Voice Coach Reacts | Diana Ankudinova | River | диана анкудинова

Today I’m listening to Diana Ankudinova for the very first time. Keep watching. Hi everybody! It’s Christi Bovee
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Send me a video of you singing and I’ll send you a video critique. All those
details are in the description box below. Now let’s get started! One of my
commenters, Al Fogle, writes: “Please react to a female vocalist performing ‘River’
Diana Ankudinova. She is 14 years old. With the most unique, amazing, mesmerizing,
memorable, recognizable, atavistic, tribal, primordial voice and vocal technique on the
planet of any age.” Wow! With that recommendation, I HAD to check this kid
out! 14 years old?! Let’s dig in. 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my
gosh! I have never watched anything where I’ve
literally had chills the entire video! That…okay…we’ve got to…let’s talk about it. I
just feel like we need to take a moment of silence. That truly was a spiritual experience. It touched me on a spiritual level, and my little
spirit man inside is going, “Ahhh!”. I don’t know if it did the same for you, but I’m ‘shook’! I am shook right now. She reminds me a
little bit of Lourde. I know that they’re not the same other than having
such a sense of themselves as artists at such early ages! That is really not the
norm. The norm is for kids this age to start to hide who they really are. To be able to see
her really owning who she is; to be able to see her shining her light…There’s
just so much there! She is just like an old soul, you know? And I
think that’s really what Al was trying to say. I could literally listen to an
entire album of that all day. It’s so relaxing, and so inspiring to my spirit.
Let’s just talk briefly about how this 14 year old has outrageous vocal control! 🎶 There’s so much in her sound. I mean I’m
thinking, ‘oh my gosh, 14 years old and she’s already singing like this?’. I’m just
totally in love with her sound. It’s very lush. Very unique. Wow, Wow, wow!
One of the things I want to show you that she’s doing that would be a really
good thing for YOU to start doing too is the way she slides into her pitches. She
does it here: Glorious! She does it again here: It’s mesmerizing! When she’s sliding like
that, she’s connecting her vocal registers. One thing that I want you to be mindful of
as you’re singing this week is adding slides into your vocalizing. Add them to
your vocal workout, because what it does is, it keeps your voice cohesive and
comprehensive. It keeps it as one connected unit. To do slides:You can hum. You can do
open vowel sounds. You try to go as low as you can, up to as high as you can, but be gentle. You don’t want to stress your voice out, especially if you’re just
warming up and you’re just getting going vocally for the day. Nice and easy does it.
Singing gently will help you connect your slides. Then of course you can add your lip trills–
or buzzes, as I call them. All of these sliding exercises get your voice connecting through the
registers nicely. Diana also is a really beautiful example of what we talked
about in the SIA video of a really distinctive break. This is a singer
who brings such vocal ease into her performance. Here’s another singer who
has such a handle on her voice. Oh my goodness, that was absolutely glorious! Al,
thank you so much for making this suggestion. Seriously, I still have
chills. I’m undone I need to take a break and…Actually, what I really want
to do is go binge watch everything she’s in because I just want to see what
she’s doing. She’s incredible! Well, that’s it for me today. Like if you liked it,
subscribe and don’t forget to share with someone you know who needs to hear this
amazing singer! You can ask me any question about your voice in the
comments down below, on my blog at voice love.co, on Instagram at The Voice Love Company,
and now on Scaleabout.com. Get all those details in the description box below.
Well I am still shaking from this performance. I am thinking about the fact
that there are adults who cannot do what Diana Ankudinova did–not just as a
singer–but just showing up and showing out, and giving all of themselves in the
moment. You need to take this as a lesson to inform your spirit to get out
and do something amazing today! Keep finding your voice, keep making your
sound in the world today. The world is waiting… literally someone is praying for
YOU to show up! And remember you are Loved.

100 thoughts on “Voice Coach Reacts | Diana Ankudinova | River | диана анкудинова

  1. Good day, everyone! Thanks to @AlFogel for this suggestion today. Here is the link to translate the video, if anyone feels led. Thank you in advance and blessings! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=C8vXi5rBA3I

  2. Diana Ankudinova…WOW!! Can't believe she's 14! She sings with her whole body! So expressive and clear! An old soul indeed!!!!!!!!

