will play
often around lunchtime, before dinner and after dinner. What is not
included? First of all, gratuities are not included within the fare. At the time
of recording, the gratuities recommended were two euros per person per day for
the program director and 12 euros per person per day for the rest of the crew.
Drinks outside of lunch and dinner you also have to pay for and you can pay for those ad hoc or they do sell what’s known as a Silver
Spirits drinks package, which will then cover you for the entire time. Bear in
mind of course, your 24-hour teas and coffees are always available and that is
included within the fare. If you want to do things like send stuff to the
laundry or, of course, buy things in the shop that is not included within
the fare. The next important thing to understand is the passenger mix and what
sort of passengers you likely to find on board. Viking River Cruises and also
their ocean cruises are an adults-only experience.You have to be over 18
before you can go on a Viking River cruise. River cruising generally still is
the slightly older traveler experience, and you are more likely to find people in
their 50s, 60s, 70s and even above on river cruises, particularly in Europe. Of
course you are or going to get a range. You’re going to find it’s mostly
people from the USA, UK and often a lot of Australians. It’s an
English language experience and the whole program is done in English. What I also
found on river cruising, and I did find this very true on Viking, is you find a
lot of groups of people travelling together. Some groups of friends or
multi-generational people travelling together. So, although there’s lots of
couples they are often on board with friends and family.
What about solo travellers? If you are a solo traveller and you want to travel on
Viking, the best thing to do is to sign up for their email newsletters or work
very closely with Viking or your travel agent as what they do is certain
cruises during the year will have either no single supplement or anywhere
up to 50% surcharge if you’re travelling in a cabin by yourself. They
tend to be cruises at the beginning and end of the season, so less
peak times. If you plan to go on a Viking River cruise, or any river cruise, do you
think about your degree of mobility and how active you are. The Longships do
have some cabins for people with mobility issues, however in my personal
opinion, river cruises are really best enjoyed by people who are a little bit
more mobile. This is because it can be quite a challenge getting on and off the Longships because the nature of where you’re docking and the ramps, and in the
places calling on are old traditional places so you find lots
of cobblestones, lots of stairs and not necessarily lots
of mobility friendly ways of getting around. One thing I would say about
Viking is they do go out of their way to make sure if you do have a mobility
issues that they help you and work really hard to make sure you have a
great cruise. There is an elevator on the Longships, but it does only go
between two floors, so between the floor of the lounge and the
floor that has dining room on. Another key watch out and thing to understand is
the dress code. The dress code on a Viking River cruise is pretty casual and
relaxed. In fact the only real rule that you need to bear in mind when thinking
about packing and what to bring, is you are not supposed to wear denim jeans or shorts
in the dining room in the evening. The rest of dress code is pretty relaxed.
Some people do make more of an effort to dress up for the Captain’s
Welcome Party and the Captain’s Farewell Party, then some people dress up a bit smarter.
It’s more important to think about things like good walking shoes, layers if
it gets cold or if it gets hot you have layers that you can layer up or down,
things to protect you against rain if there are showers. These are much more important
to think about that when it comes to thinking about a Viking River cruise than which of your “Glad rags” and smart clothes to wear. Viking River Cruises is probably
the best known river cruising company in the world, and certainly within Europe
they have a large fleet on lots of different rivers. They really
do focus very much on the hotel, the dining and the food experience and
immersing you in the places that you go to. If you’re interested in Viking or
you’re interested in river cruising in Europe, watch many more of my Tips For Travellers videos. I have lots of videos with lots of tips about river cruising
in Europe.

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  1. Pay gratuities just to have the service you should expect – no thanks. Build in the staff salary into the overheads, charge the guests once for the voyage. Having a fixed rate suggests you pay happy or not… At this price range laundry should be standard and included.
    Of course everyone is free to choose how they spend..
    Great overview of Viking River Cruises and helped me make my choice…

  2. Very good information. I've taken 4 cruises with Viking and have two more scheduled. Something to add is there are bottles of water in your cabins, and every time you exit the ship they hand you one. They also have two ships, the Legend and Prestige that operate on the Danube currently, that have single cabins available. Thank you again for such excellent information. 😊

  3. Greetings, Gary, from another Canadian viewer. Your vlogs are wonderfully informative and to the point! My husband and I will be taking out first Viking River cruise (St Petersburg to Moscow) in September. This past fall, we sailed on the Viking Sky and had a fabulous time. Many thanks for your great tips!

