Wadi Siji Dam, Fujairah – Great Location

Hello All, Welcome back to our Channel Today we are going to cover a Dam, Wadi Siji Dam The dam is located in Fujairah 49 Km away from Fujairah city The entry to the Dam On the way to the Dam, there is a stream running across the road There is water body on both side of the stream May be because of the effect of rain, the water flowing out Mountains and Farm lands are surrounded by this dam calm and quiet place We are driving towards the main Siji dam If we talk about Siji Dam The dam is build in 1970’s One of the oldest Dam in UAE Height o the dam come arround 10m 500m wide In summer the dam was empty when is was there during summer if you comes during winter like December or January month it will be filled with water like this We dont know if you can do bbq there It is surrounded by mountains and there is enough land to do bbq or camping we spotted some places people have done bbq there if you are coming, you can come with preparing some bbq in case we didnt see any sign boards there in this area for sure swimming is not allowed here its very deep water especially if going with kids, its not safe to camp near to the water body you have to be careful As usual, you support is required to make more videos So please subscribe our channel and share the videos to friends and families for more upcoming video notification you can also press the bell icon Thank you all.

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