Hi… Patricia Love back from Love Healing Hearts. Listen. “Tidal Wave!” Another warning dream. Now these dreams, I wanna tell you 2 of them took place approximately eight years ago I just feel like it’s
time to tell the dreams now. First, I’m gonna tell you my niece’s dream. Of a tidal wave. Second, I wanna tell you my dream. The first dream took place in Downtown Los Angeles California. My niece Peggy dreamt that she was walking along the streets in
Downtown LA Listen to the symbolism. She said that
she happened to notice some people looking up and as she
looked at them, she looked to see what they were looking
at and she noticed what they were looking at was a very tall tidal wave. it was practically standing still. She didn’t recognize the speed of it’s
movement. She was just startled by its presence. I believe she said it looked approximately 10 to 18 stories high. It was somewhere way up
there – skyscraper height and she said the only ones that could see the tidal
wave (listen to this) were people who were looking up. Everyone else was busy about their
business do their thing, going to work, coming from work, crossing streets, talking on phones, whatever, sitting, having lunch in
the outside street cafes… they were all busy doing their thing, catching buses, getting off of buses; but the only few that noticed the tidal wave’s presence were people who were looking up. Ya get it? What ended up happening was she ran to the parking lot to jump in her jeep and
she was gonna hurry up and wind up the window pray and ask God to forgive her and make sure everything was right and ready (spiritually)… because she knew that was gonna be her
last moment; but as she was praying she opened her
eyes looked around and realized the tidal wave hadn’t come on her yet. The timing wasn’t correct; so she looked out her window now and the tidal wave was creeping along extremely slowly she said maybe two with three miles an hour. It was very very slow. A person could walk faster than that. The tidal wave was moving; but it was a
wall water…. and she said it looked like ocean water. Okay?… Now, what she did was, was as she prayed and said, “Well what do I do? How do I get away from this thing?” She
heard a voice tell her, “Go to higher ground.” So she drove toward the freeway; so she could drive to
Pasadena and then ultimately, to out to Altadena. That was the highest ground she could
think of at the moment because she lived in that area. So that’s what she did and as she was on freeway way, she looked back and she
could see the wall and it finally covered the area where
her Jeep had and parked; but she was in safety; because she was
heading in the right direction. Crazy. Huh? Number two: This is my dream. I dreamt that I was standing outside of a building with a couple of people and we happened to notice this wall of water appear and we noticed it
was standing still It wasn’t moving; so we ran inside two warn people to stay inside the building
and close all windows and blah blah blah and the next thing I knew, I looked
outside and there was this little girl. I couldn’t tell if she
was caucasian or Spanish. She was a little girl maybe about five
or six years old… holding her doll; so I looked out the
window and the tidal wave hadn’t gotten to her and I ran out the door and I picked her up and brought her inside the building. …and… Then, I woke up. Now I know it was simple. It was short; but so many of my friends in that same month were having dreams of tidal waves and it was always something
that was looming they can’t tell it was busy at the top
n’ it looked disturbed at the top it was a
little more calm as it got closer to the ground and it was never moving
quickly and what they noticed was that it felt like something that was like a
pending doom it was on its way. I just hadn’t broken
fourth yet. That was the main thing that we all
kept feeling was that’s something was coming. We didn’t know what; but we knew it was bad. So pray, you guys. Pray. Those of you who don’t know the Lord, get right with God. This is no more play time. It’s pray
time. Please. That’s it. I’m not gonna go any
further. God can give you dreams and warnings. Ask for it. Because we all need to be as prepared,
as possible. Amen… God bless you.

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  1. CLOSED CAPTIONED FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED.    CC     PLEASE HELP me GET this OUT THERE, you guys.  THANKS for your help…  Blessings.

