Vivint Home Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hi, folks. This is Gabe at Security Baron. When you are checking out a home security
system for your family you may not want to be a guinea pig. If you go with Vivint you’d be joining 1.3
million customers throughout the United States and Canada. Could this many people be wrong? Let’s find out. [music] Gabe: If you would like to see a list of our
favorite home security systems, Google Security Baron best home security systems. If you have a question about today’s review,
leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. In today’s review of the Vivint Home Security
System, we’ll talk about what comes with the package, the installation process, professional
monitoring, customer support, and the app. Security Baron review of the Vivint Home Security
System starts now. For Vivint, I ordered the basic home security
system, which comes with the SkyControl touch panel, motion sensors, door and window sensors,
environmental monitoring like CO2 and smoke detector, a video doorbell, an indoor camera,
and a smart lock. First, we’ll talk about your SkyControl panel. The SkyControl panel is the centerpiece of
the security apparatus that is your home. You’ll use the touch screen to control everything
in your smart home and security system. You could also use the SkyControl panel to
watch live footage, to watch past footage. It even comes with two-way audio so you can
speak to someone remotely as necessary. The SkyControl panel comes with a panic button
built directly in. That’s useful for alerting people to possible
intruders. You can place it on a wall or directly onto
a table. Next, we’ll talk about the security sensors. Now, Vivint calls them security sensors. They’re essentially the door and window sensors
that you see with other security systems. These will basically know if a door or window
has been opened. I have them on a few of the windows and all
the doors in my apartment. You’ll just know from a push notification
sent to your phone that a door or window has been opened. These are, of course, always in constant connection
with the SkyControl panel. Maybe you and your local locksmith have a
great relationship because you forget your keys all the time. With Vivint, you don’t have to worry about
that because you can get a smart lock. With a smart lock, you can allow others to
go in. You can let yourself in using the keypad or
the app. It is honestly miraculous. Forgetful adults, rejoice. Now, you have more options with the Vivint
smart lock. Nothing says smart-home quite like a video
doorbell. With Vivint you get a video doorbell that
will alert you to someone’s presence even if they don’t even ring the bell, thanks to
motion-detection technology. You’ll be notified on your smartphone or tablet
and in the SkyControl touch panel whenever someone comes to the door. Now you can speak and see your visitor day
or night. Did I mention that there are two infrared
LED lights on the video doorbell to makes sure that it can capture things at all points
of the day? You can store the footage from your doorbell
in 30-second clips. Those will last up to 45 days. Another unique feature of the video doorbell
is person detection. It’s not going to capture cars, squirrels,
or dogs. It’s only going to pay attention to the humans
that come to your door. Though, I will say that I’d love it if it
did tell me when a dog was at my door. My only concern, really, is that it has only
720p when it comes to high-definition video, but it’s made up for in the fact that it has
180 degree field of view. It’s definitely capturing anyone walking up
to your door. Vivint also comes with an indoor home security
camera. We are champions of indoor security cameras
here as Security Baron. Before I run through the Security Baron necessary
features, let’s talk about it’s design. It looks a little bit like R2-D2. I like “Star Wars” but it wouldn’t be my favorite
design for an indoor security camera. Considering that it’s not one of the major
manufacturers it’s not bad. You’ve got white with the glossy front which
is, pretty much, the general and typical aesthetic for security cameras. It has some flexibility. What we really want to know is how well does
it work? Let’s talk about the video quality on the
Vivint Home Security Camera. You’ve got 1080p high-definition video which
is what we like to see. We’re not talking about any grainy 720. We’ve got the full 1080. On top of that, you’ve got 155 degree field
of view which really allows us to capture what’s taking place in the room. We typically want to see, at the very least,
120, 130. They come through with a 155. We are upset with the fact that the zoom is
a little bit lacking but you do get some zooming features and you can do that within the app. That’s the video quality on the indoor camera
by Vivint. Something we always want to see at Security
Baron with our indoor cameras is two-way audio. The Vivint indoor security camera comes equipped. You’ve got two-way audio allowing you to talk
to any possible intruders or just your children, your dog, and they can talk back. It’s a very useful feature and something you’ll
find on the Vivint indoor security camera. Unless you live in parts of Alaska, you’re
not going to have daylight 24/7. That’s why night vision is so important for
us here at Security Baron. The night vision on the Vivint indoor security
camera is pretty good with it’s three infrared LED lights. We definitely were very pleasantly surprised
