Wall Of Mangla Dam Mirpur Azad Kashmir

May peace be upon you guys. Today we are going on outer wall of Mangla Dam We will start our journey from KFC of Mangla. Let’s go may peace be upong you guys Today we are going to Mangla Dam. I am very excited See Enjoy the journey This right turn is going towards Mirpur See there is a sign board as well Here, where we are turning right now You can see the board ahead of Jammu and Kashmir Will Fast Forward the journey where ever required Now we have crossed the Bridge And entered Azad Kashmir Just ahead Power Station is also coming up Some day i will bring you here as well Straight Road is going to Bhimber (Azad Kashmir) Left Road is turning to Mirpur (Azad Kashmir)…We will go left Now you can see a path is going leftwards To Mangla Dam, we will turn here From Mangla KFC to Dam it took us only 9 Minutes You can see we are standing besides the wall of Mangla Dam If you reach on main road you can come even by walking Very less distance Lets move on Space is very narrow Come quick, there is lot of distance to cover, otherwise i will get tired only by talking Extremely Beautiful Scene Looks like, we have come to Switzerland Cool Breeze Enjoyed See Pakistan has developed, how clean is that road Whatever Allah wishes Come Sorry. Camera was slightly lower We are almost there, i am highly excited Have come for the first time to see the DAM Oh… I am already feeling tired Guard uncle is also sitting there Crows are just passing close to our heads I think a beautiful scenery awaits us I will reach before you What a beautiful scenery Feeling really good, it is very cold as well I have done wrong thing. Mustafa (My cousin) was saying to me that do wear jacket but i didn’t The beautiful Dam visible behind me was built in 1960s by Ayub Khan (General) May Allah (God) grant him heaven, the highest heaven. He did such a fantastic job for Pakistan You might be able to see that someone has pitched a tent over here as well Probably for catching fishes Now we are walking on wall of Mangla Dam People often come to walk over here Even we are walking right now Here it is written Start Point. It appears as if military people run here If you go straight on this path You will reach Asif Bhutto Park, but who will go, it is tiring You can go down near water using these stairs Path is made for it But i’m not going i am too tired now. I am feeling vertigo Sunset of this place is also very beautiful The dome type thing which u can see in front is weather station of Mangla This is that weather station. I have come closer to show it to you Don’t want to leave, but have to. May Allah (God) be your protector.

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  1. Beautiful video .
    Hahahahaha…. pakistan n taraqi kr li hy . Zabrdast .
    Wow waqai bohhht khubsurt hy .
    Han chalo kisi n to aik achaaa kam kia tha .
    Dam ki pakstan ko boht zrurt hy .
    Ary Hammad ap to bohhht jaldi thak gy .
    God bless you .
    Stay happy

  2. Masha Allah Buht Khobsorat Hai Hamare Paas Bhi Hab Daim Hai AaP kO Vedio Bana Ke DikhaaOunGa Insha Allah Masha Allah AaP Achi Bana The Hain Tarki Kar Gaya Too Dost Masha Allah

  3. Big thumbs up ..superb trip ..realy enjoyable trip to mangla dam …mashallah very well defined..

  4. A cute kid… new friend here from qatar.. i hope you will visit me too.

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    Buhot jaldi takh gy ap tu…
    Allah ap ko taraki dein Ameen

  7. Hello little boy my friend,have a safe trip and enjoy where you go.,wow nice touring.

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  10. You have a great channel dear … We truly enjoy watching your video and hope to continue growing with you .. keep going on … thanks for sharing ?☺️

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  14. Walaikum salam awesome video junior youtuber HAMMAD. Good job

  15. That is a pretty steep incline getting to the wall, but it’s beautiful there.

  16. Aslamualikum
    wooooow superb & amazing video dear 🙂 maaaza aagaya , new friend here & big like 84
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  17. Baita MasahAllah boht maza aya dekhni
    Aunty ki taraf si boht dua ap ki liyi
    Zaberdast vlog hi ap ka
    Pakistan very beautiful country
    Allah always khush rakhi ap ko apki family ki sath

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    Subscribed too??
    Once you get the budget buy yourself a GoPro ???

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  22. Walikumsalam.
    Big like.
    Ur voice tone is showing Ur excitement.
    Overall Ur tourism videos are great and superb.
    Stay blessed

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