‘Volcano tsunami’ hits Indonesia beaches; at least 160 dead

Late last night, a tsunami, probably caused
by a volcanic eruption, hit beaches along Indonesia’s Sunda Strait. The wall of water swept away hundreds of homes,
and left at least 160 people dead. Seo Bo-bin has the latest. With no warning Saturday night, the giant
wave slammed into tourist beaches and coastal areas along the Sunda Straight, to the west
of Jakarta. The wave destroyed hundreds of buildings and
injured some 700 people. At least 160 people have been reported dead…
and about 30 are still missing. According to Indonesia’s geophysics agency,
the tsunami might have been triggered by undersea landslides caused by the eruption of the nearby
Krakatoa volcano, which began on Friday. Indonesian seismologists have warned of the
possibility of additional damage from high waters until Tuesday. An official from the South Korean Embassy
in Indonesia said that seven Korean tourists at a beach that was hit… were able to flee
to a safe place and were not injured. The Korean foreign ministry says it has sent
messages to Korean nationals living in Indonesia advising them to stay safe and offering help
if they need it. The ministry says it will continue to monitor
the safety of Korean citizens there and provide help promptly if Koreans report any injuries
or other damage. SEO Bo-bin, Arirang News.

9 thoughts on “‘Volcano tsunami’ hits Indonesia beaches; at least 160 dead

  1. Time for Christian Missionaries to work … Convert ppl to fucked up Christianity

  2. They are all with Allah now. Their temporary life on Earth has ended. Now they are in paradise with Allah

  3. Woah, never thought this was a korean news channel coz the news anchor guy looks american…

  4. People have got to be cautious in their fish consumption there as well. Fish is a major staple of their diet and there will be a bio accumulation of pyroclastic material in the fish after that eruption. This could could make a tragic situation even worse.

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