with how well we could see in the dark. At Security Baron, we attach a lot of significance
to both local and cloud storage for your indoor security camera. With Vivint, you get the local storage on
devices within the Vivint security system, if not directly in the camera itself. You get 14 days of cloud storage, which can
be upgraded to 30 full days of cloud storage. We are onboard with the storage options for
the Vivint home indoor security camera. At Security Baron, we love smart platform
integration. The indoor security camera by Vivint integrates
well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You don’t have to worry about it working with
your Nest. It’s already ready to go or working with your
Alexa Echo because it’s set for that as well. When it comes to smart platform integration
on the Vivint home indoor security camera, we give it full marks. Now, when it comes to artificial intelligence,
another one of the Security Baron’s necessary features for home indoor security cameras,
the Vivint home indoor security camera has nothing doing. There is no artificial intelligence. It can’t distinguish between pets or people. That has to be done manually by entering the
height and the motion sensitivity. Vivint does not just protect you from intruders. It can also detect what’s going on in the
air around you. You can order CO2 and smoke monitors that
will work seamlessly with the system. Hold on, let’s take a quick break. Every month at Security Baron, we like to
hook our subscribers and commenters up with a little something. You can be entered to win a $200 Amazon gift
card just by subscribing to our page and leaving a comment. Rules are simple. Subscribe to our page, leave a comment. Each month that you do that, you’ll be entered
to win this $200 Amazon gift card. Let’s get back to the video. This is the part where I talk about what the
process was like installing it, how convenient it was for me to set up, or how easy it has
been to maintain. Honestly, Vivint doesn’t allow any do-it-yourself
in this process. I just want to talk about the experience I
had with Vivint and their professional installation. When you first have your phone call ordering
the system from Vivint, they will go ahead and schedule your guy to come in and set it
up because you don’t have any of the products on you. They come with everything. There is no shipping, nothing like that. He was very professional. He came in. He had his booties on, so he wouldn’t track
anything into my home. He set up everything, putting the SkyControl
touch panel directly into the wall. He went to the corner of my living room and
set up the motion detector. He went to each of my windows and set the
security sensors up. When anyone opens that window, I know at this
point. On top of that, he went to my door and set
up each security sensor. Then he went on to set up my video camera,
so I can capture anything taking place. He also went ahead to set up my video doorbell
and smart lock. The smart lock went on the outside of the
door. The video doorbell went to my front porch. It was a very thorough process. Now, the good part of that is that you know
that every piece works before the technician leaves your home. Those are my thoughts on the Vivint installation
process and how convenient it is to set up. You just have to basically make sure you’re
at the house. Let’s talk about the professional monitoring
of the Vivint home security system. To begin, let’s just talk about what professional
monitoring is when it comes to this home security system. That means 24/7 live monitoring. You’ve got a team of experts at your disposal
to make sure that your home is protected. In the case of any event, you will know about
it. The proper authorities can be dispatched to
your home. On top of that, with Vivint, you’re getting
cellular connection as a backup to every element of this system. A lot of things are happening these days when
it comes to natural disasters, someone could cut your power lines or your phone lines. You don’t have to worry because Vivint has
a cellular connection to make sure that call goes through. Let’s jump into the options for professional
monitoring when you buy a Vivint home security system. Vivint offers three packages for its monthly
subscription plan. They go for between $29.99 and $49.99. That would be the Smart Security Service,
the Smart Home Service, and the Smart Home Video Service. Honestly, if you’d like a detailed analysis
of each of these packages we suggest you go to and check out our graphics
that we’ve created there to help you better understand the different packages offered
by Vivint. Let’s talk about the contract rules with Vivint
because they are important. Vivint offers a 60-month and a 42-month package. That means five years or three and a half
years for all you humanities majors out there. You’re going to want to be very careful when
looking at the contract terms for your Vivint Home Security System. For example, if they come and install the
system in your home you may only have three days of write of rescission to basically cancel
that contract. Be very careful when looking at your contract
to see what your options are when it comes to cancellation and installation. Now that we’ve discussed the contract rules
we want to discuss customer support. We definitely know that these are very related
concepts, because understanding this contract rules, honestly, will take you having a conversation
with customer support. There are a few different ways to get in touch
