Vuk Vujasinovic Explains the Addicks & Barker Reservoir Lawsuit

Hi, I’m Vuk Vujasinovic with VB Attorneys based here in West Houston. I’ve lived in Houston all my life. When I learned that thousands of Houstonians behind the Addicks and Barker dams were intentionally flooded by the federal government during Harvey to save the heart of our city. and the government did not want to compensate them for making that enormous sacrifice, it made me mad. I’m part of the court-appointed team leading the case against the government. On May 17th, we finished a two-week trial. That trial involved thirteen example properties designated by the judge, located in six different neighborhoods behind the dams. Lakes on Eldridge, Twin Lakes, Bear Creek, Kelliwood Cinco Ranch, and Canyon Gate. In the trial, we established that the dams protected our downstream Houston communities during Harvey. But to do so, the dams – by design – flooded over ten thousand properties behind them. Under the Fifth Amendment to our constitution, those upstream property owners are entitled to recover all that they lost. It’s really that simple. We believe the trial went very well. The judge is scheduled to make his decision in September As to whether the government must pay compensation. We are hopeful that a favorable decision will set an important precedent for everyone whose upstream property was sacrificed to save greater Houston. If you would like a free consultation, on how we can help you protect your constitutional property rights and recover just compensation, contact us today.

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