  4. Yuk! Viking with 190 people!! Why? Uniworld and Tauck charge a bit more…but only 120 to 140 people and better ships/drinks/food.

  5. Didnt watch the whole video, but one thing you really should be aware of (you can briefly see what I'm talking about at 8:40): Here in Cologne you often see Viking ships anchor right across from the cathedral. The passengers would have an amazing view of the cathedral from that place, however, often enough another viking ship will pull up a few minutes later and anchor right next to the one thats already there; entirely blocking the view from the rooms of one side of each ship. These people are literally looking right into a room of the other ship. So far, I havent seen the ships of any other cruise line doing that, so it might be something to consider before you book anything.

  6. Excellent video. Informative, clear, concise, to the point. Love that you worked yourself into the scenes, a la Alfred Hitchcock. Actually helpful, as we can judge the height of various areas, as you are quite tall. Very helpful point about "dress code" so that those considering do not overpack. Thank you again. Keep up the great work. Interested in your thoughts about the ports you actually visited on this trip – highs and lows, etc.

  7. It seems, that the prices are quite customer friendly for that type of experience… Probably… Historic views and classy boat interior designs. Playing mini golf on the roof must be quite exiting, especially, with some Nature – History views around. Thank you very much, Gary.

  8. Hello, anybody can give me vacancy to work there? As cook.. please.. I really want to work there..

  9. Susan and I have done several cruises with this group. If you are adult (not necessarily old) this is the way to go. You can get food (and drink) pretty much whenever you care to. We get the "silver Spirits" package and they lose money on us.. This is a "self selecting" group. Mostly slightly older intellectuals and academics. The tours are very well done. Your description of this is very true but you should be, kind of happier about how great this line is.

  10. I went on Uniworld instead of Viking at the recommendation of my travel agent. Wonderful experience. Drinks were included as were all gratuities. Some land excursions were optional at a cost, but they offered plenty of included tours as well Liked the complement of passengers aboard and the nightly entertainment. These river cruises are more sedate and not akin to ocean cruising with their offerings. While on the expensive side, the outstanding meals were memorable as was the experience itself.

  11. Another thing to look out for is incompetent Ukranian captains. (allegedly)

  12. I'd love to go on a Viking cruise but their single person supplement is prohibitively expensive. Ironically they keep bombarding me with brochures even though I've asked them to stop. 😕


  14. Unsafe river ships with a lot of non qualified persons (stuff) on the ship.They are treat stuff with no respect at all. Organization is 0 !

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  16. Hello amigo, i was thinking taking the Amsterdam size on the Rhine late October 2019, but I travel alone, did you say they would charge me more?
    Gracias !

  17. What I, and others presumably, want to know is Why is Viking now requiring one year plus advance Final Payment? Odd compared to other lines.

  18. Where are the tips? this video is just a tour of the ship and its facilities.

  19. Gratuaties dependent on package, They were included in my package. The drinks package was worth it, unless you have 2 drinks or less a day. Only wore long trousers for the Capt's farewell party. Was impressed going for another one next year.

  20. Five years ago I took our youngest son on Viking from Budapest to Amsterdam-he was 25 then-the youngest passenger by far. He enjoyed it as much as I. We also did two nights pre in Budapest. It’s a beautiful city. Two years ago my husband, brother-in-law and I did Viking Moscow to St. Petersburg. This December, husband and I, two brothers-in-law (both widowers) are sailing Viking in the West Indies. It will be our first Viking ocean cruise. I’m thoroughly impressed with Viking.

  21. Your video is spot on — agree with everything you mentioned. We cruised Viking River in September 2018 and had an awesome experience. Viking really has their act together. Even though we had to "switch ships" mid-cruise due to low river levels, Viking made it all seamless and easy for us, despite the huge logistical issues "behind the scenes." We heartily recommend Viking River and we will be looking to try their ocean product soon.

  22. A good pair of hiking boots are a must for walking on cobblestone streets. Save your feet and legs, wear the right shoes. Viking is the best.