with Vivint. You can chat with the representative online,
you can call them, or you can dig through their vast trove of information on frequently
asked questions. My first interaction with Vivint and customer
service was pretty positive. I knew exactly what I wanted when I called
them. Yet, it still took me about 20 minutes to
get the system ordered and set up my first installation meeting. Later however, I called back to have various
conversations related to just trying to understand my product better. I did find that some of the people on the
phone were unknowledgeable and almost evasive. That’s never what you want to have in a phone
call with customer support. That was my experience. What did other people think of Vivint support? Vivint has a 3.8 rating on Google, which I
say is about B minus. A lot of those reviews when speaking about
customer service said that they were hard to get a hold of and it was difficult to get
answers, which basically matches my experience. Unfortunately, Vivint did not farewell on
the Better Business Bureau’s review. They actually received a B from the Bureau
themselves. I would like to note that there were over
4,500 complaints in the Better Business Bureau. I think that Vivint is trying to take the
steps to do better by their customers because they want to and also because to some extent
they have to. Now that we’ve discussed a little bit about
the customer reviews of Vivint, let’s look at how they think about the apps. The Vivint Smart Home mobile application in
the Apple store received 4.5 out of 5 stars with almost 10,000 reviews. Most of those were perfect five stars. That was pretty good. It’s even stronger in the Google Play Store
with 43,000 reviews with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. That is simply phenomenal and one of the best
we’ve ever seen for a home security smart system mobile application. Vivint is really knocking it out of the park. Now we have an idea of how the Vivint mobile
application functions for other people, let’s look at it right here at Security Baron. Now I’m in the Vivint Home Security app. If you note at the top of the screen it already
says, “Living room window one is open.” The reason it’s open is because my apartment
is very hot. For it to not feel like a furnace I generally
keep that open whenever my landlord has forgotten to turn off the nest that he had in his apartment
that controls everyone who lives in this building. If you look in the middle of the screen it
says, “Disarmed.” If I hold this, I can hit leaving and it will
say that the living room windows open. I can still arm it anyway. Let me hit cancel on that. I can also hit it the other direction and
it’ll arm it as if I’m actually in the apartment. Let’s say cancel on that as well. Below that you’ll see it says, “Front door
locked.” Front door locked allows me just to touch
that button and lock my quick-set Smart Lock that I got in the Vivint Home Security package. While security is the most crucial part of
any home security system and app, it’s really fun and also useful to look at the cameras. If I go into cameras there are a couple of
options. I can look at my living room, speak to it
on the microphone by tapping the microphone button. I can take a snapshot, and I can pinch and
zoom. We note here. I’m looking at that water bottle that I use
to moisten this Bird of Paradise that I have over here on the right side of my apartment
that I’m very afraid for. If I go out I can go to the doorbell which
has a very wide view and see a lot of what’s happening. Once again I can speak to the microphone in
the middle, or take a snapshot, and also pinch and zoom. If I hit the settings button I can change
the name of the doorbell, record a visitor coming, or record a visitor upon pressing
the doorbell. Depending on how much privacy you want to
give your neighbors and Amazon delivery guy, these are the various options. Of course, I can click events. It’ll tell me whenever a visitor was detected. If I jump out of all of this, on the bottom
right corner, you’ve got activity. It basically gives me a breakdown of everything
going on. Disarmed, front door locked, living room is
open, living room motion detector detected movement, everything that’s taking place today. If I go click on the left-hand side there’s
a settings. You got custom actions, which allows you to
set up little routines. You also can go look at notifications and
decide what notifications do you want to get. You can go look at users. I can add a user. If I wanted to add my brother who lives in
the neighborhood, add him. Here we are. Now Michael’s added. I live in a small one-bedroom. There’s just a smart hub, the front door lock,
camera one. doorbell, bedroom window, front door, and
two living rooms windows, and the living room motion detector. If you live in that larger home that will
be a much more exhaustive list. Finally, your support options which are really
great, because you’re going to want to either chat with Vivint, browse by category, look
at common questions, or 24 hours, 7 days a week you can give them a call. Those are the various options. It’s a very intuitive and useful app that
Vivint has with its home security system. Now we’re looking at the touch panel installed
by Vivint. Vivint came to my home and they set everything
up. They’re one of the companies that does not
actually allow you to do it yourself. However, I had a very pleasant experience
with our technician who came through installed everything. He was very patient. He actually wore these little booties on his
