Viking River Cruises Longships. 4 Things You Need To Know (Including what they don’t have!)

You’re about to discover everything you
need to know about a Viking Longship if you’re planning on going on a European
river cruise, including what it has and a few surprising things that it doesn’t
have. I’m Gary Bembridge and this is another of my Tips For Travellers. I’m just
back from a river cruise on Viking cruising along the Danube, and I thought
it would be a great opportunity to share with you what I learned and experienced
about a Viking Longship. First of all, what’s important to note is that the
Viking Longship is the ship that they have right across their fleet, and
pretty much every single river that you go on in Europe will be on one of these
Viking Longship. There are a couple of rivers which are cannot take the
full-sized Longship, like the Douro in Portugal, and these have a slightly
smaller version. But pretty much any of the rivers, the bigger rivers, you’re likely
to be on one of these Longships. This is very important because they are the same:
the same look, the same feel, the same layout. That’s hopefully why this will
really help you understand what you can expect if you’re cruising with Viking in
Europe. The Viking Longships take 190 passengers and they have around about 45
crew. A very good crew-to-passenger ratio. You have a choice of four
different types of accommodation on a Longship. There’s suites, verandah
staterooms, French balcony staterooms and standard cabins. Within Suites there are two
types of Suites. There’s the Explorer Suite at the rear of the ship, and these have a separate lounge, separate bedroom and bathroom. You then have
verandah suites which have a seating area, a balcony and bedroom area. My favourite
cabin type is actually the Veranda Stateroom. These have balconies which
you can sit out on, slightly smaller cabin than the Verandah Suites. The
French balconies have floor-to-ceiling windows but they don’t have
a separate balcony, but you do have great views and (of course) you can open the
windows to get lots of fresh air. The most affordable of the four types of
cabins onboard is a standard cabin which are on the lower deck. These don’t
have floor-to-ceiling windows because part of these cabins are
underneath the water level. So, you just have a small window across the top. There are a couple of cabins on board which are designed for people with accessibility
needs. Bear in mind on river cruise ships, and this is true also on Viking,
the cabins are pretty small because you don’t have a huge amount of space. What
about the facilities that you’re going to find on a Longship? Let’s start at the
top deck. The top deck is the Sun deck, and is a big wide-open space across the
whole length of the Longship. There’s lots of seating up here and
a few areas where you can play games like crazy golf and deck games. It is a really popular social place when the weather is
great. It’s also a place where people will come out if you’re going
through locks. As you pass through the rivers of Europe you’re often going
to go through a series of locks, and you’re find if you go through one of
these big locks in day time, people will head up out onto the deck to
enjoy and watch at the marvel of these phenomenal locks. The Sun Deck is a
great place to hang out, even if you’re in port, and a lot of people go and
sit out there have a drink and just soak in the whole atmosphere of the port. The next level down is where you have the real social heart of the
ship and this is in the lounge. The lounge is where you have the bar. It’s
also where all of your briefings takes place like the port briefings. The Captain’s Welcome and Farewell party is held here. It’s also where all the
entertainment takes place, like if local entertainers have been brought on
board. You have an onboard pianist too, and they play at lunchtime,
afternoon tea and before and after dinner. Just before you come into the lounge is the
24-hour tea and coffee making facilities. At the front of the lounge, right on the
bow of the ship, is what’s known as Aquavit. It
serves breakfast, lunch and dinner here. For breakfast it has the early riser
breakfast and has a lighter breakfast. There is the lighter lunch here, and
in the evenings it has the same menu as the restaurant. It’s a really popular
place to eat especially if the weather’s great. When you’re sailing through beautiful
scenery, people like to have meals up there. Also on this level you have a
small library and a small computer area where you have a couple of computers , for
people that have not brought their own laptops or tablets. The next level down is
probably where one of the most important, and popular, parts of the ship is: the dining room. It is a great open space and it is open seated
at all times. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a buffet
and you have a station where the eggs or omelettes are made, and you can also order
things from the menus like pancakes or eggs benedict. Lunch is also buffet,
often with a pasta station and then you can also order you a starter, main
course and desserts from a menu. For dinner, the menu has three
components: (1) a local menu which is very specific to the part
of the river that you’re on with a starter, main course and a dessert, (2)
you’ll then have an a’ la carte menu which changes every day and (3) you have
classics like Caesar salad, steak and chicken breasts that’s available
every day. Wine, beer and soft drinks are included with lunch and with dinner. The
wine and the beer will normally be very specific to the part of the river or the
country that you’re cruising through. Also on this level you have the
reception area with guest services and a small shop which sells a wide range of Viking branded merchandise and other
things related to Viking or the cruise or the country that you’re sailing
through. Let’s talk about some of the things that you will
not find onboard a Viking Longship. First of all, like all river cruising
ships, there is no medical centre. Unlike on ocean cruises, there is no
medical centre and that’s because party due to lack of space but also, on a practical level,
these ships are always really close to land and close to port. So, if there
are any medical issues or needs they can connect you with a local clinic hospital
or a medical practitioner. On Viking there is no fitness centre, no spa, no hairdressers. Some river cruise companies do have
those facilities, but Viking Longships don’t have those. There’s also no guest laundry
on board, and this is also true of other river cruising ship. If you have
laundry needs you can send those away on board and they can do
those for you. Viking Longships are consistent and have the same facilities
across the entire fleet. They have a Scandinavian look and feel. If you
want to find out more about Viking River Cruises
or river cruising in Europe, watch my other Tips For Travellers videos
because I have many videos packed full of tips and advice to help you make the most
of your precious travel time and money.

