Visiting Las Vegas and other Nearby Attractions: Rhyolite, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire

(gentle music) – On our way to Las Vegas, we’re gonna pass by the
Rhyolite ghost town. we’re going to visit
Mount Charleston with my high school friend Rafa. Then after briefly
getting dazzled by the shiny neon lights, We’re going
to visit Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, The Valley of Fire, on our way to yet
another amazing state, Utah and Zion National Park. (pleasant music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ Riding, riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ My RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV yeah ♪ (transitions to
upbeat jazz music) Greetings from Nevada! Soon after we enter Nevada
coming from Death Valley, we encounter the Rhyolite
Historic Gold Mining Town Site. The town, named after
an igneous rock, was a booming town
during the early 1900s. It was founded in
1905 as a mining camp and within barely
two to three years, it already had a population
close to five thousand. Electric light, running
water, telephones, newspapers, a hospital, a school,
an opera house, and even a stock exchange. But it busted almost
as quickly as it boomed when the mine closed. And by 1920, it was
already a ghost town. And today, all that is left
is this handful of ruins here. How ’bout lunch? Oh, sauteing some
fish here in the RV. You know it would be really cool to have one of those
ranges they have in boats, that they swing around because we are totally
off level here. But hey, at least we
have a great view here. Ooh, and there’s
snow on the ground. This here used to be the
Cook Bank Building from 1908. It had a post office
in the basement and the bank and offices. It’s in the 30s,
and check it out, there’s snow here on the ground! It’s melting though. (wind whooshing) Well, after I eat, I’m gonna
check out the town real quick and then we continue
towards Las Vegas. By the way, very beautiful area. Let’s check this one out:
the Porter Brothers store. They actually had three
other stores in California and they brought all the
merchandise across Death Valley, and that’s what remains of
the second school building. (smooth techno music) Hard to imagine this used to
be a bustling town back in 1908 and how quickly it
dwindled down into nothing. There’s the Bottle House. We’re going to see it later. (smooth techno music) There’s once again a schoolhouse which actually never got much
use because of the downturn. Most of the children left
before it was finished. The Overbury building, and the Porter Brothers
store once again. And a very photogenic
travel trailer, almost in front of the
Cook Bank Building. (smooth techno music) There’s the train
station called Las Vegas and Tonopah Depot. (smooth techno music) Let’s see what this building
is here towards the end. Then we continue
towards Las Vegas! (smooth techno music) I’m not sure what this was. I can’t really read. Yeah, my eyesight is
not what it used to be but even if it was, it
is kind of hard to read. First, oh, casino! This used to be the casino. Very cool. That’s a… probably a
Union Pacific caboose there. Yeah, pavement ends right there so we’re gonna go back. (smooth techno music) Nieve in Nevada. Hmm! Yeah, I don’t get
to see snow much. Too bad they have
it all fenced up. Would’ve been nice to explore. (techno music) Let’s go but first, let’s
stop by the Bottle House. (techno music) Oh here, we have some info
about the town of Rhyolite. (techno music) Okay, let’s get some info. I really wish we
could get closer. The Bottle House
was erected in 1906, only to be raffled off. (techno music)
(wind whooshing) Hmm, not the smoothest
of roads, huh? (techno music) Let’s stop here by the
Goldwell Open Air Museum. This one here is a
tribute to Shorty Harris who was a legendary prospector. Originally created for The Las Vegas Discovery Children
Museum and they restored and brought here most
appropriately named Sit Here. Here’s another work of art, and I actually have no idea
what this one is all about. By the way, the museum
was founded in 1984 by Belgian sculptor
Albert Szukalski. (smooth techno music) Albert Szukalski became
famous for works like this one because he would
wrap live models in fabric soaked in wet plaster and then remove the model, of course, when the
plaster was set. His main work of art, this
one called The Last Supper dating back to 1984, the same
year he began the museum. He died in the year 2000 but
his legacy lives on here. That one which looks like
something out of Minecraft is Lady Desert: The
Venus of Nevada, a 1992 work by Hugo Heyrman. Here’s another Albert Szukalski
work called Ghost Rider. Hmm, it says open
so let’s go in. (smooth techno music) It’s always good when they
