Wali Tangi lake/Dam Balochistan | Most famous tourist attraction of Quetta | Aap ka Balochistan Ep.6

Oh damn Moon bhai! It’ll topple your hat off if you look up at it! What’ll happen? Hat will topple off! Say what?? Does pumping the cluth help? I’m not using the clutch. Okay good. I’m coming too. Okay so… This is the hotel we stayed the night at… in Liaqat Bazaar, on getting back from Malihabad Night had fallen and we were confused about what to do so we stayed here for the night… and it was really bad here… May Allah forgive us!! So let’s say Bismillah and move on from here… Yes, Hello? I must say, we are on our bikes at 8 AM today too, it’s exactly 8! True, but we couldn’t even wash our faces!! I actually didn’t drag you out, it’s just that I wanted to be rid of that place… the conditions there were really bad Moon bhai, it feel’s like I’m itching all over! I’d told you earlier to get the bedsheets replaced as we weren’t opening up our sleeping bags thinking afraid of something hapenning in the night… Welcome back to PakVenture, the scary channel and… Getting to the most important point, which is that many viewers have been complaining that have a tough time locating the next episode to the one they’ve just watched… and that they are forced to search hard and long for it… and that I should make it so that its easier to find like mention the episode number etc. In truth, I mentioned the episode number on each and every one of my videos’ thumbnails. and all the videos that you guys watch… have a 20 second screen at the end which recommends the episode next in line… If you watch the video to the end and pay attention to the end screen then you’ll find shortcuts to two other videos, the one on the left is the one that’ll get you to the next expisode. For instance, if you’ve been watching episode 03 from a series, at the end of which you’ll get a 20 second end screen and it is here, in this end screen that you’ll be shown two videos and the one on the left is gonna get you to episode 04. And it would clearly say “Episode 04” on its thumbnail. It says so on the bottom left and it takes you to the next video. So whenever you watch a video till the end, you can easily click on this shortcut and move on to the next video. And, you’ll also see a bell icon and the subscribe button next to these two videos and if you click on both of these then soon as I upload the next episode, you’ll get a notification on your mobile phone, tablet or whatever device you’re using, telling you that that I’ve uploaded a new episode. and if you’re still having trouble then go to the playlist and you’ll find a separate playlist for every series. and you can easily click through every episode of every series one by one, quite easily. Keep this in mind for the next time and you’ll be fine. Just go to the playlist or fast forward to the last 20 seconds to the end screen and you’ll find the next episode right there. Alright, I’m gonna open up google maps, come on out to the main road. Okay everyone, so Liaqat Bazaar is still sleeping at 8AM while we’ve already left for Hanna Lake. and let’s see how long it takes us to get there… Hey! Moon bhai! It’s a Civic Center…
It’s the Civic Center Right, so this says 19KMs, i.e., 47 minutes. We could get there in less than 47 minutes, but we’ve still gotta wash up and get some breakfast on the way… to the right … Should I do a full circle?
Yeah, full circle! full, Full, FULL BY FULL!!!
[Sorry, I’m a bit excited 🙂 ] … yeah :-p, and all those sound effects too… What’s towards here? Cantt?? So, today’s our sixth day travelling in Balochistan… and we’d planned on visiting 5 or 6 different places within Quetta today.. and the first place on our itenirary was Quetta Cantt…. We were to visit two places within Quetta Cantt, one was Boot House and and the other was a helicopter, the same one which helped bring XXXXXX to Quetta before the hanging… As per Pakistan’s Constitution, the conveyance used to bring a political personality on death row to the place he is to be hung till death, is permanently retired as well. It took us two hours to try and convince the army to grant us permission to enter Cantt… We first told them that we intended to visit the Boot House, but they told us that there were no shoe shops in Cantt… They basically were’t prepared to understand that they had a Boot House within their Cantt… We told them time and again that we were travellers, all the way from Lahore, from the Punjab and that we would’nt ever be able to come here again in our lives But because of the strictness of the army, we were unable to enter cantt… So we then decided that having wasted two hours already, it was best to move on towards Hanna Lake. So, (sadly), Boot House and the helicopter were skipped…. One the way to Hanna Lake, you come to a ‘Pyala Hotel’ or a Bowl hotel… On your way from Quetta, you encounter a mountain called the Lady Mountain The Quetta Lady Mountain… As you can see here, right infront of me is a mountain which looks just like a lady laying down… So after being refused entrance to Cantt, we arrived in Nawa Killi… where we found the Pyala Hotel. It is here that we finally brused our teeth, washed up and had some breakfast. I asked them about the Sleeping Beauty, a mountain which looks like a sleeping lady somewhere in Quetta, unfortunately, they had no idea either… So I then called a guy who told those guys (at the hotel) where it was… and the hotel guy goes, well, it’s actually quite close by, right infront of us, So when I showed him exactly what it was he was looking at, he was amazed that it really did look like a sleeping woman, and that they had’nt known about it despite being right there for so many years… So, you can understand from this that even the localites aren’t aware of many spots and places around them… Therefore, when ever embarking on such a trip, make sure you’ve done your studies, reasearch thoroughly… So that you don’t end up missing interesting places. As for the location of Sleeping Beauty, you won’t need to take a speical trip or route, You will come across it soon as you leave Quetta if you are headed towards Hanna Lake, Spin Karez, Wali Tangi, Shaban etc… After leaving Quetta, near Cantt, in Nawa Killi, visible on your right from afar… This is basically the Zarghoon Range… Look at how serene she looks!
