Virgin River | Official Trailer | Netflix

I sold my house,
and then I quit my job, and I moved to this town
that I’ve never heard of just so I can live in there. Oh, no. As the mayor of Virgin River, I’d like to officially welcome you
to our little slice of heaven. -I obviously can’t stay here.
-I’ll have it cleaned. Did you just put a… Is that
a bird’s nest from the oven? Wow, I didn’t know city girls
could shoot whiskey. What makes you think
I’m a city girl? We don’t tend to get a lot
of visitors as beautiful as you. I’m sorry.
Does that line really work? -I’m the new nurse.
-I don’t need you. -Well, I signed a contract.
-Not with me you didn’t. -You are a stubborn goat.
-Maybe I should just go. -Stay.
-Go. I’m worried about you.
Just come home. Stop trying to punish yourself
for what happened. Nobody blames you. I keep telling myself
that I’m crazy for not packing up
and going home. How about a show
of Virgin River hospitality? You might want to keep
your eye on the ball there. Okay. -What is going on?
-I’m with a patient. Boy, they said you were
a looker and they weren’t lying. So– so, you just…
just moved here? Small towns.
The internet is slow, -but the gossip is fast.
-Right. You don’t want to face the past
so you ran away from home. I came here
so that I could help people. I know how hard it can be
to make a fresh start. I hope you’ll stick around.

80 thoughts on “Virgin River | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Is it just me or this tv show seems to be using the exact same scenery as “The Hart of Dixie” ?

  2. such a decent show, really enjoyed it. don't know why it took a week for netflix to promote it.

  3. Netflix you need to add Martin and fresh prince show….. i need another season for "Between"

  4. I call BS on that last episode
    He loves her and she loves him and BC of this wannabe goth girl
    She is just gone.

  5. Okay, where do I start? It's like Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Felicity, and Heart of Dixie took a collective dump and this show was the end result.

  6. Netflix slowly becoming Lifetime or Hallmark with some of their original content. That will be it's downfall eventually.

  7. Enough with the Hart of Dixie comparisons. This show is based on a book which came out in 2007, four years prior to HoD. So, if anything, HoD is copying this.

    REGARDLESS, you can enjoy both. I just finished it and it was so much fun; a bit predictable, a smidge pulpy, but romantic, endearing and enjoyable. This is what you want to watch in the holiday season. Can't wait for season 2!

  8. Arent trailers supposed to come before the feature? This show has been live for like a week..

  9. surprisingly less cheesy, less 'chick series,' and more endearing than expected. a sleeper gem. check it out.

  10. What is the age difference between the two leads? Just wondering?

    Ok only 8…looks like more…

  11. Haven't had a chance to watch yet, but based on the trailer this sure has a lot of similarities to Hart of Dixie. Beautiful, young, "big city" medical professional makes her way to a small town she's never heard of, moves into a dilapidated guest house courtesy of the mayor, gets hit on by the local bartender, and meets some resistance from the doctor she'll be sharing an office with…I mean, heck, it's even Tim Matheson reprising his role as stubborn old small town doc.
    All that said, I can't wait to watch! HOD is an all-time fave and the world could use a lot more Bluebell in it…perhaps Virgin River can fill its shoes.

  12. Looks like a Hallmark Channel original or one of those shows that came from a trend in the 2000s where you have someone from a city moving to a small town and has a meet-cute with another person and has a contentious relationship with a cantankerous old person (think “Hart of Dixie”, “October Road” or “Everwood”).

  13. Felt like I was watching a weird remake of Hart of Dixie, and then Dr. Breeland showed up! As if that wasn't enough, they had almost the same scenes as Zoe and Dr. Breeland had in the beginning.

  14. I finished season 1 … it’s pretty similar to hart of Dixie but with more substance

  15. Ohhhh I thought it said virgin rival like they were trying to get laid first, I was gonna guess the ending now it doesn’t work, I was gonna guess that at the ending they end up sleeping with each other….


  17. I need a TV show to watch with my family without sex or violence so this seems fine ❤️?

  18. I watched it because I was a fan of the book series. My only complaint really was the actor who played preacher. The dude was way to charming and charismatic to play preacher. They stuck to his character setting for all of 5 seconds.

  19. This show I watched for 10 minutes and stopped because to slow , too predictable. Not my forte. ??

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