17 thoughts on “Viking River Cruises Longships. 4 Things You Need To Know (Including what they don’t have!)

  1. Thanks for sharing this. One of these is define on my bucket list. Just need to find time to get over and go. Keep cruising 🚢

  2. Thank you Gary. Excellent presentation as always. I think I’d opt for the Explorer Suite but I’m more drawn to Ama Waterways. Still undecided though. 🤔

  3. Hi very very nice and beautiful . l wish our contry have the some ship . thank you very much . have a good day . sh a v 50 years tehran iran 🌹👍✌👋

  4. Very interesting report, Gary. Thank You very much? But why the vegetarian cauliflower curry with mango, or coconut chutney, apparently, is not the food classic at this ship?.. Or the vegan hummus with mushrooms and falafels??? Or the Sichuan vegan tofu and fermented beans dishes?.. Why?.. Why…

  5. Thanks Gary! I really like the Scandinavian look and feel of these Viking Longships and I am drawn to them. But having watched all of your other River Cruising Videos, I know there are many great options out there. I guess ultimately it will be decided first by picking the river, then the dates, then availability of cabins…price is usually last for me. Either I can afford it or I can't. Properly informed by your videos, I probably can't go wrong and won't end up disappointed. Thanks again! I appreciate your work.

  6. Gary, love all of your videos you do such a great review.  Have sailed with Norwegian Star and Spirit on the Mediterranean and Baltic.  Windstar Wind Surf & Star Pride on Mediterranean and Italy.  Taking our 1st Viking Longship from Budapest this summer.  Our favorite port of call by far is Venice, Itlay.  Cheers.

  7. This looks outstanding. I'll have to add it to the list of cruises I want to go on. Although, with a name like Viking Longships I expected more pillaging. That's disappointing.

  8. Thanks for another great video. I’d be interested in whether you think Viking or Scenic offer a better cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam?

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  10. I wil never go aboard cruise vessels form the Viking River , not on the Donau and not on the Rhine river . To much accidents

  11. Very poor customer service with this cruise line. Unfortunately, one pays a premium to be on Viking, but their level of service is similar to a fast food chain. Disappointing on many levels.

  12. Gary, would you consider doing a video on differences between the older and the newer Viking Longships? I found it difficult to nail down the differences in the Veranda Suites, for instance. The older ones have the closet inboard, and only two drawers in the bedroom, and the newer ones have the closet outboard with more drawers. Which ships have which design?

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