Visit the Felted Forest these school holidays

Hello and welcome to your City of Greater
Bendigo Weekly News Update, this week I’m here at the Rosalind Park Conservatory on
Pall Mall with City Arts Officer Rohan Phillips. Now Rohan, it is the school holidays and each
September school holidays we like to put in a different installation here for children.
This year it’s the Felted Forest, can you talk a little bit about it.
Yes, as you say each year we have an installation. We put a call out about four months ago for
artists to imagine something that they would like to build for children in here. We then
take those applications to children to assess and select, which is an exciting part of the
project, and so the group that we spoke with this year selected the felted forest, which
has been created by Elmore artist Mary Hoare. It’s a, I guess, an imaginary forest, trees,
bugs beautiful little frog and lizard created a lot out of felt.
Excellent, I guess it’s also an educational experience as well where the children come
down and they get a little worksheet and they get to work their way around the exhibition
and sort of count trees and frogs and flowers and all those exciting things.
Yes, we’ve got the sheet there, so kids can pick that up and see how many slugs, how many
beetles they can find and we encourage them also to maybe do a drawing. If they want to
take the drawing home and stick it on the fridge that’s great, otherwise we might end
up sticking up a few drawings around here. But I think it’s also about kids coming along
and having a surprise and experiencing nature, our parks in a different way.
Absolutely, not it is free school holiday fun, which is always a great word to hear,
free, during the school holidays, so what are the dates that the conservatory is open
for? It’s from this Friday, going for 10 days until
Sunday October the 4th. From 11 o’clock until 3 o’clock.
Plenty of time to come down and here and check it out. Rohan, thank you very much.
Thank you. Briefly in other news, the 2015 Writers Festival
has been deemed another triumphant success, selling more than 3000 tickets, many of which
were for multiple sessions, so overall the weekend event attracted 9000 people.
The Mayor, Cr Peter Cox, and Member for Bendigo East, the Hon. Jacinta Allan, have unveiled
plans for the redevelopment of the Spring Gully soccer pavilion. The upgrade includes
new female change rooms, public amenities and an umpire change room.
And floodlighting has been installed at the North Bendigo Recreation Reserve to improve
training-standard lighting for the AFL oval, two netball courts and two soccer pitches.
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