Vogue Editor’s Journey: Bamurru Plains, Top End, Australia

I came here wanting to know if you could really experience luxury amongst the wilderness of the Northern Territory. And when I was lazing over the edge of the infinity pool looking straight into the eyes of some water buffalo, I knew I’d found it. Time kind of stands still here. It’s all about the wildlife and they are really the only thing on the move. And you can just sit and just watch the changing landscape with all the wildlife. Or you can get out there amongst it and have a real adventure. One of the things I really wanted to see up here was a crocodile. And when we were airboating we saw a 3 ½-metre croc swimming right in front of us. And it was just an incredible experience. I think one of the most special things about this place is that you don’t see any other tourists, it’s only the people that are staying at the lodge. So you really feel like you’ve stepped out of your everyday world. And all there is you and this amazing landscape.

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