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Hey everybody welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I get asked a lot about how I’m able to sing the way I do and what my vocal
influences are and so forth and so I have a singing course and it’s called
How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else. For my singing friends out there if you want
to negotiate with me and show have me show you how to walk through this stuff
step-by-step to sing in all these different styles, different ranges,
different pitch, tone, controls, stamina vibrato you name it. I cover all of this
in my singing course you could check it out here at Ken Tamplin Vocal
Academy.com for my singing friends that are interested and with that said I want
to go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to the Little River Band now Little River
Band again has just been phenomenally successful with just amazing songs that
have withstood the test of time. So I’ve put together a little montage of them.
Now there’s other ones that I would have
loved to have done and added to this but from a publishing standpoint we’re only
allowed to do so many songs and some are excluded so I put together the best ones
I was allowed to do and we’ll discuss this more maybe after or during the
process of checking out this reaction. So with that said Little River Band. Let’s
do this, here we go. Guys probably remember this one. This is old but it’s good. Now interesting thing about this. A lot
of these band whether it was the Bee Gees, whether it was these guys you know
there are so many bands competing for great songwriting. One of the things I
like a lot about this is the parts the different intricate parts, they take you
to all these cool different places in the band. Now I edited some of this out
unfortunately cause I didn’t want this video to be too long but you know go
back and listen to like you know this is “Help Is On Its Way”. There’s a few I mean
look up Little River Band” and just look at all the differents.. “Take It Easy On Me” is one of my favorite songs ever. I couldn’t do it here because
I couldn’t get the publishing and then what’s that other song (sings) So I encourage you to check out “Take It Easy On Me”, “Cool
Change”, some of their other stuff but in this case and then getting back to the
band you know they incorporate a lot of instrumental elements that are unique so
you have kind of almost like this disco sort of bass going on with a lot of the
pop sensibilities. They’ll add horns, they’ll add you know different keyboard
stabs a lot of Elton John kind of piano Philly things right whatever
and then kind of some R&B drums but are not typical because this is a time where
rock, hard rock 70s and early 80s but late 70s or early 80s rock was competing
for the rock space, these guys were dabbling into that a little bit like you
know other bands gosh who’s who is like I’d say pop. If you if you go down and
you look at like 70s pop and I don’t care if it’s the Eagles or whoever, you’ll see like
crossover of a lot of stuff that was in the pop market that crossed over into
the rock market like these guys and they sort of straddle the fence between the
two in an era where that was kind of like taboo to really do that. So this is
certainly one of those bands okay. Sorry for the mumble but just part of my brain
that’s how it works. Listen to those harmonies. Bee Gees too. Yeah so like I said like the Bee Gees. All
these other bands incorporated a lot of great vocals like this. I just did a Styx
vocal reaction to whether its Journey or Styx or ELO is another band or
whomever in this case Little River Band. They have and then if you notice too
like the choruses, the first chorus will be different than the second chorus
it be different than the third chorus and that’s true for the bridges and
stuff. In today’s musical climate, a lot of times they’ll just take the chorus
and they’ll literally cut and paste it to all the other choruses. So there’s no
uniqueness and there’s no building in the song, it’s just all one long train
that kinda chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga and in this case there’s all this
breath and all this uniqueness and all the space and creativity. Very creative,
very ingenuitious songwriting so let’s continue. Everybody in the band sings right. New song. Like Paul character. Love this change. Great harmonies man. So timeless. See what I mean. These little breaks. Right. How great are those harmonies man. Abba another band. “Lonesome Loser”. And the other really cool thing about
this is just doesn’t matter what song it is it could be in a different tempo,
could be a different key, it could be a different one of the vocalists singing
something. You always knew it was Little River Band you know it’s kind like Elton
when he comes on or Zeppelin or whatever. They just had such a signature sound
about themselves that you just so recognizable every time something comes
on and they incorporate that with a musicianship, the different
instrumentalists instrumentation is to say and then the vocal harmonies and
then the structure of the way they arrange their songs and write their
songs so. Good changes right. Very memorable melody. Hear the base (sounds). I’m gonna back this up just a little bit. I want you to concentrate on the base, the tightness of the rhythm
section and then and then kind of think about like a disco tune or like an old
R&B tune, how they’re incorporating that sound in it. Like I said like the Bee
Gees did a lot of that. There were a lot of bands that really are able to get
that tightness in the rhythm section. Check this out. Listen closely. Very driving R&B kind of bass sound. Cool and like I said I mean they could
have gone on and on and there’s a lot of songs I would have picked by them. I
chose what I could that the publishing companies would allow for YouTube but
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53 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To Little River Band | Help Is On Its Way | Lady | Lonesome Loser | Ken Tamplin

  1. 🌦💧🌧💧🌨💧🌩💧⛈

  2. Cool intro Ken love that bass intro I never listen to them but I'm liking them their old school which I love old 70s bands like you said love beegees their a great band for the 70s love that harmony I'll have to check them out some more I was never introduced to them love the songs to great reaction Ken I'm definitely gonna check them out some more this is when bands were great I know the lonesome loser there's a quartet that sings lonesome loser their called new south consider checking them out man love the video

  3. Hey Ken could you do a reaction on the raspberries go all the way I love them and that song that's the band Eric Carmen came from that did hungry eyes maybe you could react to that as well hungry eyes

  4. Never heard of them before. But looks like a great band. To bad I you could not get the licence to show us their most famous songs, perhaps that would ring å bell for me.

    Great harmonies, great vocals.

    The one on the piano it could be one of the 70s Queen ballads. I loved that Song BTW.
    Yes it was a bit ABBA in that piano Song too.
    But still their own tune.

