Warbringers: Sylvanas

Secure the beach. Prepare to invade the tree. Why? Why? You’ve already won. Only innocents remain in the tree. This is war. No… This… is hatred… rage. Windrunner, you were… defender of your people. Do you not remember? I remember… a fool. Take her! Run! Life is pain. Hope fails. Now you understand. Don’t grieve… you’ll soon join your loved ones. I grieve for you. You’ve made life your enemy. And that is a war you’ll never win. You can kill us… but you cannot kill hope. Can’t I? Burn it. Burn it!

100 thoughts on “Warbringers: Sylvanas

  1. Going to say it took 52 illustrations to make this video. So maybe cost $17,000 to make the entire video

  2. I’m gonna be honest this short has no where near the emotion of Jaina’s

  3. I have three things to say, arthas.

    Use undead controll

    And why does sylvanas want "freedom"?

  4. 2:09 can we all just take a moment to appreciate this frame right here. It seriously captures the pain on her face.

  5. To me I have always seem her story as a tragedy kind of like darth Vader maybe she will find her redemption one day

  6. Sylvanas gives a whole new twisted meaning to "you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain", which is so sad, she had everything taken from her, except her hatred that fueled her one and only objective of killing Arthas, who completely torn her apart. And she did not even have her revenge properly. The pure definition of a tragic character, I really hope she will have some kind of redemption.

  7. Honestly i was expecting Sylvanas to kiss her at some point given how intimate shes being with her fellow night elf, pls dont judge me

  8. Sister enters the room and asks

    -What are you watching?

    -A continuation that I will not play from another game, that is the future of the story I have. And the flashback is from the game i have.

    -And who is she?

    -Sylvannas Windrunner, was a great warrior.

    – Was? What happened to her?

    Remembering the campaign of the Scourge
    I arrived 😀

  9. You still gotta have mad respect for arthas though, I mean he didn’t go into the elven lands guns blazing he gave them ample opportunities to surrender or let him pass the invasion was him having no other option so really it’s sylvanas’ fault

  10. Reeeeee at the Horde soy boys being triggered about being the "bad guys", how pathetic can you get?

  11. I remember… That time when I was in love for sylvanas, but now she lost her sanity

  12. It should of been I remember a fall, because she died, she wasn't a fool or wrong to hope then she didnt know arthas true strength and that was her character. Sorry but the writing has gotten weird in warcraft used to good not anymore.

  13. The way she said, "Can't I?" is so much more chilling (and impactful) than the way she says, "Burn it!"

  14. Hi, im new to WoW, i only played the Reign of Chaos and Frozen throne, and im really curious if thats the world tree sylvannas is burning?

  15. Arthas deserved to end the world, died really stupidly tbh, could kill everyone in an instant but waits for grandpa fordring to pop out of his icicle.

  16. I prefer to remember Sylvanas as the hero she used to be, not the abomination she has become.

  17. I hope Sylvanas dies in near future. Not because I hate her but then she can let go of all the grief and the hatred

  18. Sylvanas: "Burn it!"
    Nathanos: "But, my Lady, our troops…!?"
    Sylvanas: "JUST DO IT!"

  19. Wake up sheeple of the Horde, you let the scourge inside your ranks…

    Also, we Night Elves need to be pragmatic.
    We can grow a new world tree. But this time let's take a Iron Wood sappling, JUST IN CASE.

  20. You will always be my Queen, and that's not even a joke. I love both Sylvanas and Daenerys, no matter what they do.

  21. And still windrunner is still foolish she coulda kept the innocents in the tree as pawns to use later

  22. This was very inaccurate visual presentation of her death, I remember Sylvannas getting killed by 30 necromancers and some meat catapults.

  23. One thing is killing soldiers in battlefield, another thing is killing thousands of innocent civilians just for fun. That's what the Lich King did. Death to Sylvanas! The night elfs don't forget! Elune's wrath shall fall upon her head!

  24. You know things are bad when even her mass-murdering boytoy is hesitant to obey.

  25. Sylvanas is not capable of feeling positive emotions
    She's literally a banshee wearing her body like a suit of armour
    banshee's can only feel rage, grief and hatred

  26. She is so well made character. I mean, can you blame her? She literally died protecting her homeland and in that process of dying, Arthas "met" her.

  27. I'm so torn appart…. At one side, I hate Sylvanas because of what she did and how she's destroying the Horde and Azeroth…And at the other side, I'm so sorry for what she endured and lost because of Arthas…. ARRG !!! What a dilemma !!!!

  28. i'm high i u can maybe imagine how emotion this make me feel like i love sylvanas, arthas and warcraft

  29. Sylvanas is the best Warchief of all time and can't nobody tell me different

  30. Yep, Sylvanas, you can’t kill hope. But Blizzard could. Oh, wait, they already did.

  31. "You can't kill hope."
    – "… Can't I?"
    It was at this momen she knew, she screwed up.

  32. Night Elf: "You can't kill hope."
    Sylvanas: "Can't I?"
    Sylvanas: turns Night Elf's head to witness Blizzard cowering to China

  33. now I'm starting to think that the dying elf was the reason why sylvanas decided to really burn the tree just to make a point lol. She has to understand that sylvanas have no choice at all but to do the unthinkable, but then she even insulted her where it really hurts (where she can't live nor can die).

  34. even if people dislike this so much, it still gave sylvanas much more character unlike the unsatisfying ending of the war campaign where she just insults everyone and yeets out of there

  35. Hey, how does one pick up night elf women? With a dust pan and a broom! 😆

  36. A night elf laughed at me for living inside a volcano, well Atleast I don't have to worry about that mountain burning down now do i? Hahaha…What, too soon?
    -Dark iron dwarf

  37. Hi guys I dont play the game WoW, but I am interested in the lore and worldbuilding. Does anyone know where I should start?

  38. I've heard every jew in teldrassil received a secret message in the morning of the day of the attack that instructed them to take the money out of the bank and leave the city

  39. See Genn? This is what happens when you try to exterminate the entire forsaken race for your own petty revenge, people get hurt.

    The alliance started it, and they couldn't expect their attempt at genocide to go unpunished. You have to remember that Sylvanas did this in response to Genn destroying her hope of giving the forsaken any kind of future. Genn effectively torched the world tree equivalent of the forsaken.

  40. The comics should have been done with this kind of art style – not the ridiculous style they actually do them with.

  41. It didn’t really matter if she burned it, no one really came there anyways..

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