shoes as not to track in any mud or dirt into my apartment. I really appreciated it. If you note, from the very beginning it says,
“Living room window one is open.” That is because if you look in the top left-hand
corner here it says, “November 12 to 32, and 51 degrees.” Despite that, my landlord, for whatever reason
has the heat up to 95 degrees. I had to keep the living room window open
as to not suffocate. If you note, on the other side, it says the
front door lock is unlocked. I can change that right here on the right
side. You’ll note, there are two points. One says disarmed. One says front door locked. If I want to unlock the front door — I have
a friend coming over now so I’m keeping it unlocked, he has a key — we go like this. [beeps] Gabe: Now we’ve locked the front door. If I want to unlock the front door I just
take it back… [beeps] Gabe: …and we’re unlocked. If I hit disarmed you have a few different
options. On the right side, you can go this way to
arm your home say you’re away. Because I have a few things open, it actually
won’t let me arm unless I hit arm anyway. I don’t want to do that so I hit cancel. Or I can go to stay, which you get the same
thing. This screen is, essentially, where you do
all of your arming functions. Arming is of course the crucial element of
having a security system but we also like cams. If you see on the bottom, there’s a little
video camera. Click on that. Now you’re looking at my living room and the
view from my Vivint doorbell. Camera one, I can click here. This is a live view of my living room. This is the doorbell view. You can see everything going on, cars passing
by. If someone were to approach the home right
now you’ll be able to say hello with the Vivint doorbell. There’s a little cross. Click on that. Those give you options for if you are in danger. You’ve got the panic button, the blue one
on the left, the emergency button on the right, and the fire button. They all dispatch different types of aid directly
to your home. As typical, the bottom-right three dots are
your settings. You’ve got your general support page. There are different options here. If you want to switch your temperature to
units, say you did not grow up in the United States or the two other countries that actually
use Fahrenheit or switch to your 24 hours. Then we can go into security, look at your
various sensors, do a system test. Go into devices and check out the devices
that I have linked up to the system. If I wanted to add a new device, I could add
my Amazon Echo, which is something that we’re very familiar with, using Amazon Alexa. The smart platform integration elements of
Vivint are also really spot-on. This is the touch panel on the Vivint Home
Security System installed by technician. Honestly, it’s one of the sleekest systems
that we’ve seen. The touch panel is beautiful. It works really easily. They were very thorough in explaining to us
step-by-step how it would work. It was a very painless process. Now I’m looking at video on the Vivint Indoor
Home Security Camera. You’ll note that it’s pretty great. It’s got 1080p high-definition video. On top of that, it’s got 155 degree horizontal
field of view and an 80 degree field of view vertically. You’re really able to capture a lot on this
camera, and it looks great. Granted, everything in my apartment is very
close so that facilitates what it looks like. Definitely, when it comes to home security
cameras that are made not by a third-party, but directly from the home security system,
this is one of the top cameras that we’ve seen. Here we are checking out the night vision
on the indoor camera by Vivint. There are three infrared LEDs. They work really well. We had to move to a different room because
New York has a lot of light pollution, but this room is pitch black. We’re really able to capture a lot of what’s
happening directly through the Vivint indoor camera. This is the view. This is me. I’m moving around. It’s capturing everything in that 1080p high-definition
video. We’re actually pretty impressed with the night
vision on the Vivint Home Indoor Security Camera. Here I am on my stoop looking at the Vivint
doorbell or rather the Vivint doorbell is looking at me. With this, you get 720, 180 degree field of
view and two infrared LEDs so that it can capture everything at night. We’re actually pretty big fans of the Vivint
doorbell and its capacity for video quality. Vivint clearly brings a lot to the table. Let’s talk a little bit about how much it
costs to sit at that table. Everything that we’ve covered in today’s review
costs us about $700. Remember, when it comes to security systems,
everything to some extent is negotiable. I didn’t know negotiation. I didn’t know credit check and this is what
I got. Ultimately, what we’re trying to figure out
today is whether or not Vivint is right for you. Do you need someone to hold your hand and
guide you to the light? The customer support at Vivint may not provide
that. On top of that, you may have to sign a long,
somewhat onerous contract. However, if you’re looking for free cellular
connection, a reliable system, and a phenomenal app, then you’re going to want to give Vivint
a shot. [background music] Gabe: That’s our review of the Vivint Home
Security System. If you appreciated this video give us a like
and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe with Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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