Want To Be Rich? Have More Money – Disaster Proof Your Finances

how to get more money disaster proof your finances hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you thought about your finances and what you need to do to disaster proof
your finances because anything can happen we don’t really know and so you wanna be
prepared for the unknown you take away the certainty of what if because then you’re
prepared no matter what happens you are prepared so what you
want to do is take a home inventory you can write everything down
have or you can even go around with a camera to take pictures things that you have or do both and if
you have any expensive I am then you would want to keep
a copy of the receipt you want to keep a copy of all your
financial records so whether it’s your bank accounts
brokerage accounts retirement funds any of that you want to
keep a copy of that with your important papers you want to make sure that you have updated your
insurance whether it’s your health insurance your life insurance
your automobile insurance you want to keep a copy of all that
and you also want to make sure that you keep it up to date if you’ve had a marriage death new family members you always want
to make sure that you are keeping current on your beneficiaries
are and who is covered so that no one gets left out by mistake or your money goes to someone that
you’re not related to any more if something should happen to you then
you need to think about it did you get a new car make sure that you have notified
your insurance company don’t let those things slack are you
a renter do you realize that you need to get
renters insurance for your own protection to protect the contents of
your home the homeowner or whoever is your land
lord will have insurance on the building but
it will not cover your contents that is something you are responsible for and it isn’t very
expensive if you think about all the things that you have and you want to
insure that come what may that you’re
protected from a huge financial asset have lots of valuable things so think about that also when you look at
insurance think about whether it’s replacement cost or reimbursement of what it would cost
to replace those things at a thrift store can make a big difference in the coverage that you have and it can also make a difference in
payment that will cost you so check it all out decide how that is important to you and you need to make
sure you have an emergency and because good times or bad times will
change things will change and you may have it job loss you may
have medical expenses that you didn’t think would happen you may need home or auto repairs things come along they break you just never know what can
happen what if you have unexpected travel say
there’s going to be a celebration of someone you love it it’s
going to be a far away place you don’t want to miss it because you don’t have any extra money and sometimes it’s just
nice to have that cushion knowing that no matter what happens it’s
not going to be an emergency to you you don’t have to use your credit
card run it up to tremendous amount and pay fees you want to have
that cushion it helps you sleep at night helps you be more positive each day
knowing that you have done what you can to protect yourself
and your family so reduce the stress of the unknown by disasterproofing your finances and
get some of those things in order maybe just take one topic per day work
on getting together your financial records one day work on getting together your insurance another day take these steps seriously and prepare these important things so
that you can rest easy knowing that you are prepared please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

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  1. Most people are not very organized and unfortunately cannot think thru this type advice. Doesn't mean it isn't valuable information, maybe some of it will stick with someone and make a difference. Everything you do is very positive, thanks…

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