Warnings of the Last Days From God | Christian Short Film “The Days of Noah Have Come”

In recent years, disasters all around the world have gotten much worse. Earthquakes, pestilence, famine, floods, droughts, and plagues of insects are happening more frequently and spreading everywhere. On January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti killed over 220,000 people. On February 27, 2010, an 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck in Chile. In March, 2010, a drought befell 5 southwestern Chinese provinces. On August 7, 2010, there was a huge mudslide in Zhouqu County, Gansu Province in China. On September 4, 2010, New Zealand was hit by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake. On January 12, 2011, Australia was flooded. On March 11, 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit the east coast of Japan, creating a giant tsunami. In March and April, 2011, high temperatures in Germany and Switzerland led to wildfires. On June 4, 2011, a volcanic eruption happened in Chile. Between July and October of 2011, Bangkok, Thailand experienced its worst floods in 50 years. In July and August of 2011, East Africa suffered a major famine. In July and August of 2012, many states in the US experienced record-breaking droughts. On July 21, 2012, Beijing, China was hit by extreme rainfall. In late October 2012, the US was hit by Hurricane Sandy. In January 2013, a constant haze took over central and eastern China. In March 2013, a plague of locusts swept through Israel. In late March 2013, the first case of the H7N9 avian flu appeared in China. In June 2013, India was flooded. On August 25, 2013, strong winds caused fires to spiral out of control in California, resulting in its largest wildfire in history. In December 2013, the Middle East was blanketed by its first snow storm in a hundred years. On January 2, 2014, a cold wave hit North America. On September 27, 2014, the volcano in Japan’s Mount Ontake erupted. In April 2015, an earthquake struck Nepal. In June 2015, a massive flood hit Tbilisi, Georgia. On January 4, 2016, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Northeast India. On February 6, 2016, an earthquake struck Meinong District in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. These facts alone are enough to make people see the truth that God’s words and prophecies are currently being realized and fulfilled! Some people can’t help asking: Why are these disasters getting bigger and bigger and happening more frequently in recent years? Why does God keep sending natural disasters? Because mankind of the last days has been corrupted to the extreme by Satan. Evil, licentiousness, deceit, and greed. People scheme, struggle and fight against each other for social status, fame and fortune, causing multiple battles that never seem to end. They despise the truth, enjoy unrighteousness, and live in sin without a hint of repentance, even to the point of openly denying God, resisting God, and advocating evil. Even certain groups of believers within churches have begun to give in to temptation, choosing to pursue the world’s evil trends instead and deriving their joy from sin. Such an evil and dark age is truly the reappearance of the days of Noah! The Lord Jesus has prophesied in the Bible, The Lord Jesus has returned in the last days, and this time He is the incarnate Almighty God, expressing all truths so that He can purify, and save the whole of mankind and performing His judgment work of the last days. However, He is faced with the furious resistance and condemnation of the atheist government and prideful religious circles. There’s not one person who actively seeks to know the truth and seeks the light, and there’s certainly no one who actively searches for God’s appearance and work. This shows that all of mankind has become so corrupt and evil that they’ve come to despise the truth and treat God as if He is their enemy! God is a holy and righteous God and His disposition is completely unoffendable. When such a deeply corrupted mankind still doesn’t confess and repent their sins to God, how could they not be destroyed by the great and terrible disasters that God is about to rain down upon them? Therefore, in the face of the imminent disaster, what are we supposed to do to be protected by God and survive through the worst of these disasters, perhaps in the same way God showed favor to Noah through the flood? Almighty God’s words clearly explain to us that only those who listen carefully to God’s words and completely accept His salvation can survive under God’s protection through even the most destructive of these disasters and enter the kingdom of God. On the other hand, anyone who doesn’t seek the truth, refuses to listen to God’s voice, and rejects God’s salvation in the last days shall be punished and destroyed in the midst of these horrible disasters. The following accounts are true stories taken from eyewitness reports that took place in China. While Wenchuan County was struck by a terrible earthquake on May 12, 2008, there was one whole town that completely vanished. That was Qingping Township in Mianzhu City, in Sichuan Province. There are very few people in the world who know about this due to attempts by the CCP to cover it up. Qingping Township was located northwest of Hanwang Town in Mianzhu City, hidden deep in the mountains. Before the earthquake, it was a lush and beautiful paradise, always filled with fresh air, clear waters and blue skies, rich with kiwifruit and ginkgo. God bestowed the land with beautiful scenery and an abundance of produce, all as a blessing just for the locals, but the town’s citizens did not thank or worship God. Instead, they spent their time lusting after money and pursuing the pleasures of sin. Since Qingping Township possessed beautiful mountains, the cleanest water and the purest natural oxygen, which was refreshing during the summer, it became a great place for rest and relaxation. Therefore, the locals began to heavily promote it as a prime location for agritainment and tourism. It became a popular leisure spot for government officials of all rankings and positions. Plenty of these officials desired to work within Qingping Township and many provincial-level leaders also became regular visitors. The growing presence of these government officials led to a rise in business for hotels, KTVs, health clubs, spas, foot massage parlors, and hair salons. And so, even though Qingping Township was located deep in the mountains, it soon held the reputation of being a place of debauchery, neon lights and glittering nightlife. The CCP officials took this beautiful place that was once a blessing bestowed by God and transformed it into the modern-day Sodom. Since Almighty God’s work of the last days was carried out in Mainland China, brothers and sisters from the Church of Almighty God went there many times to preach the gospel. But locals thought that they had plenty, living lives without any worries about food or clothing, so they didn’t need God’s salvation. Therefore, they rejected Almighty God’s kingdom gospel every single time it was offered to them, and they slammed the door shut on God’s salvation. They even abused the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God, saying, “Our lives are amazing right now. You come to preach the gospel to us, because you have nothing better to do. We don’t believe in God, we only believe in money.” Despite how the brothers and sisters from the Church of Almighty God testified to them, telling them that only by accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days can they receive salvation, they turned a deaf ear. The brothers and sisters urged them several times to understand that only those who worship God can live with God’s protection and receive His blessings, while those who reject and resist Almighty God will all fall as victims of disaster and face punishment. But still the locals brushed this message aside. The people of Qingping Township ultimately refused Almighty God’s salvation. Sadly, there wasn’t a single person there who believed in Almighty God. Then, as we all know, at 2:28 pm on May 12, 2008, the earthquake erupted. Suddenly, the earth moved and the mountains shook. Giant boulders rolled down from the mountaintops. The air was filled with dust and the sky darkened. Some mountains even collapsed to the point of disappearing entirely. Qingping Township was in a valley, nestled between two large mountains. As the earthquake continued growing worse, the mountains shifted to the middle and closed in, and in a flash they joined together. Qingping Township ended up being crushed under the mountain. The people in the township were all trapped under the rubble and buried alive. This town that chose not to worship God was left unprotected and instantly destroyed. This tragic occurrence reminds us of what’s already been recorded in the Bible. When Jehovah God declared that He wanted to destroy Sodom, Abraham tried his best to plead with Jehovah God and asked Him, “If there were 10 righteous people found in this city, would You still decide to destroy it?” