Visting the HOOVER DAM Tips – Directions, Free Parking & Amazing Views

hey everyone today we’re gonna be
visiting the Hoover Dam which spans the border between Nevada and Arizona we’ll
even show you where to find free parking so check it out hey everyone welcome to
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button so you don’t miss out on any upcoming videos so today we’re gonna
take you on a visit to the Hoover Dam which spans the Colorado River on the
border of Nevada and Arizona right near Lake Mead we will show you how to get
there including what exits to take the security check we’re gonna show you
where to find free parking everything in this video was free of charge and then
we’ll walk across the Hoover Dam and show you the amazing views so let’s
start out with how to get to the Hoover Dam if you’re coming from the Nevada
side Las Vegas it’s about a 40 to 50 minute drive about 38 miles and you’re
going to be driving on highway 11 to get there and what you’re looking for is
exit number 2 when you exit on number 2 you’re gonna find a roundabout and
you’re gonna go on an underpass under highway 11 and come out on the north
side for the Hoover Dam access road now if you’re like us and you miss that exit
exit 2 and go right past on highway 11 there it turns into highway 93 and it’ll
take you right over the Colorado River on the mike O’Callahan pat tillman
Memorial Bridge now when we crossed over we thought we would be able to just
access it from the Arizona side by turning around here that was all blocked
off you do have to access the Hoover Dam from the Nevada side so we did turn
around there now coming from the Arizona side from Kingman you’re about an hour
and 15 minute drive or 75 miles from there and again you’re gonna want to
cross over Colorado River and take that exit too
and we just talked about and that’ll take you right to the Hoover Dam access
road so once you have found that Hoover Dam access road dry going down there for
a couple of minutes and you are gonna find the security checkpoint area for
the Hoover Dam so I want to give props to the security officers who are out
here in the hot Nevada Sun and so hot out here
and they were able to get us through in about five minutes and they were very
professional so thank you very much all you security officers for keeping the
Hoover Dam safe so if you are wanting to do some hiking or walking across that
Memorial Bridge that we drove across there is some parking for that here on
the right hand side but we’re gonna continue on down to the Hoover Dam and
find some free parking across on the other side it is absolutely stunning out
here today and hey there’s that Memorial Bridge that we did drive across if you
did want to walk out there we just showed you the parking for that there’s
a lot of people out there taking photos of the Hoover Dam when we did drive
across it you couldn’t really see a lot from the car because the concrete
barriers were quite high check out these massive concrete pillars
that hold up the Memorial Bridge they’re absolutely huge and this cool-looking
arch that spans the Colorado River the architectural design on that bridge is
amazing so as you come down the hill here towards the Hoover Dam you’re gonna
see a sign on the left hand side that says parking now this parking on the
Nevada side does cost $10 so we’re gonna head across the Hoover Dam and I’ll show
you where you can find free parking this end of the Hoover Dam is also where
you’re gonna find snacks souvenirs and the visitor center and yes you do get to
drive across the Hoover Dam when you go to the Arizona side once you actually
get out on to the Hoover Dam you realize how absolutely massive it truly is it
has a length of twelve hundred and forty-four feet and a height of seven
hundred and 6.4 feet welcome to Arizona let’s find
you some free parking so the first parking here on the
left-hand side is not free you do have to pay for this parking there are some
covered parking spots there as well as open-air ones but you do have to pay for
them so let’s head on up the hill here and show you where the free parking is
so the first free spots that you’re gonna see are the ones here on the right
hand side these are the closest ones so if you see some there make sure you grab
them there’s some more spots here on the left hand side a third lawn here on the
left hand side and around the corner you’re gonna see a larger lot here at
the top with some more spots as well so we’re gonna walk down to the Hoover Dam
and as you do that you’re gonna walk past this paid parking lot this is the
first one that we showed you and past this massive spillway here on the
Arizona side here’s a look at the spillway from the other direction and
way up there is where we park the car having a look at the mountains that’s
really interesting to see how much that water level has come down you can see
the perfectly straight line across the bottom of the mountains just to give you
a heads up if you are traveling with pets they are not allowed on top of the
dam but they do have these really nice walkways on both sides of the dam with
barricades so if you are traveling with children they can’t easily run out into
the road you also have these really cool intake towers these ones are on the
Arizona side and those ones over there are on the Nevada side so once you make
it over to the Nevada side this is where you’re gonna find all sorts of statues
the Visitor Center the souvenir shop if you want some snacks you can grab them
here if you want to grab one of the paid tours you can grab those here as well
I’ll put links to their website in the description below and this is where the
amazing views are on the Hoover Dam on the south side of the dam you’ll see the
Memorial Bridge over there that we drove across when I pan back to the Hoover Dam
you can see how absolutely massive it is when you look over the edge there you’re
gonna see the power houses down below one on the Arizona side and one
that aside it is so far up from the Colorado River they do also have
restrooms and water fountains out on the dam and these covered walkways will help
get you out of the Sun I can’t believe how high we are above the Colorado River
this is not for the faint of heart or if you’re scared of heights this might
freak you out a little bit if you are coming to Nevada or Arizona I highly
recommend coming and checking out the Hoover Dam it’s absolutely amazing
and while you’re here make sure to take that perfect photo of yourself and the
views because you’re gonna want to remember this for the rest of your life
so I hope you enjoyed visiting the Hoover Dam with me today if this video
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