  3. Like all other western reactors you mispronounce her name: it is Dee-Ana ANKuDINova (not ANKUdiNOVA). I think this is because "NOVA" is a latinised word familiar to English speakers, but "ova" is merely a suffix (meaning daughter of; it is coincidence that the root ends in N) and gets no emphasis (in the same way you would not emphasise the O in O'Connor etc etc). Not sure why this is so difficult because reactors only have to listen to how she is introduced, talked about etc on the Russian shows… You are perpetuating a norm whereby her name will be continually mispronounced in the west…

  4. Hello Christie:
    This is Al . The one who recommended Diana “ river” I just found one that will drive your inner spirit crazy with emotionally impac ful vibes. Man, you will love this ethnic song and surrounding setting.
    Eivor Palsdottir trollabundin” ( click first vid 5:44 )
    ( from the Faroe Islands … teollabundin means “ spellbound” and you WILL be!!!
    She accompanies herself on the ethnic drum). Again, the most mesmerizing tribunal hypnotic rendition since Diana.She’s a mature adult so it is amazing beyond belief.
    Best adult tribunal rendition I have ever heard! And the scenery to die for. Wish I was in that audience.
    Christie : after this , please react to her “ Wake Me Up” ( click the 7:11 duration one) this is so enchanting and climbs into celestial heights beyond amazing. Performed in English. Trust me, these 2 will make you and your subscribers avid fans!! All love ,

  5. I just have to reiterate that I watched her live performance of “ Wake me Up” for the third time and although not as primordial as the other “ spellbound” song I must tell you this : how on god’s earth did I’d I ever overlook this beyond amazing vocalist???!!!OMG OMG “ Wake me Up” has already become one of my all time favorite songs ( top 10 of all time) and among my most unique enchanting and all time favorite female vocalists who when she sings her voice becomes immediately recognizable.
    Boy are you and your subscribers in an unexpected treat.
    Just shows you how it’s possible to overlook a world class vocalist. God bless YouTube!
    Sorry, but I was so moved and almost in tears. I had to say this.
    Continued success,

  6. You’re going to kill me, but I promise not to pester you ( until I discover another major overlooked talent) but I just heard her live performance of “ falling free” another unbelievable spiritual soulful song that will transport you to heaven. The last note she hits not even Dimash can duplicate wit such emotional intensity. Otherworldly. Commentators say her live performances are better than her studio productions. This one brought out my inner spirit and brought me to tears. As good as or better than “ Wake me Up”. Hopefully at some future date you will showcase all three. She has so very few hits ( because of the small island she’s from) but deserves a much larger audience. Won’t bother you. I know you’re busy..
    All love,

  7. Thanks for that, and taking my feedback in the good spirit intended! I could write the same comment to the many reactors to DA but you seemed the most sympathetic as your reply shows. Btw I do hope you react to her again! I know you didn't like her voice manipulation on Wicked Games so you should certainly not check out Human! I think in these competition shows there is a reason to display control/technique but her true power is in conveying emotional intensity as you noted in this one. On that basis I would recommend Tomorrow is a lie, with Krutoy on piano…

  8. 3:19 – 3:23 i like how she "compress"(?) the sound on the last second of that part, so powerfull, insane i would say, you can even see how her hand follows that effect.
    P/d i know you didnt liked her too much her wicked game, maybe you should try her "no je non regrette rien" cover or maybe "its a man's world" or maybe "feeling good" (the version wich she is NOT playing the piano) for more of her natural voice

  9. I hope that you get a chance to listen to some more Diana Ankudinova , I saw your concern in 'that' last one you did( after Rechenka) but I think looking at a few more of her other performances will help you make sense of her. Plus after the shock can be overcome it can draw you back in and appreciate her. Plus you will really be treated to see her tricks on how she works her lower range to make some stunning tones. Even if you prefer to not make another reaction, please do it just for your personal enrichment.

  10. Красивая женщина, в красивом доме, слушает Диану! Это прекрасно!

  11. Watch the video she made of games it's in English and also check out the band Steelheart the lead singer has an amazing voice I think one of the songs angel eyes

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljfptYvO8Gs Greetings from Russia 0/ Please look this Diana street perfomance.

  13. It doesn't matter how many times I watch her perform this song… it gets me every single time😭 it shakes me to my core.. very grounding earthy motherly energy 💫🙌💗

  14. This girl is so GOOD and this is just a fantastic performance from first second to the last…and she is there…I can´t stop watching this video..it´s crazy..! Thank you Christi for the reaction my spiritman are large not a mini as yours ;)…

  15. Please Алиса Супрунова Моя струна https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=OXCCKNnTBBE

    Bet you've never seen that one!