  23. I did the Viking Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. What you fail to mention is that , at least on my cruise<, we sailed at night, NOT during the day except for one day we left at 2 p.m. to see castles. The lunch and dinner are fixed menu's. DONOT ask for something not on the menu. Want french fries at lunch, if its not on the menu don't ask. The wait staff did not like it. All though we were on the last cruise on the Viking Sun. It was being taken out of service when we got Amsterdam. so maybe the staff were being laid off and didn't care. Traveling at night was a real bummer but the trade off were going on excursions and seeing the cities where you were docked. You will see some scenery if your up early as your coming into a city and if you travel in summer some when you leave. Do not get a cabin in back of the ship in less you don't care about hearing / feeling the engine. remember the ship is sailing while your trying to sleep.. We had a balcony suite a little forward of mid ships and it was fine.but, there were more than a few complaining about the engine noise. cabins were nice, ship was clean and the included tours were great. Sometimes , BASEL, and a few other cities the ship was docked far from the city. I don't think they provided any ground transportation. Sometime you felt you were docked out in "Boonies" It did take a while for our cab driver at the Basrl train ststion to find the ship because it was dockeb on the bank of the river in the middle of no where.

    Our trip was in 2015 in October. Just one passengers opinion. that wanted to see a lot of scenery that didn't get to but still glad I did it.

  24. We did the cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Viking does everything first class. My only issue was the allotted time allocated for shore excursions. Other than that we had a great time and are planning our next vacation with them.

  25. Worst company ever, dozens of accidents per year, highly unskilled crew, pays their staff less then minimum wages to work 16 hours a day.
    Don't support these gangsters.
    And if you do then good luck surviving the trip.

  26. Great video!!! My wife and I have already made reservations for next July with Viking. Can't wait.

  27. We just returned from a Viking cruise. It was fabulous. We did find that people dressed up for dinner the first night but after that it progressively became jeans, shorts, and whatever they had on for the tour that day. People were tired from their travels and not wanting to get dressed up. We overpacked as far as nice clothes were concerned. There was a 15% gratuity included in our plan, but we still struggled with gratuities because I believe that 15% covered the more 'hidden' employees such as in the kitchen and those who cared for the rooms. It was suggested to tip tour guides 2 euro per person and the bus driver 1 euro per person, but it was difficult to come up with the euro coins. The smallest paper denomination is 5 Euro. We bought gum just to get euro coins so we could tip properly. It would be nice if Viking would make change at the front desk. Sometimes we didn't have enough coins and were scrambling.

  28. WOW…Hollywood Style & Video…You really know how to push the limits of your Drone!

  29. Did a 14 day Amsterdam to Budapest with Viking, took the Silver Spirits and gratuities packages so no surprises at the end . . great tours, fantastic service from staff (probably the best cruise staff we've ever dealt with) and excellent food. Ship and numbers seemed perfect. We will certainly cruise with Viking again.

  30. Saw Viking ships on the Rhine that were 100% Chinese passengers. Can only imagine what that is like.

  31. A few corrections/additions: Not all ships have elevators, nor mini-golf. But they might have maxi-chess and more varied meals, especially breakfasts.

  32. Perfect video for those like me who want to know what to expect on the river cruises. No gym? No kids? Would never book the underwater rooms, would be first to flood if hull is ruptured.

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  34. We loved out Viking cruise. Highly recommened. already booked for next year.

  35. Why eat on the boat? With so many restaurant options in Lyon, Porto, Budapest etc. it seems a shame to eat institutional food with a bunch of tourists. Why not have an "eat on shore option"????

  36. Thank you for showing that river cruise ships dock next to each other, thus blocking any view from your cabin. Note that to get to shore, you may have to pass thru other ships!

    In addition, beware of river levels. The ships can not travel if the water level is too high, or too low. You may be bused from town to town.