She shouldn’t ever be woken up… She looks so pretty just sleeping there…
(Moon bhai has obviously gone soft on Sleeping Beauty…) Look! Just look at that nose!! What a beautiful, perky nose! True, true!
(Yup, Moon Bhai’s in love…) This is’nt fair! She’s so pretty but asleep! She should get up and show herself once in a while!!! Is your data on? — No.. There’s actually a board back there saying there’s supposed to be a check-post after 4 KMs, right… There are supposed to be two different ways ahead after this bridge… One of them leads to Wali Tangi while the other one to Shaban. Having gone a little ways ahead, we found out that Spin Karez and Hanna were quite close together and that we would’nt need to travel far between each. So we decided that we should first… …that our main point (of interest) was Wali Tangi… Dam… and we should do that first and then come back and do… and there’s these two things so whatever happens, we will get back and do it The first place we go to is Wali Tangi… From this bridge or is it somewhere else? Is this a picnic point here? Near Wali Tangi? I believe I see mischief on this guy’s face… What?
There definitely was mischief on his face… Be patient… I’ll inquire again….
Inquire on!! Where should we go? I think we should go back… What say?? Yeah… I’m gonna go through it… Feet are gonna get wet!!! They already are…
They definitely are… O’oh!! There’s vehicles stuck up ahead as well! Buddy! Stop stressing me out!! Don’t throw it at me all at once!! Okay sir!! You’re coming behind me, right?
Yup! Fix your visor sir! Wha… Wha….. What should I fix?
Visor, Visor!! Okay. So… What now??? Push with your feet! You’ve gone wrong Moon bhai! Ride it up here… Yeah, right there. Leave the bike running. If you wish to visit places beyond Hanna Lake then you must bring permission slips from Quetta Cantt, allowing you to tour this area… Without the said token, you’ll be stopped at an entryway before Wali Tangi. They will only let you through after seeing these permission slips or tokens. So bear in mind that in order to visit Wali Tangi, Spin Karez etc, you must get the token or permission slip from the Army in Quetta…. and since I did’nt get it done, I had to plead with them, request them over and over to let us through…. and we’re very, very grateful to them for letting us pass through… and that’s how we’ve been able to make is this far!! So… we request you all to… They don’t even let locals through… They’d even barred locals from crossing over…. and it was really tough, but they gave us a single ‘access’… It was really great of them to, since we’d come all the way from Punjab. Wali Tangi basically lies in Urrat Valley in Quetta and I had’nt known that there was a Wali Tangi Dam too… I’d thought that this too would be a ‘tangi’ (tight place) same as Dozakh Tangi, I’d previously done in Ziarat But… there’s a dam right after the tangi which was built by Pak Army in 1960 and it’s source of water is Zarghoonyud which is part of the Suleman Range. It’s a very beautiful route, I have’nt yet seen one as beautiful in Quetta. Scary and very… it’s a very very scary route and when going towards Wali Tangi, you’ll see the Death Long Tin seeing which, you get a very weird feeling …you can’t capture that feeling in a camera…. really very scary… and it feels as if though… it has a history, a story in its background…. You must visit Wali Tangi when ever you come to Quetta. You cannot leave Quetta without seeing Wali Tangi. It’s a great place, really great!! Well, this seems like the end, the road ahead is closed… which means we can’t go any further because of the land slide… and there’s no way through…
There is!, there is!! Say what???
There is a way from down there… Is there one? From over the rocks? But Moon bhai, there’s a lot we need to do yet… I fear we might get messed up here… Let’s give it one try…
For real? How high do you think is this road ahead? Are you sure? This is the condition the road was in… Let’s cross this road here and go way over there… But where’s the road there?
