Virtual Road Trip: Hudson River

Hello everybody how’s it going out there Welcome to Virtual Road Trip Glad to have you along for the ride, as always Yea, I’m back I know it’s been awhile since my last video I think probably over a month now That’s because, A: I’ve been busy B: I’ve been kinda working on a little bit of a different type of video here A little bit more, I guess educational or interact- Well, I don’t know if interactive is the right word but, A little different, but we’ll still go for a ride don’t worry As the name of the video suggests We’re going to be running along the Hudson River We’re gonna give a little bit of a lesson I guess you could call it A little background on the Hudson just very general but, Something new I’m gonna try, let me know what you think Ah the Hudson River The jewel of New York State And perhaps one of the most important rivers in the country The banks of the Hudson River have been inhabited by Natives for hundred of years European colonization began after the discovery of the river by Henry Hudson in 1609 With the founding of New Amsterdam at the river’s southern end The future New York City would make the Hudson River one of the nation’s most important natural resources. At a length of 315 miles The Hudson starts in the Adirondack Mountains in the northern part of the state And basically heads due south To New York Harbor The source of the Hudson, located here Is Lake Tear of the Clouds A small mountain lake in the Adirondacks Fun Fact: Once visited by president Theodore Roosevelt The river makes it”s only significant bend here, At the cities of Glenns Falls and Hudson Falls When the river reaches the Capital District And the City of Albany It meets it’s major tributary, the Mohawk River from the west Now we’re going to zoom in the lower Hudson, below Albany The Esopus Creek, which is a creek I feature a lot in my videos Empties into the Hudson here, at Saugerties NY Just a little further to the south the Rondout Creek Which I feature often on this channel Empties into the Hudson at Kingston Point Home of the famous Kingston Lighthouse, seen here As we head further down the river reaches is deepest point as it snakes through the Hudson Highlands And past West Point Home of the United States Millitary Academy And Army football The Hudson reaches it’s widest point at Haverstraw Bay and the Tappen Zee Resembling more of an inland sea then an actual river And of course at it’s southern end the Hudson reaches New York Bay A deep and pristine bay Perfect for huge amounts of shipping, an commerce As you head down this part of the Hudson, the most southern part You’ll see the beautiful cliffs Known as the Palasades Sill One of the most prominent natural features in the New York City area Well I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson That’s like I said something new I’m trying and, I hope I did well it’s much harder to edit then straight footage Anyway we’re know quite to the river yet, we still got to Get there, that’s part of the journey right So we’re gonna go through a small town here and, Pretty soon we’ll be heading down by the Hudson River itself Enjoy the ride This road is appropriately named and, What’s funny is I actually discovered this road quite recently I’ve been past it countless times in my life but, I’d never gone down it until a couple of months ago I’m glad I did because it’s a rare chance to get really close to the river Looks like the sun might be coming out a little bit here As I’ve been saying a lot the weather has been pretty cruddy This spring and early summer Lately it’s definitely warmed up and the sun has been out more often so, I figure ya know, it’s a nice day so lets Lets pull over and taker a closer look at the river This view is a couple miles south of Kingston Point On the western bank of the river Interesting fact and maybe you noticed there The water in this part of the Hudson below Albany, actually Troy, NY Can flow both south and north Due to the tides of the Atlantic Ocean Which I guess technically makes the Hudson, a fjord? Little change of scenery here for ya A couple months back I took this nice ride on the Taconic And I’ve explained this highway before In other videos So I won’t go through it again but, I figured when else am I going to use this footage might as well as Give you a little extra here So I hope you enjoyed this video, hope it was worth the wait Figured I’d try something new, give a little background on where I was going I mean if you’re not from this area You probably have no idea where we are or what I’m talking about on these road trips so, It’s always good to know where you’re going if you’re going there, if you can It’s something I’m going to try to do more often with my videos It might me they take a little longer to make but, I think it’s better in the long run so, Yea that’s gonna do it for this one I hope you enjoyed As always make sure to Comment, like, subscribe, share all the good stuff I always appreciate my subscribers both new and old, shout out to all of you Yea, you know the drill Until next time, enjoy the ride I’ll see you then

12 thoughts on “Virtual Road Trip: Hudson River

  1. Great vid.

    I see the same exact perspective every day, yet I find it interesting watching your vids. I like your voice-over style.

  2. This video is amazing! very informative. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

  3. Grew up in NYC and vacationed in the Hudson Valley/Northern Catskills many times. Loved coming over to this side of the Hudson and take the Taconic rather than the NYS Thruway. Longer but much more relaxing and scenic.

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