  37. There are Austrian cruise ships on the Danube that are much more interesting for those not as interested in the hotel experience

  38. FOLKS! Don’t get foold by Gary and Vikings’ sponsored infomercial. I am a 70 year old retired physician. Have been on most cruises, from Carnaval to Regent. This one was definitely the WORST one. Even if it were free I wouldn’t go back on it. The restaurant was terrible. For example the information said dinner is served from 7 to 9 PM. At 8 pm o’clock when we showed up they were out of food! Seriously. For two days we were given sandwiches for dinner. When we talk to a Canadian manager he told us that 7 to 9 meant that the restaurant is open, but you are supposed to show up at eight on the dot, or you are out of luck! The food was terrible anyway! The chef was an Indian who barely spoke English, a seasonal worker, since they close the business for the winter. The free wine was not drinkable. Seriously! you travel through wine country and you cannot drink their cheap, low Quality wine on board. We ate outside when we could and bought wine to drink on board.
    And so on and so on. Folks don’t get fooled by the expensive prices of the cruise. This is a low-quality, Cheap Cruise, pretending to be classy.
    And by the way we had the most expensive cabin on the ship.
    The “5star” pre and after cruise hotels were also a scam. When we got to Paris, we were so disappointed we checked out the next day!
    So if you expect quality and value for your money look somewhere else.

  39. Did the Amsterdam to Budapest cruise. What they don’t tell you is that whenever you go through a lock (there were 68 of them on our journey!) or under a low bridge, they close off the topmost (“sun”) deck to passengers. Going through a lock takes anywhere from 30-40 min. So you are restricted to only 2 decks for a good portion of your on board time.

  40. Adult cruise only no true. We were on Viking river cruise where a family had two young children with them (10 to 15 year olds).

  41. Our last Viking Cruise was on the Elbe we were notified 7 days before leaving that the boats would not be sailing. We decided to go anyway as they offered us 50% off if we elected not to cancel. When we boarded the boat the crew said the boats were sitting on the bottom of the Elbe and have not moved for 2 months. Disappointed that Viking only gave us 7 days prior to sailing to decide if we wanted to cancel. First bus trip we have ever been on.

  42. On our Amsterdam to Basel trip we elected to do 2 days pre trip in Amsterdam on our own and had a great time in Amsterdam. Cruise was excellent but we did not extend in Basel and should have. We ended up having to get off the ship at 3:00 AM. to go to Airport. We were docked next to another boat and when we exited the boat we had to go to the top deck cross over a small walkway the top deck of the next ship and down their exterior stairway in the dark. Vikings advertising listed we would see Basel. I did not consider seeing Basel at 3:00 am out the window of a bus on the way to the airport as a real plus. Should have extended a couple of days in Basel too.

  43. Did the Paris to Zurich on Mosel & Rhine cruise spending 2 days in Paris with added trip to The foot of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps with a stop at Interlaken Switzerland with 2 days in Zurich. Excellent trip.

  44. Took my first river cruise with Viking this past September on the Danube. Very much enjoyed it! Well worth every penny. I went with friends. The folks who got the balcony rooms were very disappointed because we parked next to other boats a lot so their use of the balcony was limited. Also, the big suites at the end of the ship (the Explorer Suite) is right where the motor is so the room shakes and it's loud when the boat is underway. The Viking crew apologized but there was obviously nothing they could do about it. Just another warning. The crew were fantastic and I would not hesitate to take another cruise with Viking!

  45. Great vid! .. When you say no denim jeans during dinner, does that mean a full suit is mandatory? … I mean I often wear (suit) jacket, tie and shirt with classic leather shoes. Would that, above smart looking jeans, then not be enough 'smart' for dinner? … Thanks a lot!

  46. Old people are really slow. Large groups of old people are really slow.
    You can see river banks from the river. It takes long time to go trough the many, many locks. Slow boat, Slow walking, slow bus, slow walking, slow boat.

  47. Dress code comments were very curious. Casual the code for the day. Many people wore jeans no matter what time of day (or meal). Personally, I never wore trousers that weren't jeans…others did as well and there was no push back. My wife and I enjoyed the Viking experience very much(we are in our 60s and 70s). The Rhein River cruise from Amsterdam to Basel was delightful.

  48. I was looking at Viking so this was really helpful. Plus, I like the guy's voice. Sometimes folks on these videos have very annoying voices or accents that are hard to listen to. His is nice and moderated, plus with his British accent, easy to understand!

  49. Why do these cruise companies always have to spoil the trip by demanding that you pay so much in tips. These people make good money working on the ship and the price for the cruise is expensive.

