VLOG 1 | Sardar Sarovar Dam | Friend’s | Subtitle | Gujarati Vlog

oh snake oh snake do u know why and how did i came here? for that u have to go back!! we are back ! Its 5.45 in morning we are at my home. first we have to regroup and thats most difficult. we hav3 to meet at delhi gate(surat station) , me and divyang will be waiting for bus see here divyang!! come here man stil not reached? have we? this not a selfie {illiterate people} let me show u some thing mihir!! oh he ran what is this? divyangs property? he has find new place here for lunch! puri is still in making! Denim(coolboy) come here still not there 1 km still left we are having coke fun who has buttermilk(chaans) come here potli oh it doesn’t notice me the facelock coz i removed my specs useless in last 12 hours i have seen some of amazing creatures of nature this is some of the best in it look at this bunch of group oh snake oh snake… snaaaaaaakeeeeee snake has been seen it was huge…. oh lizard1!
be carefull…..so lets go nothing will happen chalo by bye folks see you in another one

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