have free information, right? (paper rustling) But inside, it is
pretty much a gift shop. This last one is
Icara, representing
a female counterpoint to the Greek myth of Icarus. Let’s continue on our
journey towards Las Vegas. Tonight, I am invited to dinner with an old high school friend whom I haven’t seen since 1987. And tomorrow, we might explore
Mount Charleston together. Sounds like fun, right? We are going into this
town called Beatty and for here, we’re
going to turn onto US 95. (smooth techno music) There, those are the
Amargosa Sand Dunes. Coming up in the distance,
the spring mountains where Mount
Charleston is located. Hmm, Area 51 Center. We gotta check that out! (smooth techno music) Okay, I’m going to park here
in the truck parking area and see what this is all about. I can use a break anyways, although we’ve only been driving for about half an hour or so. (smooth techno music) Apparently, they
do have a brothel. The Alien Cathouse, no less. Yeah, I bet you it’s
as cheesy as it looks. Oh brother. There’s the Alien
Center, Area 51. There’s really nothing more
than just a gas station shop. I was thinking maybe
they had souvenirs or some quirky stuff
but not really. There’s a diner too
and a bar, I think. All right, let’s
go to Las Vegas. Well, nothing to
see here really. Let’s just make a nonstop
run to our destination. We still have an about an
hour, an hour and a half, two hours maybe,
depending on traffic, and I can’t wait to see
the Las Vegas skyline, The Strip on the horizon. After so many days
in the desert, a little bit of city life
is actually welcomed. Besides reconnecting
with old friends, I have to do an oil
change on the Colorado. Not me, the Chevy dealership. And the Colorado also in
desperate need of a carwash. (smooth techno music) Beautiful drive, isn’t it? (smooth techno music) Is that a predator drone? It’s gotta be! We’re passing right next to
the Creech Air Force Base where they fly them from. (techno jazz music) There it is, The Strip! (techno jazz music) Our home for the
next couple of days: Sam’s Town Hotel
and Gambling Hall. Well, not really, but they do
have a KOA right next door. Apparently, the KOA is part of this Sam’s Town Hotel
and Gambling Hall, I guess. (techno jazz music) Fairly standard RV park but we are here mainly
for the location and it is a great location. (techno jazz music) Good morning, everybody! Today, we are going
to Mount Charleston and I’m joined by Rafa. – Rafa. – We went to school
together many years ago when we were younger
and more restless. And his friend. – Lazaro.
– Lazaro back here. It’s about a 45-minute
drive to Mount Charleston, so we’re gonna check it out. It’s full of snow, so it
should be interesting. (lighthearted music) We’re gonna stop
for a few minutes, take a break, fly the drone. (lighthearted music) Ooh, it’s going to be
a winter wonderland. (pleasant music) It is so beautiful out here. Let’s stop here by
the visitor’s gateway. (pleasant music) (footsteps tapping) Well, go figure. Today of all days, I forgot
to bring my hiking shoes or my gloves or my beanie. Anyways, we’re here
in the mountain and we’re gonna
continue exploring. This is the visitor
center by the way so we’re gonna go inside
now and see what they have. Beautiful day here in Nevada. No, not a cloud in the sky. A bit chilly, snow
on the ground, and
this is probably ice. (knocks) Yeah, solid rock. (knocks lightly) I don’t know
anything about snow, as you guys probably know. Apparently, 1955,
this plane coming from Area 51 crashed nearby. Here it is, the bent propeller. Here’s a memorial to the
silent heroes of the Cold War. Very nice, warm visitor’s center with all kinds of
information about the area, the fauna, the flora. Also, very nice to defrost
in here a little bit because outside,
it is full of snow and this tropical man
is not used to it, nor did I come prepared. (pleasant music) Here’s the Mount
Charleston Resort. We’re gonna stop
here real quick. It is all very pretty but
virtually deserted today. (pleasant music) Hmm, animal tracks. I wonder. (pleasant music) Ice, ice, baby! It is an ice stalactite
and it’s melting! (pleasant music) Are you could there, buddy? You look cold. Let’s go back, check out the
actual resort, the building. The pond, frozen solid. I wonder if I could walk on it. Let’s defrost a little
bit here in the lobby. Here’s the restaurant
and a nice bar but there is not a whole
lot going on today. Should I or should I not? Hmm. Maybe not. (pleasant music) No swimming or fishing. Oh, ice fishing perhaps today. According to what I’ve heard, there are fish alive
beneath the ice. We continue going up
the frozen mountain, gaining elevation
into the thin air, the temperature
dropping quickly. Perfect occasion
to fly the drone. (pleasant jazz music) (transitions to dramatic music) There are several
campgrounds up here but they are all
closed for the season, except for one, I think. But with this amount of snow, I believe even that one
is closed at the moment. (dramatic music) Scenic overlook,
let’s stop real quick. Although the parking lot
hasn’t been plowed yet so we’re just gonna
have to pull over here on the side of the road. This is the Desert
View Overlook. Oh yeah, I can already tell the view is going
to be spectacular. (ethereal techno music) What a great view of the
Mojave Desert from here. (ethereal techno music) We’ve had some
wildlife tracks here and there appeared to be
some human tracks as well. Overlooking the
nuclear test site here. Yes, atomic tests. (upbeat music) I think we might be
going off trail here but I’m just
following these guys. They’ve been here
before and they seem to know what they’re doing. Eh, it’s pretty deep. We’re standing before the site where they had the
atomic testings back in the ’50s and ’60s. It was called the
Nevada Testing Site and then they have all
kinds of literature explaining what happened here. I’m sinking. I’m sinking in the snow. Yeah, this is pretty deep. Check it out. Of course, you guys in Ohio, you’re gonna be laughing
at me but I don’t care. We’re going to continue
a little further to the Lee Canyon Ski Resort. (techno music) Here’s the McWilliams
Campground, closed
for the season, except for the
campground host, I guess. (techno music) Yep, definitely not
in Florida anymore. (techno music) Well, this is certainly
very nice and unexpected. I certainly didn’t know
there was a ski resort so close to Las Vegas. By the way, skiing is
one of those sports I wish I have learned
at a younger age. Of course, I grew up at a
place where it doesn’t snow so that complicates things
but it looks like so much fun. Well, I guess this would
be technically snowboarding but still, that’s skiing. Very nice, I like it. Maybe I’ll come back
one of these days, take some lessons, perhaps? (people chattering) They have a grill and bar here. (people chattering) All the trees have these
ice stalactites, very cool! We’re gonna start heading
back to the parking lot. (lighthearted music) Well, this one is not too
bad so we’re gonna do it. This is the Bristlecone Trail which is apparently very
popular in the summer, and the little dog
looks like it’s cold. (pleasant music) Today, we’re just going to
walk for a few yards here but who knows, when I
come back in the summer? Apparently, when it is
100 degrees down in Vegas, it is very pleasant up here. Who knew? (lighthearted music) It’s definitely a winter
wonderland up here, and such a beautiful day. Oh, there’s a nice view where there are more
actually right now but at least this trail is
a little more hard-packed so we’re not sinking
into the ground because according
to my friend Rafa, this metal bar here goes almost
all the way up to your chest so imagine if there was no snow. If I sink to the ground, I’d come on and be
sinking pretty deep so no, I’m not gonna do that. But definitely beautiful day. No wind, so the cold weather doesn’t feel as cold as
some other times that’s. Ooh! I’m sinking even
here in the trail. Well, it’s time
to head back down. We only did like 1/10 of a mile so don’t be impressed. (laughs) I believe this is the first time since the Grand
Canyon seven years ago that I’ve done a
video in the snow, like really, really in the snow. (lighthearted music) We keep going up and up and
up towards Mount Charleston. (lighthearted music) It is 19 degrees Fahrenheit
here near the top. (lighthearted music) Starting to feel the
chill in the air here. 19 degrees fahrenheit,
which is what? Minus 10? No, not even. Here’s a sorry attempt
at a snowman, I guess. It looks more like the
creature from Alien, or I don’t know, I don’t
know what it looks like. Anyway, this is Mount
Charleston Logs and Cabins here. It’s a lodge, Lodge and Cabins. I’m sure that’s a nice terrace
to hang out in the summer, and these are like little
greenhouses, perhaps. And what a beautiful
place this is! Well, now we’re up
here in the lodge and it is starting to feel
like the 19 degrees Fahrenheit that it is which is a negative
seven Celsius which is… Okay, laugh all you
want but for me, that’s really cold, okay? Well, I think
we’re gonna go down to a more tempered
climate down in Las Vegas. By the way, this the
Mount Charleston town. Very nice houses up
here on the mountain. Must be nice. (lively jazz music) It is getting late so
we’re definitely starting to feel the cold. And we’re famished so
we are quickly going to go down to lower elevation. Okay, one last stop. More of a potty break, really. Well, the sun’s coming
down in the mountain. Well, this was certainly a
welcome change of scenery, especially for me. I don’t get to see snow much. (people chattering) (lively jazz music) Before we continue,
I want to thank Rafa and his friend Lazaro for
showing me such a great time here in their backyard, really. And I look forward to hopefully spending more
time together in the future. (lighthearted music) Back to Las Vegas we go! There’s downtown, and as
we pan to the right here, we’re gonna start
seeing The Strip, the iconic Stratosphere
Tower, of course. (lively jazz music) There’s the Ferris wheel
called the High Roller. You can kind of see
the New York-New York and the Luxor Pyramid
and The Mandalay Bay. (lively jazz music) Home, sweet home, Las Vegas KOA. Tell you what, let’s go
for a little excursion. I’m inspired by those lights. Let’s do it. It’s like all of a sudden, I realized where I really was and it would really be a crime not to see some
shiny lights tonight. Let’s begin by downtown,
Fremont Street, Old Las Vegas, if you will. On this part of Fremont
Street called Fremont East, they have placed all these
restored vintage neon signs. It is really cool to see. (pleasant music) The rest of Fremont Street is nowadays
pedestrian-only, of course, and that’s where they
have the LED canopy where they do the Fremont
Street Experience. (smooth techno music) There it is, the Fremont
Street Experience! And here to the right,
the legendary Plaza Hotel. (smooth techno music) Let’s go towards The Strip. (smooth techno music) I remember when they
had a roller coaster on the top of The Stratosphere. That was during the
late ’90s, I guess, when they had this crazy idea to make Las Vegas a more
family-friendly destination. I think they gave up on that and the town has gone back to
its sinful roots since then. Not even the creepy clown
at the Circus Circus could change that image. (smooth techno music) (people laughing) Greetings from
Fabulous Las Vegas! Well greetings! I am on my way to the Strip. It seems like a suitable place to do my customary
Friday live stream 6:00 p.m. Eastern, which is
3:00 p.m. in this time zone. And I’m going to
park at the Westin. It is free and only about a
block away from the Strip. (upbeat music) Here we are, and on
the map it did look like just one city
block, but it turns out blocks around here by the
Strip are really long. So it’s almost a
half a mile walk to what is officially called
the Las Vegas Boulevard. And fun fact, technically
this is not Las Vegas proper but another city
called Paradise. So Paradise City, like
the Guns N’ Roses song. (upbeat music) Las Vegas Boulevard,
nothing comes close to it when it comes to shiny lights,
even in the bright daylight. Very noisy around here though. Let me tell you, as much as
I enjoy the sensory overload, I think I’m ready to
go back to the desert. So if you’ll join
me tomorrow morning we’re heading towards Lake Mead. I’ve decided to do my
live stream right here in front of the Bellagio,
seems like a good location. Well you’re not gonna
believe where I am. Today I’m coming to you from
fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. And this is the
Strip right here. That’s the Paris, of course, I think the Eiffel
Tower gave it away, and I’m standing here in
front of the Bellagio. The live stream was a success. Great bandwidth here considering
the amount of people. Nice water show here at
the Bellagio fountains and we even had one of those
“only in Las Vegas” moment. – Hi, YouTube, what’s up! Follow me on Instagram at– – I’m telling you,
only in Las Vegas. – Can I show my– – And if that didn’t
get me demonetized, well the music from
the fountains did, so you get to hear my own music. (upbeat music) Tell you what, I could really
use a nice, cold IPA right now so let’s do that. (upbeat music) So I stopped at this bar
here called Beer Park. Cheers, this is my $11 beer. At least the location is great. (upbeat music) I’m gonna do laundry real
quick here and call it a night. And good morning from Las
Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town, priced right actually
considering the location. Before we go I just
realized that I’ve never driven the Strip
with Minitini in tow so we’re gonna do that
real quick, south to north so we have the sun behind us. And then to Lake Mead we go. Ooh, my Tonneau
cover is so dirty. (upbeat music) So to the left here
we’re going to see the famous “Welcome
to Las Vegas” sign. And the first hotel
also to the left here is none other than
the Mandalay Bay. Coming up next, the Luxor. Groundbreaking when
it opened in 1993, and still, to this day,
it has the strongest light beam in the
world shooting skyward from the top of the pyramid. Here’s the Excalibur, part of
that failed attempt in the 90s to make Las Vegas
more family-friendly with all these themed hotels. Coming up, the New York,
New York and the MGM Grand. (upbeat music) Yup, the Strip, definitely
a feast for the senses. (upbeat music) There is the Aria. (upbeat music) Now approaching the corner
of the Paris and the Bellagio where I did my live stream from. (upbeat music) Then Bally’s, and Flamingo, and Caesars Palace
across the street. There’s even a replica
of the Fontana di Trevi, which I hear is prettier
than the original, if that’s even possible. (upbeat music) Coming up next, the Venetian, also with many replicas of
famous buildings, landmarks, even canals with gondola rides. (upbeat music) The Treasure Island
with its pirate ships. This cool-looking
structure here coming up is a mall actually
called Fashion Show. Never actually been
there, but then again, I’m not too much into malls,
or fashion for that matter. Las Vegas, of course, a city
always reinventing itself, hence there is always
something under construction. Circus Circus, that’s
where we stayed the first time we came
to Vegas back in 2005. They even have an
indoor amusement park. And we have reached
the end of the Strip. The Stratosphere tower
marking the northern end although not officially
considered part of the Strip, believe it or not. And with that, now we
are switching gears heading east towards Lake Mead. Lake Mead National Recreation
Area here is $25 per vehicle, but if you have an interagency
annual pass like the $80 America the Beautiful National
Park Service Pass that I have you get in free, or
included with your pass. (dramatic music) Amazing. You can drive a short
distance from Las Vegas and encounter this landscape. (dramatic music) Here we are, Boulder Beach. In my original plan
I wanted to stay at the campground
here to the left, but I ended up making
reservations at the RV park, which is called the Lake
Mead RV Village instead. My mistake. I didn’t really need
full hookups today but I’ll take ’em. Actually, not bad,
not bad at all. Some of it is undergoing
renovations though. Hey, check it out,
isn’t this a nice view? (light music) Okay, I goofed, I think I
came to the wrong place. I wanted to come to the
Boulder Beach Campground and instead I came to
the Lake Mead Village, they’re next to each other. So I made a reservation at the
wrong place, doesn’t matter. I’m finishing uploading a video and then we’re gonna explore
the area just a little bit. I think it might rain. Let’s walk around a little bit while my file
finishes uploading. Yeah, this is where I
wanted to stay, next door. Oh well. Let’s walk towards the lake. (light music) It feels like the
lake is really low, like the water level
normally would almost get all the way up to here. (light music) There, you can really see how
low the water level really is. Quite astonishing actually. I imagine Boulder
Beach was probably really close to the campground
back in the early 80s when the water level
was really high. (light music) Let’s head back. It has a little bit much
of the RV park look. Nothing wrong with it, but I just prefer
the campground look. It is a beautiful area. And someone’s flying a drone
although we’re not supposed to so I won’t do it, just in case. I’m just gonna chill out,
relax here for a little while and then we’re going for a hike. Take a look at those
colors, amazing. Let’s check out the campground
here next door real quick, which is, as I said earlier, where I wanted to
camp originally. You know I thought
I had made a mistake by going to the Village,
the RV park instead of– – [GPS] Turn left
onto Lake Shore Road. – Instead of the campground but the Village is only $10 more and you get full hookups, so. Yeah, I did alright. – [GPS] Continue
on Lake Shore Road for one and a half miles. – Let’s go for a hike. (upbeat music) There’s the Hoover Dam Lodge. We are going to do the
historic Railroad Trail, which normally goes all
the way to Hoover Dam, but unfortunately there
is a section closed so we’ll do as much as possible. (upbeat music) They have some of these signs which provide some
historical context. There is the RV park
where we’re staying at, and this helicopter once again. Apparently it is a tour that
takes off from the Lodge. Wouldn’t it be cool if
we saw one of those? (upbeat music) There’s Lake Mead,
well what’s left of it, in all its glory. And we’ve got the
first tunnel coming up. (upbeat music) More historical context here. (upbeat music) Oh yeah, perfect
spot to take a break. I guess this is as far
as we can go today. The tunnel is closed. (upbeat music) The hike would have definitely
been a lot more interesting had we actually made it
all the way to Hoover Dam, but still, we got to see some
very nice views of Lake Mead, and the tunnels were pretty cool although we didn’t see any bats. There goes the chopper again. Hopefully by the
time I come again the whole trail will be reopened and I get to show it to you, because you know I’m coming
back one of these days. Oh yes, I said it would
have been really neat to do the trail all
the way to Hoover Dam, but this is pretty cool, just
walking through these tunnels. If only for the views
of Lake Mead alone it is probably worth it. (upbeat music) Let’s continue
towards Hoover Dam. Since we couldn’t walk to
it we’re gonna drive to it. (upbeat music) They do have a pretty thorough
security checkpoint here. I mean, let’s face it, I’m
sure a lot of it is theater but they did ask
to check the cargo in the back under
the Tonneau cover. But, for example,
they didn’t care that I was carrying
five gallons of fuel, so I don’t really know
what they were looking for. Anyways, let’s stop here by
the Memorial Bridge Plaza mainly for the view. We’ve been here before an it is a relatively new bridge
completed in 2010. Well, there you go,
the Nevada sign. And it looks like
I just lost an hour because in theory I’m in
Mountain Time now right. I guess technically, until
I cross the Colorado River I’m not in Mountain Time yet. There’s the Mike O’Callaghan
– Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge and very soon we’re
gonna see Hoover Dam from the middle of the bridge. By the way, the bridge, it
is the widest concrete arch in the Western Hemisphere and is the second highest
bridge in the United States. There it is, Hoover Dam. And the views of Hoover
Dam are pretty spectacular. (light music) It is a magnificent
engineering marvel, isn’t it? Actually, to be honest,
what’s coming up is the real engineering marvel. Hoover Dam, built
in the early 1930s during the Great Depression on the Colorado River
between Nevada and Arizona. It was unprecedented
at the time, since such a large,
concrete structure had never been built before and even some of the
techniques were unproven. Yup, pretty sketchy. Over 100 people died
during its construction. The result, the largest
reservoir by volume in the United States
when it’s full, also known as Lake Mead. Let’s continue driving
over the dam here into the Arizona side
and find parking. (upbeat music) Really, really impressive the size of the structure. I’m still flabbergasted at
how low the water level is. I’m about to travel
in time here, so. I suppose we were somewhere
up there, around that area. Okay, watch me
travel in time here. It’s 5:20 in Arizona,
now it’s 4:20 in Nevada. And I interrupted their picture. I’ll travel in time once
again on the way back. (light music) There are these
Illuminati-looking statues half man, half eagle
meant to symbolize the readiness for defense
of our institutions and keeping of our
spiritual eagles ever ready to be on the wing. I’ve always been intrigued by this Illuminati-looking
sculptures here. – [Tour Guide Recording]
Directly in front
of the monument– – They’re saying what it means. – [Tour Guide Recording] The
castings are over 30 feet tall, weigh over four tons, and is
the largest monumental bronzes ever cast in the United States. (light music) Alright, I’m about to
travel in time again. This time we’re going
from Nevada to Arizona. Right now, right
here I’m standing in both Nevada and Arizona. Arizona, Nevada, and it’s also a Mountain
timezone and Pacific timezone. Oh, by the way, tip of the day, if you park on the Nevada
side, it’s 10 bucks. It’s a garage. If you park at one
these parking lots like the lookout
points, it’s free. You’re welcome. It actually doesn’t look
as impressive on camera as it does in real life. Yeah, I’m not gonna
take the tour today but one of these
days we’ll be back. I saw a video from
1983 and it looked like Niagara Falls was rushing
through this spillway. I believe that’s the highest
the water level has ever been. The sun goes down way too
early this time of the year, which is, by the way,
early February here, but it gives me an
excuse to return one of these day with more time. And you know I will. I found this video I took
when I came back in 2013 and the water level
was noticeably higher. And with that we’re gonna say
goodbye to Hoover Dam for now. There it is. Unfortunately, today
time is running out. There’s so much more to explore. (light music) Ah, home sweet home. (light music) The unique colors of
the desert at sunset never cease to amaze me. Mm, what’s for dinner? Well burgers. Anyways, good night. Ooh, that’s a pretty tight
turn here but here’s the thing, I didn’t feel like driving
all around the entire RV park when I’m so close to the exit. – [GPS] Continue on Lake
Shore Road for 10 miles. – Okay, we’re gonna
go to this place called the Government Wash, I’ve seen other
people camp there and I do believe with the
annual pass it’s free, otherwise you have
to pay like 10 bucks or something like that. That’s what we’re gonna do,
I’m gonna take a break there, have breakfast, and
then we’ll continue. (upbeat music) I don’t know if you’ve noticed
but it is a gorgeous day so I’m just gonna be
stopping here and there whenever I see a cool scenic
overlook, like this one. (upbeat music) This is called Sunset
View Scenic Overlook. (light music) Sunday seems to be a
slow day in these parts. There’s virtually no one here. Slow day for sure here. (upbeat music) I see a bunch of RVs down
there so this must be it. By the way, very
popular boondocking spot right here by the lake. Perhaps I should have stayed
here instead of the RV park. (upbeat music) Decisions, decisions. Wow, this looks like a
nice spot to have lunch. (upbeat music) Spinach and some of that
onion and pepper frozen mix that I usually buy,
and I put a little bit of cooking wine in, and a
little bit of olive oil, and we’re gonna cook that first. And then here I’ve got some eggs and I added some mild
salsa that I had there. I’m gonna do like a
scrambled eggs thing, should be delicious. Yup, that’ll fill me up. The journey continues, towards
the Valley of Fire we go. We came here a little
over a year ago and I want to do a
couple of the hikes that we didn’t get a
chance to do back then. Such amazing landscape, and
we ain’t seen nothing yet. (dramatic music) I’m running kind of low on gas and there’s supposed to be a
gas station here in Echo Bay towards the northern
end of Lake Mead. Is this it? Looks like a pump
from the 1980s. Tell you what, I don’t feel
like walking to the store and paying, and
then coming back, so we’re going to continue. I still have plenty of gas
to get to the next town, and if I run out, if
worst comes to worst, it’s not the end of the world. I have a five gallon jug back
there meant for the generator, but I could use it for
the truck in an emergency. And here we are,
Instagram moment. By the way, the National Park
Annual Pass is no good here. This is a Nevada state park. Hi.
– [Woman] It’s gonna be $10. – [Robert] Alright.
– [Woman] Are you gonna camp? – [Robert] Nah,
just a couple hours. – [Woman] Tape that
10 to your windshield. – Here we are, Valley
of Fire State Park. Let’s do the hike
to Elephant Rock. Last time we were here I
was under the impression that the Elephant Rock
Trail was much longer. That’s in part why we
didn’t do it back then. Ooh, what a strange
planet this is. And there it is. Do you see the resemblance? Actually it is kinda of like
a Monet, once you get closer, it doesn’t quite look
like an elephant anymore. (light music) As I said, we’ve
been here before, but never with Minitini
the trailer in tow so it should be a cool
drive from the perspective of the rooftop camera. From any perspective really, this place is out of this world. Might as well, I’m here. I was just gonna
do the Elephant, but I thought the
Elephant was gonna be more so let’s just do a little more. I’m not gonna do the whole park, but let’s drive around at least to the Rainbow
Vista it’s called. I wanted to hike
that one last time, but that one was
a little longer. (dramatic music) There’s the Visitor Center
which we are not going to visit, we’re gonna continue. This here is called
Mouse’s Tank Road and it goes to the
northern end of the park. In my opinion, the
most beautiful part. I feel compelled to
cut parts of this for the sake of brevity, but it is just too
beautiful of a drive. (dramatic music) There are several
trailheads along the way, but I have one in mind. It is called the Rainbow Vista. (dramatic music) Oh well, the trailhead
parking lot seems to be full. As you saw, there was
no parking over there. I’m gonna wait it out and see if there is parking
when I come back. But for now let’s see this
Silica Dome information here. Hopefully there is parking. (light music) Another unbelievable landscape
here, let me tell ya. Can you believe I hadn’t
heard of this place until last year
when Paul Charron of the Motorhome Experiment
told me about it? It is one of those
under-the-radar places I guess, but let me tell you,
totally worth a visit. (light music) Anywhere you look, in any
direction, it is amazing. This is the famous
Silica Dome, by the way. I thought it said
“Oversize Vehicle Parking”, but it says “Bus
Unloading Only”. (light music) Well while we’re
here might as well go all the way near the
end to the Fire Wave. That’s the trail that we did
last year when we were here. And one of these
days, let me tell ya, I’d love to camp
here in the park, and spend a few
days, do a few hikes. There is so much to see here. (light music) I wanna turn around here
at the Fire Wave trailhead and hopefully we can