  16. She is awesome please also watch first song at 10 years "O my Darling" and the first stage appearance of Jodel at the age at 14 "Jorden ….. make me happy. Bless you.

  17. ебать дура,ещё разок мигалку сделай,курица

  18. Диане 10 лет . https://youtu.be/B-ppbdPxoSA
    14 лет.2 песниhttps://youtu.be/_O7Eyl74Swk

    15 лет. https://youtu.be/1_4lFqKM3GA

  19. There isn't a superlative to describe what we just heard. She leaves me agog and wanting more……absolutely beautiful x

  20. Спасибо за комментарии, живые эмоции и профессиональное мнение…Диана бесподобна!

  21. Посмотрите ! Диана исполняет Реченьку на Первом канале на юбилее Александра Михайлова (Поздравляем ! Долгих лет ему ! ) на 52 минуте https://youtu.be/LNZNV__fhmA?t=3158

  22. Очень добрая и профессиональная реакция. Спасибо, что поддержали нашу девочку. Но Диана стоит ваших тёплых слов и нашей любви.

  23. I am totally obsessed with this young lady especially with this song. Every time I hear it, my heart get tight and tears pour down my face. I've been watching dozens of reactions from vocal coaches, probably over 100 now, and without exception, they ALL react the same struggling to speak, almost in shock. Diana is totally unique and no-one comes close. She's the whole package, very beautiful, wonderful flawless voice and her stage presence is out of this world.

  24. Best reaction video. Teaching me, who has little singing talent, how to sing better is much appreciated. Subscribed too.

  25. You should do Angelina Jordan from Norway, when you get a chance. Her song “A Song for A” is amazing, and fairly recent.

  26. Диана Анкудинова (Diana Ankudinova) – Cher Strong Enough live (Поздравление от Главы г. Тольятти) https://youtu.be/IZjxEslcCGs?t=495

  27. The suggestion to review this was very wise, because it's the best and most unique demonstration of her exceptional vocal abilities and performance artistry. I don't know the language or the cultural background of the song, yet it still stuns, captures and enraptures me.

  28. https://youtu.be/udq77xVaFq8 Listen to this song performed by Alla Pugacheva

  29. https://youtu.be/JShkFVxHQwU?t=246 Warm up with Diana Ankudinova the continuation | development of the high vocal register.

  30. She reminds me of this girl,
    Have you listen to Olena?

    Both are great and very primal. Bringing the old to the new. Great stuff 👍🏻👍🏻

  31. You wouldn't believe me, she is performing from the age of five years old. I watched her video as young as 5 years. This is at the age 10 "O darling" Enjoy. https://youtu.be/5Ib-67Af3Jc

  32. Дианка, я Тебя слушаю и смотрю на Тебя ежедневно, утром, днём, вечером. Будь всегда такой, какой Ты есть сейчас.

  33. I watched this reaction a couple of months ago and just watched it again. I'm subscribed so I went on your channel to see other, newer, reactions you have made to her performances. Gasp! There were none!! After all the great comments and saying you must see more did you watch them all in private and not want to share your other reactions with us? 🤔😮🙁

  34. I loved the fact that even as a professional you were able to forget yourself in her performance, there is no point of analysing her too much.

  35. I couldn't understand a single word but it was so mesmerizing I couldn't take my eyes and ears off of her performance. Great reaction. I listen to many different reactors and you are my favorite.
    My favorite performer is Angelina Jordan . She is world class . Diana is moving right up there.

  36. (Diana Ankudinova) – concert in Narva 07.09.2019 https://youtu.be/NrmLJxpFoWU?t=1853

  37. This is an old wedding ritual song, it's like a puzzle, it consists of phrases taken from ritual songs. Where it is sung in a

    whisper is like the words of a deceased mother, because in Russia since ancient times it was believed that the river is the

    border between the world of the living and the dead, as in the mythology of others countries. So the girl-orphan came to

    the river to tell the mother that she was being given away for the unloved, to a strange family, ask for blessings and cry.

    In Russia, weddings sang sad songs to scare away evil, and the marriage of a young couple was happy. Such songs were

    called “weeping.” The figures behind Diana are spirits of water and forest.