  50. We did Viking Danube last November… It rained one day, snowed another… and yet we have nothing but wonderful memories and pictures! They took care of us from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we checked our bags at the ticketing counter to fly back home. We could not have asked for more! Next year we're taking their China river cruise!

  51. My husband and I are booking the Paris and Normandy Viking cruise for our honeymoon! Thanks so much for the advice. 🙂

  52. I really enjoy watching your content. I have cruised in the past never on a river cruise only Caribbean. You have a wealth of knowledge thank you for sharing your best practices and experiences!

  53. Lots of shills in the comments section. Be careful. These are large boats, with LOTS of people. Most of them old (they move slow) and therefore lots of comfort food. Don't expect anything exciting in the "cafeteria".

  54. I am so obsessed with all of your videos. I'm seriously considering taking my 2 pre teen daughters on a cruise for our overseas annual holiday next year. I aim to do a trip overseas every year, on a budget of course, being a single parent. We live in Australia. Do you have any information or videos of the Australian/Pacific cruises and how we deal with gratuities?
    I love all the tips, it's very motivating.

  55. One correction, we were on a Viking river cruise between Amsterdam and Basel last year. There was no age restriction. My daughter of 16 was with us. There were a couple of other kids younger. But the average age was around 50-60. But she was bored most of the time. The WiFi on our ship sucked, no way to say it better. And the other Viking ships we docked next to had similar issues. This made it extremely difficult to send emails (almost impossible) not to mention trying to download your daily videos. Forget it. Bring lots of memory so you won’t have to rely on the WiFi. The only real beef was the gratuity push, especially towards the end of the cruise. While we took care of the girl who cleaned our rooms, they gave us two envelopes, one for the staff and one for the managers. Personally I gave some to the staff above and beyond the direct tips to our girl, but I refused to give moneys to the management for doing their job. I have to assume they got paid pretty well as compared to the actual workers. So no tip for them.
    Overall we loved the trip, nice to not unpack at each hotel and no crowds like those huge super ocean liners with thousands of people. We stayed in the cheapest cabins, at water level. If I did it again I’d spring for the next level up where we could see more scenery as we traveled. Just a heads up, most of the actual traveling is done at night, so while I thought we would see more as we traveled, we did not. But still a nicer cabin would be better. They are small, pack with small suitcases. Easier to store under your bed. Breakfasts are the best. Lunch is pretty good. Dinners in my opinion were hit or miss.

  56. We've just booked our third cruise worth Viking. Can't praise then enough. Our previous two cruises (The Grand European tour and the Douro) were two of our best holidays ever. One point to add…most of the European cruises now have the gratuities included.

  57. I've wanted to go on a Viking river cruise, for a while. I discovered them while watching Downton Abbey on television in the US. One day, I'll get the courage to hop the pond, I loathe long flights. Great video as always.

  58. So to sum it up, the food is terrible, most of the "cruisers" are elderly , the day trips lack creativity and you are unable to truly experience the local culture because you are with large groups of tourists. Not much to like form my perspective.

  59. I watched your video and being a veteran of only one Viking River Cruise (the Grand European from Amsterdam to Budapest) I can say that I agree with all that you said. I would add that Viking does a great job of the before and after. What I mean is, they made it simple to arrange flights and transport to get to the ship and they have options to extend your vacation to other places. I was very impressed with the Viking serving staff. Absolutely top notch in my experience. I would recommend to watching your video to anyone contemplating a Viking river cruise.

  60. Is there much difference from their river cruises as their ocean cruises??

  61. My partner and I did the Viking River Cruise German 2019 waterways which we were looking forward to very much but I am afraid we found the majority of the experience very, very disappointing. We expect civility but the waiting staff in the dining room when we had to go because we did not dine there when the upper floor option was open we found to be rude, surly, and very unwelcoming and put a real dampener on the whole experience. I am not sure if it was because we were a Gay couple but it certainly felt like it and we would certainly only want to holiday with a company that is not homophobic Having done the QM2 and other cruises I doubt we would be in a hurry in making a return visit. It was a real pity as Germany from the waterways was visually stunning as were the cities we visited the only thing in the Viking Cruise merit.

  62. Is Viking aware of this video? I was sincerely interested in a river cruise until I saw this video. Too many people, too regimented, ugly dining room. I'm glad I watched this video before I paid for a cruise.

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