    Very interesting video, thanks Ken

  5. Little River Band actually got me into Jazz as a kid, they had this Jazz influence in their music.

  6. I love LRB. Such awesome harmonies in their music!!!! I hope music makes a turn back to real music again.

  7. couple more aussie bands, Dragon, Cold Chisel, Aussie Crawl 😉 Love the Old School stuff keepem comin! Ken great work 🙂

  8. I grew up listening to this band and was mesmerized by their harmonies. I learned to harmonize perfectly to their songs………..in the shower or car. It's uncanny. Great video Ken, awesome shirt!

  9. Growing up in the '70s, I was always into the heavier bands. Rush, Kiss, Ted Nugent, REO, Styx, Kansas, Black Sabbath, etc. I never really gave the lighter bands like Little River Band a chance.

    But yes, they and others of the era were very talented. Everyone in those bands can SING! You don't see that these days 🙁

  10. Hi Ken what a fantastic band in that time period 😂brilliant LRB oh beautiful voices. I love them. Great reaction

  11. Glen Sherrock or however it's spelled is my fave :RB lead vocalist. The other guy has more bells and whistles vocally. But you cant beat the original.

  12. Wow Ken! You just brought back great memories from my childhood hearing these songs. I love your channel, Ken

  13. I have there greatest hits on vinyl. There music is timeless. Cool change is my favorite.

  14. My friend's older brother was friends with guys from the band Firefall in the 70's because they all went to Boulder High in Colorado. I later met one of their keyboardists in 95 (I was a single parent returning to school) because I was an intern at a 3D graphics company in Boulder while going to C.U. and I was tasked with adding special effects for a commercial ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl_qoP6By-g) and I did a bang up job (considering my lack of experience) and I got to go to the Firefall keyboardist's house as he was writing up the commercial music! What do you think of Firefall? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt6lYiKcik8&list=RDEM1_K7SNZAJROdXB87kUWFHA&start_radio=1

  15. … Eric Carmen, April Wine, Guest Who, Billy Squier, Men at Work, the same Billy Joel, Bob Seager, i think they were in the same wave. From Venezuela with love.
    Ken the Lucky Man.

  16. Please sir would you react to the new Disturbed Hold on to Memories live performance.

  17. Yesssss, one of my favorite bands. I met with Band this summer and went to their show. Wayne Nelson is awesome! They had such great harmonies. Thanks Ken!

  18. Cool Change is my favorite LRB song. Reminds me of my younger days 😊 time really flies.

  19. The first concert I ever attended was Electric Light Orchestra 44 years ago. Those were the best bands back then, great harmonizing and instrumentals.

  20. Love LRB! You may have done it already but perhaps a reaction to bands with great harmonies!

  21. Funny that the industry has ceased making records and turned to cutting cookies


  23. what is with today's music, every other FM channel is now classic rock on the radio

  24. Good band! They even had John Farnham for a short time. My favorite Australian band is Icehouse. Ken, I would love to hear your take on this live version of 'Touch the Fire' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9BAIVs5BSU&t=1s.

  25. Crazy shirt and a crazy voice! New to your videos and stuff so honest question… what is the tongue thing you do sometimes? It looks wild haha

  26. Glen Shorrock’s voice!!! When Australia gives the world great music, they give us the Little River Band. Absolutely brilliant.

    I couldn’t get my eyes off you. Your reaction was almost identical to mine and you were saying many of the things I was thinking. Great minds …..

  27. Another succinct and fun video. Brings back memories and I am learning why I enjoyed this music, a win, win in for me!

  28. I love these guys! "Cool Change" is my favorite LRB song! Great vid Ken!!👍 They're Austrailian but I'm sure u knew that!

  29. I always called them a "Country Kansas" ..LOL( LAWONGsum LUUUESer)..Yeah Ken, the under 50 crowd cant understand how WE could have Ozzy, ZEP, Bread, John Denver, Jim Croce, Deep Purple,Doobies, Byrds and these Guys albums droppin on the same TT at a party. Good to hear these guys again. Ya rarely hear them on the CR stations nowdays.

  30. Such a good band. They have a sound to me that sounds like Styx mixed with Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Or kind of like the Doobie Brothers (before Michael McDonald lol).

    I liked the song you started out with, but I'd have to say my favorite is Lady. Glad you were able to play it. I can't hear that song come on and not sing it, including the "uh" in the chorus lol 😀

  31. Those tunes are soo good , first time I've heard them, always the first times is special treat ! I love those older tunes before , computers, like so emotional and amazing in so many ways.
    Thanks for guidling us through these older favourites of yours Ken , you are really radiating positive energy, thanks Ken, love and peace everyone

  32. I love the vibe of this band. Very upbeat and positive feeling. Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue please.

  33. Loved these guys since I was a little kid!

    Reminiscing brings back some seriously great memories of my house when I was like 4 or 5. Summer nights, and loving life, not having a care in the world…

  34. Glenn Shorrock still gets around the clubs in Australia, selling out shows. He has the audience eating out of his hands as soon as he walks on stage. Just a great presence with an excellent backing band.

  35. you should react to john farham- reminiscing (w/little river band) and you´re the voice live

  36. Great that you pay attention to his band! I have sent the link to this video to founding members Beeb, Graeham and Glenn. 🙂 Love these guys!

  37. Jigsaw sky high. Though Walter Murphy band was all instrumental Beethovens 5th. Little river band ARS Jefferson starship or airplane. Eric Carmen. Too many to list that had a crossover sound in the 70s

  38. Beeb loved the video and told me he is going to share it on a few Facebook pages. 🙂

  39. I love Little River Band! I love Glenn’s voice but I thought John Farnham also sounded great when he was the lead. Thanks for posting this!

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