    Это старинная свадебная обрядовая песня, это как пазл , она состоит из фраз взятых из обрядовых песен. Там

    где поется шепотом это как бы слова умершей матери, ведь на Руси издревле считалось что река это граница

    между миром живых и мертвых,как и в мифологии других стран. Так вот девушка-сирота приходила к реке чтобы

    рассказать матери о том что ее отдают за нелюбимого, в чужую семью, попросить благословения и поплакать.

    В России свадьбы пели грустные песни, чтобы отпугнуть зло, и брак молодой пары был счастливым. Такие песни

    назывались «плач». Фигуры за Дианой – это дух воды и леса.

  38. You have so much comments! I don't know if you will see this, but sometimes when she sing in this song, I think about Lisa Garrard. She also gave me some kind of spiritual moment.

  39. I just found her about an hour ago and I said the same thing you did. I felt like I was living in some ancient civilization and her soul came back in 2019. I got chills and felt she is connected to her spirituality and the Divine. I can hear her all day. Thank you for this reaction.💞💞💞💞😍😍💯💯👍👍

  40. Выступление Дианы в финальной концертной программе IV сезона Национального детского песенного конкурса «Бала дауысы», Алматы, 24.10.2019. https://youtu.be/BUKHcEsZjx0?t=7443

  41. Unachievable, extraordinary, unique clot of energy!

  42. Непостижимый, недосягаемый, необыкновенный сгусток энергии! Ведическое песнопение, заставляющее задуматься-где мы сейчас? Осталась ли в нас наша(русская) сердцевина? И это сделала 14-летняя девочка! Подумайте, и господа, и товарищи!

  43. I can see you have found yet another Angel of future music Angelina jordan being one, there are more like Amira Willighagen, Daneliya Tuleshova … ~ OneLove ~ JBB

  44. me encantan rus reacciones porque no puedes ocultar cuando algo te conmueve y me paso lo mismo con dimash y con diana , me gustaria reacciones a una cantante indonesia de nombre calista rimar que hizo dos temas con el estilo dimash y tan asi es que dimash la invito a cantar ahora el 22 de noviembre rn san petersburgo con el, pavada de incentivo ára ella y evidentemente algo tiene para que dimash la invite
    el tema es el amor de los cisnes cansados o el amor es un sueño hermoso

  45. Really liked your reaction, try her first song in the competition 'Derniere Danse'

    This may help the order of songs in 2018 and 2019 "You are Super" shows for Diana Ankudinova. After Reaction,
    SEE Judges comments at end of songs (using Subtitles CC)

    2018 is the 2nd show(season) the first was held in 2017, the third in 2019.

    Russian Show "You Are Super" for children who were orhaned etc.

    She was 14 years old during this show in 2018. (Turned 15 after the show on 31 May 2018)

    Feb 10, 2018 – Diana "Derniere Danse" (Week 1) @ 0:48:28

    "Ты супер!". Второй сезон. Выпуск №1 (YouTube search)

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=VDUkrUB1s-4


    Apr 14, 2018 – Diana, "It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World" (Week 10) @ 1:53:34

    "Ты супер!". Второй сезон. Выпуск №10

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=EufrdQbb6dg


    May 12, 2018 – Diana, "Rechenka[River]" (Week 14) @ 1:42:40

    "Ты супер!". Второй сезон. Выпуск №14

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=lKjCLpizuT8


    May 26, 2018 – Diana, "Tomorrow is a Lie" (Week 16) @ 2:14:28

    "Ты супер!". Второй сезон. Финал [№16]

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=VijPYxTwh4M


    She was 15 years old during this show in 2019. (Turned 16 after the show on 31 May 2019)

    2019 is the 3rd show(season)

    Russian Show "You Are Super" for children who were orhaned etc

    Apr 21, 2019 Diana "Snowstorm" (Week 6) @ 1:43:45

    "Ты супер!". Суперсезон. Выпуск №6

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=vfdVARVFYwk


    May 12, 2019 – Diana, "Wicked Game" (Week 8) @ 1:49:20

    "Ты супер!". Суперсезон. Выпуск №8. Второй полуфинал

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=Rf9OJBfnhXk


    May 26, 2019 – Diana, "Human" (Week 10) @ 1:58:36

    "Ты супер!". Суперсезон. Выпуск №10. Финал

    REMOVE 4 SPACES in Link https :// www. youtube. com/watch?v=sE8OsRp4oVo


  46. She has a unique voice (she reminded me the icon singer Cher ). 👏👏👍😁👍

  47. ttps://youtu.be/gG8quQczB-w?t=76 Diana Ankudinova opens "V all-Russian open television competition FEDERATION".

