Visit Baton Rouge: Mo Rolls at Tsunami

This honestly tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is insanely good! I’m going to ask the chef how he makes this. Mo Isom rolling on the Mississippi
River in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. Join me behind the glass at Tsunami as
I learn my way around a little bit of sushi. Can I try to spin a roll? Sure! Absolutely! Are you a good teacher? This is seaweed. Seaweed. You put the rice over the rough side. Got my handful. Is that too much? Little bit too much… A little bit too much! (Laughter) You spread the rice out. All evenly. Use your magic finger. Magic fingers. Don’t press it down. On a
scale of one to ten, how good is this? I could put you at… Give me over a five. No, I’ll give you about seven. Ok, a seven! An avocado. How many slices? Two slices. I feel like my seven just dropped to a four. Now you dropped to a six. This is an incredibly sharp knife, isn’t it? It is. This is probably a hazard. It is. There you go! This is going to be a perfect roll! (Laughter) I feel like you may want to hire me. That’s a pretty expert sushi roll! Can we try the roll that we made? Sure! Absolutely! I want my six to go up to a ten! Okay, okay. Ready? Cheers! You have a pretty great job, because you
get to make sushi and look at the Mississippi River all day long. Yes, I look
at that every day! I’m allergic to fish but I threw my
inhibitions to the wind at Tsunami! (Laughter)

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  1. Hey, I like sushi.

    Also, grading things on scales of 1-10, along with less traditional grading scales.

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