There, the road’s up there… Right there, in front of us, it’s not that high… Will we be able to climb it?
Should we go check it out on foot first? yeah… NO!, we’ll be okay. Just stay on the dry patches…
Okay sir! Yes?
(Unintelligible) Okay, so, we’ve bypassed the land slide and…. (Unintelligible) It’s a good thing we did’nt heed the guy in the pickup truck otherwise we’dve been @$%#&%!! We would’ve ended up in Wali Kammi instead of Wali Tangi!
Yeah, true! Great job Moon bhai!! I’m gonna drive through it…
Come on! Check this out then! Give it less gas!
But Moon bhai if I give it less gas… no, no, give less gas, push more with your feet! I mean that, when crossing water, don’t let you RPM go over the 2 or 3 mark! Moon bhai, the reason I give it more gas is to avoid pushing with my feet as much! Yeah, but it put’s the bike under a lot of stress…
Puts too much load on the bike! I ride the bike in a way that saves me from using the clutch too much… I don’t put my own weight on the bike, I hover off of the seat… I mean I walk along… How’s my luggage?
Luggage’s good. Is it wet? Is it possible for water to seep into it from below?
No, it’s fine. There’s no settlements here…
There might be around Tangi… There won’t by any houses around Tangi either….
Yup, why would people settle there? I though expect people to be living there… Has it started? Snow? Wow! Moon bhai, one’s hat could tumble off looking up!
What’ll happen?
Hat’ll fall off!! for sure!! It’s a beautiful place innit?
Very beautiful!! See? There’s snow up there!!
Yes… This is Tangi…
No it aint!
Is too!! Tangi’s gonna have water too… Water isn’t important, a road between two mountains is a Tangi (Pass) It’s gonna be after the FC (check post) I believe this is it…. There’s an FC chek post, the area begins after that… Wow! What can I say… (unintelligible) Yes, we’re at Tangi now…. This is it right?
Yeah, for sure… Does it help if you pump the clutch?
I’m not touching the clutch… Alright then, I’m coming through too… Well, here’s Wali Tangi… We’ve got to park the bikes on dry ground, we can’t leave them in the water… ….Wali Tangi has arrived…. Should I come?
Not yet… So what’ll you do now? I’m gonna park it here somewhere… Where’l you park it?
Over there, in that corner… I had no idea that it would be such a beautiful place, but on the way over, seeing all the flowing water which seemed awesome, but I didn’t expect this beautiful dam, I’d only known about Wali Tangi forcing Moon bhai again and again to come here, we encountered a landslide on the way and had to take a detour through the river, riding all the way along it and finally made it I believe that this is Balochistan’s most beautiful location and …most beautiful… what do you think?
and most colorful too… very beautiful, clean and clear water just like the cold water we pass through in Gilgit Baltistan… exactly the same way…
Chilled water just like glacier run off It’s water is really chilled as well, there’s snow up there… and we’ve come from that direction from right there… we parked our bikes there and walked up here they’ve made these steps here, it’s really, it’s so, so, so beautiful!! and for the bikers, adventurers, for them… there’s adventure on the way too, cuz when you pass through Wali Tangi it’s pretty tough cuz you’re riding over rocks, through water, in the river… you have to come through all this water going out from here… which you’ve seen in the video… Ultimate!! this isn’t basically a lake, it’s it’s a dam, which is very beautiful it’s really very very very beautiful! The fatigue from six days of touring Balochistan has disappeared today, and we’re gonna be good as new born babies, or rather, new born riders today!! and let’s see what happens next… our plan for tomorrow is to leave for Iran border… and the Iran border is about 650 to 700 Kms from here. There’s a place called Dal Badeem on the way, they say that if we do the first stop there, then our second stop will be at the Iran border, i.e., Taaftan Border. I’ve been shooting vids of the food we’ve been eating and other things, this time around, firstly because of security reasons and secondly secondly because I’m short of storage… I’ve got only 16hrs of recording left. I’ve therefore, got to be very particular, need to plan things accordingly… Many of the stream’s we’ve seen might be missing in these videos so please bear with me! aaaanddd…. subscribe to the channel and share the video aaandd… and keep on riding Pakistan, this beautiful Pakistan!! They’ll let you through this check post that you just saw only if you’ve got the army’s permission you’ll get a ticket/permission slip from Quetta Cantt for Wali Tangi You have to have that pass to go to Wali Tangi otherwise you won’t be let through. Moon bhai had to take a dump while I…. I’m enjoying the wind… The wind’s quite strong! It get’s really windy in the evenings… This is coal being mined along the way to Spin Karez… Moon bhai is this really all coal?
Yes, it’s coal…

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