  48. Она не слышет её! Она тупо под ритм(аплодисментов)в студий двигает головой, и улыбается ((((((((( ФЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ

  49. Love Diana. I would also recommend the live verson of Derniere Danse 6:45 long but amazing.

  50. Love your reaction , You really need to watch Diana sing " Wicked Games " What she does with her voice in this song is other worldly . I would love to hear your thoughts and see your reaction . As you can see from the video you just saw , you won't be disappointed .

  51. Please, Christi, some more Diana Reactions would be very cool!
    Wicked Game (a Must!!), Human, Derniere Danse, Tomorrow is a lie

  52. All production.
    Let's strip away the reverb and instruments and her sing acapella.

  53. Супер. Очень нравится девушка с ее реакцией особенно.

  54. This song had got me under a spell. I don't know how many times Ive heard it today- as I only found her today.. something about this performance that wants to me hear more.

  55. Try her "Wicked Games" cover……..she shows even more vocal abilities than she has demonstrated here. According to a comment on another post here on YT, she was literally cast out onto the street at 3 years old with a broken collarbone. She lived in an Orphanage until a relative(?) adopted her. They thought that she had mental problems because she did not speak. It took 5 years(?) of training to get her to learn how to communicate vocally. Every Vocal Trainer I've watched here on YT have had the same reaction: speechless, spellbound and goosebumps:)

  56. Please also watch the at the age of 5 fiddling the piano and singing a Christmas song. : https://youtu.be/Bh3sSIDjDlo

  57. ЭТО старинная ритуальная песня СИРОТЫ, которая выходит замуж и отпугивает от себя злых духов…..в России сирот не бросали, а опекали и заботились больше чем о родных детях иногда……это было принято , и сейчас , надеюсь, возродиться. Песню сложно объяснить не славянам, ибо нельзя объяснить традиции и правила духовной жизни не людям…

  58. You have a very professional analysis, but I was glad to see that you forgot about the analysis when you listened to it

  59. ONLY 35 seconds long – 16 December 2019 – Diana Ankudinova.
    NTV’s On the New Year’s Quarterly near Margulis’s – only the most famous and fiery songs

  60. Пробирает их, даже с учётом того, что не понимают языка. Это нечто. Это настоящая магия голоса, магия ДУШИ. Я таких ещё не встречал….

  61. Diana was adopted by an orphanage worker. It is known about the girl's parents that her biological mother beat and abused her. According to Diana, this was the woman's 12th pregnancy. However, each time she got rid of the child. When she became pregnant with Diana, she planned to have an abortion, just like in the past. But it so happened that the girl still survived.

    Already in 3 years, the baby got into an orphanage. At that time, Irina Ponik worked there as a masseuse. The woman was so imbued with a gentle and kind girl that she decided to issue guardianship over her. But even with age, Diana's fear of her own mother did not pass, and she asked Irina to go as far away from these places as possible.
    I think that voice was born out of pain. And this voice is brilliant!

  62. If you want to love her even more watch the Beatles Oh Darling when she was only 10 years old no wonders that her stepmother adopted her you will be really really knocked out. Because I was and I am 72

  63. Diana’s voice conveys a national motive, which is of interest to the listener. Everything high and famous is based on national motives of the human source.

  64. You picked the right song to start with.
    When she does the particular yodel she is imitating the song of the loons -river birds.

  65. Magnificent blessings. Thank you for your honest reaction; https://youtu.be/vKdvaWsd91Q please watch this and react Jodel time by Diana when she was 13 dancing and singing she made the whole audience to give standing ovation. Bless you.

  66. You are right, this is a unique vocalists's generation.
    For example Maria Panyukova. Here she's eight years old:
    I like these song:

    And another amazing voice –
    Denberel Oorzhak. He is 12.

  67. Christi, here’s two things I think you’ll enjoy from the following Diana Ankudinova studio video. First, the close side perspective of her neck at the beginning of the song. You can really see the relaxed and lowered vocal folds. Secondly, at the very very end, it’s heartwarming to see the “teenager” emerge! https://youtu.be/DL7ZgAkWGCI


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