  2. Sister,
    God is pouring out his spirit in these days. He has awaken my spirit and renewed my desires to walk with him again and I am grateful for his mercy. I had a beautiful relationship with Jesus after giving my heart to him in 1990. I was spending all my time learning from his word and being taught by the Holy Spirit while crisscrossing the country in a big rig, I learned so much and witnessed many miracles. I walked with him and followed his voice and it was amazing the places he took me. While I was walking closely with him I also had dreams of "pending or looming doom" as you mentioned.
    I am a Lucid dreamer and rather enjoy dreaming. Most of my dreams are of flight, one of my passions. An interesting thing I noticed in these disaster dreams was that I was not able to alter anything in them, it was if I was REALLY there, sights sounds, temperature. Very unlike most dreams I have, as dreams are as dreams go morphing alot. These dreams were specific and unchangeable, odd for me… The first was a dream of a huge wave hitting LA, the other three dreams were all related to nuclear strikes. At the time I had the dreams I was married to my first wife, we had two beautiful children, sadly we divorced after 20 years. I 7 yrs latter and have been blessed with two more beautiful children.
    I want to share my tidal wave dream first: I was with my family and we were in LA, I have many relatives living in southern California so I didn't find it odd that I would be there. However, there was a bit of chaotic activity occurring, everywhere people were becoming increasingly frantic. The airport was jammed and all the freeways were at a stand still. I was seeing this from a higher elevation seemed like we were coming down from the 405 from the valley. As we were making our way towards my moms house to warn her to leave I could see many helicopters heading toward the ocean and jets were taking off in a much closer pattern with none landing. Many people were heading towards the beaches. I got to my moms (strange , because she doesn't live in Cali but in Tucson AZ). I warned her we had to leave she said she had a flight out but I could take her corvette? (she doesn't have a corvette). I said don't worry about that it's useless traffic isn't going anywhere. So I gathered my family and began running to higher ground, there were not many people headed that direction most were headed towards the beach. Suddenly I noticed the color of the sky changing a green huge almost like a the sun was covered by a green screen. I turned and my heart sank, my legs felt weak, there was an enormous wave towering higher and higher. Helicopters were all hovering and looked like mosquito's in comparison. The sun was maybe an hour or so away from setting on the horizon so the light was shining through the wave, it was a terrifying sight! Everyone just stood there in disbelief. the wave was moving at a rapid pace but it was so big it didn't seem as if it was, kinda like watching a 747 landing, it appears to just hang in the air but is moving at 180 MPH. When I saw it I grabbed my children and yelled at my wife to RUN! we were making our way up the street when I turned again and  noticed my wife was gone. I saw a door swinging on a building next to us so I ran in there yelling her name and looking for her. It appeared to be a medical clinic, she was trying to inject herself with something and I grabbed her and ran out to my children and began to run again. I felt the wind shift and it began to blow a cool breeze at our backs that was picking up intensity, i could smell the ocean. I began to hear the roar of the water over the screams of the crowds and could feel the ground trembling. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw the wave crashing through the city and knew we would not be able to outrun it. I stopped my family and placed them behind a large building, no need to go in or up as every building was being destroyed as it passed them. I stood there watching it approach I was overcome with shock and awe for a moment. I was telling my family to not look, they were becoming very frightened I went to them wrapped my arms around them and prayed…. with a tremendous crash it hit and I shot up out of bed! there was nothing going on in my life that would have made me be preoccupied with anything related to this dream. Just interesting to see others having similar dreams…
    The Nuke dreams were even more frightening and have much more meaning to me after listening to Dimitru Dudumans vision along with "The Harbinger". Interesting times we live in..
    God's peace be with you all who believe. His will be done on Earth as it is in heaven, Come Lord Jesus come quickly! 

  3. i can't believe how many of these dreams you share are so similar to dreams that i too have had thinking i was crazy for dreamin such an event. God truley is amazing.

  4. I had a dream that I went to a city It looked like california it was a nice day and we were at the beach and I was with my husband which is not the man I am with now and I had two children a boy and a girl which I do not have any children yet. And I just had a weird feeling so I told everyone to start running towards higher ground and as I turned around to look at the ocean I noticed the water being ducked all the way back to where it was hard to see and then I could see it turn into a huge wave coming at us sup we got to a huge sky scraper and went inside to the top I then heard loud movement outside like the building was going to collapse and then I woke up I had this a week ago and it still can't forget it! Ever sense then I have been having dreams of this man who I was married to in that dream. I have never seen him before! What do you think it means?

  5. https://youtu.be/_YEgUmAa2-Y?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW  RED FIREBALLS UFO
    https://youtu.be/PxvKqZazOvM?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW TREE, FLAMES, DOVE
    https://youtu.be/nfNEjMqywYY?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW  BOMBING AMERICA
    https://youtu.be/DMIsN2OxZUQ?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW  ORANGE SKY WAVE 
    https://youtu.be/WgOwbYOGU2w?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW QUAKE TSUNAMI NY
    https://youtu.be/rUgp-JvQ5cI?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW RUN MTNS Now ATTACK
    https://youtu.be/eVsdmvAiJ8Q?list=PLVnou7LTbNtW5RK1dT2n-gSWiEEMSS8qW TWO TIDAL WV DRMS

  6. Two days ago i had a dream of a tidal wave hitting Ny it was so real that it led me to see if any one else was having a similar prophetic dream. There are an alarming number of similar dreams and visions on youtube. I was in my part of ny (buffalo area) when it hit and its the first time in my 33yrs on earth that i died in a dream.
    i feel it was a warning from god.
    good luck everone.

  7. Mrs Pat it sounds to me like your and your sister dream meant that it's coming but because of how it creeper slowly was meaning that we have time before it takes place now that years have passed and so many ppl are having rushing water coming at them in a dream I believe that we no longer have time . I have been praying on the hour for all the unsaved. I asked God for a confirmation and I had a dream but it wasn't like everyone elses. I knew it was coming so we rushed to the highest place which was a hotel and in was running around frantically trying to find all of my kids. and I was awakened out my dream. I was so disappointed because I asked God for a confirmation and someone called me and woke me up from dreaming. and I never remember dreams unless God gives me a dream. so I am waiting to see if he sends me another dream. however January of this year I felt a urgency in my spirit that no one would see 2016. I told my daughter that but it was before I knew anything about our world today. thank you for sharing your dream and may God bless you.

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