find parking now at
the Rainbow Vista. Busy Sunday here at the park. Somewhere down there
is the Fire Wave, and if you haven’t seen
that video, do check it out. No RV in that one, but the
video itself is pretty awesome, if I may say so myself. (light music) Hmm, this isn’t really
gonna work now, is it. I’m too wide. How about here? Yeah, this is perfect. (light music) Let’s do it. Should be a
relatively easy trail, one and a half miles
or so round trip. Some parts not very
well marked but I think I can find my way back
if worst comes to worst. Surreal. I hope the camera can capture
what my eyes are capturing. The golden color
of these formations
here, it’s incredible. And of course over there– Of course there’s too much wind so I’ll narrate from here on. (light music) They even have a sign
with a camera icon at the best vantage points. I found out, after the fact
of course, that I was supposed to climb one of these
hills for a better view, but you know what,
I’m not complaining. The colors are amazing. I guess that was the rainbow. And now we’re going
into the Fire Canyon. (light music) All of a sudden it got cloudy. (light music) (wind blowing) Perhaps I spoke too
soon when I said it was a very easy trail because there’s some climbing involved, let’s just put it that way. (footfalls) I mean it is easy
for the most part, it’s just a couple of spots. It’s usually very, very
fine sand here on the floor. Sand and rocks, you see? Some very fine sand. Like a red sand like
if we were in Mars. Look at that, that’s amazing. (dramatic music) I think we’ve reached the end. Yeah, I don’t think
we can go any further. (wind blowing) Okay, I won’t go any further. What an amazing view though. Check out that distant
snow-capped mountain. Well time to go back. I’d say that was
definitely worth the price of admission here. Incredible hike. I just love these layers of
rock, they’re everywhere. Okay guys, I hope we don’t get too much wind noise
here on the video. I’m gonna head back and I
have no idea what time it is. Oh, I have it on mileage count, I’ve walked only half a
mile really, 0.55 miles, so it’s not a long– I mean unless you’re
supposed to continue going, which I don’t think so. (wind blowing) Now, we continue. (dramatic music) I did bring my water. Look at that, it looks
like an upside down boat. (dramatic music) Doesn’t it look like a dog face? Here’s looking back
towards the canyon. The canyon actually
looks a lot nicer when the sun hits
it, doesn’t it? I’ve got some rolling clouds, this cactus here. And when you see
people in the trail you get an idea of scale and it’s really magnificent. (grunting) (laughing) Okay I guess this is a shortcut
towards the parking lot. So I see what they meant by
one and three-quarters miles, it’s the whole thing, it’s not
one way but it is like a loop and now we’re looping
back around here. Alright, this was fun. A very well marked
trail in this part. I guess that’s the rainbow, at the time I didn’t realize. (light music) Well we’re almost
back and right on time to leave the Valley of
Fire at around 3:00 p.m. I have two hours of sunlight so I must find a camping
or boondocking location within the next two hours. Shouldn’t be hard. (upbeat music) Let’s hit the road. I’m gonna try to do a u-ey here, I should be able to. Uh-oh. I think I hit something. (beeping) (cars passing) Yeah, I hit a rock. The Valley of Fire has left its indelible mark on my new truck. Look at this. I don’t wanna risk it, I
don’t wanna risk a u-turn, so I’m just gonna- – [GPS] Head south on — Road, White Dome’s Road
toward Rainbow Vista. – So I’m just gonna do a u-turn further down. Well, as I said, we have about
two hours of daylight left and I have several
options between here and Zion National Park. There are a couple of
BLM lands, state parks, but I think my best
choice is going to be the Walmart at Mesquite, Nevada right before the
Arizona state line. Yeah, we have to cross
a little bit of Arizona before we get to Utah. ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah ♪ ♪ I’m riding ♪ Riding, riding ♪ I’m riding in my RV ♪ My RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah ♪ (light music) Anyways, here we are, the
RV-friendly Walmart Supercenter in Mesquite, Nevada,
our home for the night. (wind blowing) Well what do you know, it’s a Walmart with a view. Check out the mountains. It’s very windy and tonight
it is going to be very cold, but tomorrow, tomorrow we are
going to Zion National Park. Bucket list, Baby. Beautiful. By the way this is
the town of Mesquite in Clark County, Nevada. The next Walmart in
Arizona is not RV-friendly so this is the one. Well anyways, good night. (light music)

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