are you happy that I asked you I asked
you to ask? your were very against it I was like just ask them and you did ask and look at what we end up getting Holl, why don’t you ever listen to me? you were giving me so much attitude “I don’t want to do it” I was like who else is gonna do it you
the only person that know Chinese I don’t – nobody knows… how are we
gonna communicate that without me knowing huh? good morning It’s our first full day in Guilin and we’re headed off to the Li River today its the main reason why we’re here so we got up really early we have a driver picking us up so so the hotel was nice enough to pack us a
breakfast we got some buns, cupcakes, some fruit, eggs and orange and a bottle of water so we got on the bus and rode it for about an hour and a half while the woman literally talked and sang for an hour-ish She did sing, right? She did sing -she had a
mic with a lot of reverb on it anyways we’ve now been dropped off at the dock the ferry dock? And we don’t know what’s happening but we’re figuring things out now there’s no non-asians here so I don’t know if that’s promising or not and all the instructions are Mandarin so we’re relying on Holl only hi, how you feeling today? are you excited? yeah, a little bit you gotta speak up, you know there’s a lot of people talking here yeah, a little bit ask her for VIP – we’ll pay, we”ll pay this is just too much, just too much [Holl] you guys are the ones that didn’t want to pay for anything ask for a VIP [Holl] I want a VIP boat [Jansen] that’s not for VIP; that’s just for upper deck, right? [Jansen] it’s a lot of Asians where is our mamacita ? did she run off with our money? mama I’m so excited – are you? we’re going to the shitty boats…No let’s do a bathroom tour toilets are quite clean we’ve got Eastern style toilets but at least the sink areas outside we are on the second deck we haven’t left yet but it’s pretty nice there is an open back area and the top deck the third floor, has no chairs and has a nice view it’s so weird ’cause we’re butt up against each other right now and everyone taking selfies
already because they can’t wait [Jansen] what are you doing while we wait? eating [Jansen] what we got? what we got here? [Paul] we’ve got so much food [Jansen] I’ve seen more we’re gonna eat everything we have before we even leave the dock I love these things so much they’re so good oh, is that one covered in mold? oh no, am I eating this all in mold? [Paul] no, that’s not moldy I’ve … I ate one already [Paul] this one is fine you know, I ate one last night [Paul] oh no, this one has real bad mold alright, so we’re on the Li River we’re on the upper deck and we’re just about to enter the good part of the cruise the cruise is about four or five hours long and we’re gonna enter the
mountainous area I think all this area was created by the because of the soft, rock – limestone rock and it all drains into the river… why you pushing me? …and into the valley so much for the educational component it’s also a little loud up here it’s china shhhh..you have to edit that out it’s china that was a little rac… anyways, a lot of people are having fun up here we seem to be eating a lot [Paul] who? [Paul] huh? I think it’s all of us, thank you silence – look at this background it’s really pretty, Holl [Jansen] let’s take a break [Jansen] we still have –
we’re on this for like, three hours more [Paul] another three hours? yeah [Paul] it’s only been an hour? yeah [Paul] but we’re done with the food [Paul] there’s no more – this is all we got after that we ate all our food? [Paul] how are we going to survive another three hours
if there’s no food? [Holl] this is literally all our food [Paul] this is it [Holl] unless somebody has a secret stash [Jansen] we ate all our food in the first hour [Holl] we ate half of it before we even left the dock it’s true we did eat a lot while in dock [Jansen] so what do we got for lunch here? [Holl] we got chicken and fish and mixed greens [Jansen] what do you think of it? [Holl] it’s actually pretty good [Jansen] yeah? [Paul] the hot sauce is really spicy [Jansen] it’s hot sauce in the middle? [Holl] uh-huh [Jansen] any dessert? [Holl] we ate it all when they served the food,
everyone came down and no one cared about the $20 the $20 deal [Jansen] that’s what I care about the most anyways there’s a spot where you can get where the $20 yuan has the background of the landscape of Guilin and everyone figured it out by the end she’s aggressive we just finished our Li River cruise and we’re now in Yangshao which we’re gonna go check out now just got off the boat as we fell asleep a bit and everyone’s trying to sell us things they served us lunch halfway through and Paul and Holl fell asleep like that you slept probably an hour oh, really? an hour? think so I think I slept about half an hour it was very filling but, by the way the cruise we booked costs 300 RMB and then we upgraded 50 RMB to get better seats at least we think that’s what happened but you can just go straight to the
river port and buy the cruise tickets immediately right when you get there but [Paul] but it’s quite far from the city though yeah, it’s quite far from the city you’re gonna
have to pay for that transport the drone got lost we stopped to do some drone footage I can’t believe you lost the drone I can’t believe it’s gone into a tree you sad? I’m ok…it’s fine at least you don’t have to carry it back home meanwhile, that water temperature is really nice ok…I don’t want to know what kind of diseases you have on your feet right now probably…I went out…I went out to the
water to do something a little bit of some shots which actually
came out really good [Holl] that’s good I’m sad you loss your drone I can’t believe this all happened I was only gone for like 10 minutes [Paul] girl, you were there forever 10 minutes! so the street is full of little shops and very touristy but when you see something you’ll want it and it’s pretty cheap, I mean I got this tape measure for 1 yuan so, not bad made in China we just sat down for dinner I don’t know the name of the restaurant oh here we’re very hungry we came straight from Yangshao to here and we….it was a long drive it was an hour and a half drive and then it’s getting late so we
just figured we’re gonna have a full-blown big dinner in our last night in Guilin so we just ordered a bunch of food and you’re gonna see us eat a lot [Holl] the waitress actually had to tell us to order less yes, she said you ordered too much so…sit back and watch the show full? I am so full we ate way too much we ate a lot alright dinner was really good alright so what was everyone’s
favorite at dinner? I really liked the fish – the beer fish [Jansen] the beer fish is
traditional [Paul] the fish itself tasted good the flesh of the fish yeah it’s very meaty and hearty I really like the steamed rice with the
mung beans and the spare rib that was my favorite I ate almost all of it I liked the taro- it was really good [Pau] pork, pork ribs with taro [Jansen] yeah, I was a braised, deep fried taro yeah it was quite delicious we also had a weird mushroom looking bun
dish that was filled with like preserved vegetables and garlic scapes but I don’t
think any of us loved it I liked it I thought it was clever no, the veggies were good the insides were good it just- I was so full toward the end yeah, that came towards the end but actually, the veggie-thing, the inside was really good and we also got some more rice noodles
with spare ribs, which were fine it was saucy but it also felt very Cantoneseque the buns were really good too but it was a very large meal so much oh yeah, how much was it? 250 so, this is probably the one best
thing about Guilin I feel like everything’s really cheap it’s our last night in Guilin, so we might shop a bit and it’s a little early, so we might snack again so this may not be the last bit for today this is too hard next time remind me not to buy this extra pomelo [Jansen] how much did it cost? [Paul] a dollar but if I paid an extra
dollar it would have already been pre-cut and everything fish
money does I don’t work so cute either loaded why
you take photos right now when I’m loaded
look here my face is so bloated 7:13 yeah we did a little shopping recommend
this place I think we are in a food hi and we saw a shop across the street
and she gave us a discount and everything like $2 okay
people that are receiving the gift are watching this so let’s not talk about it

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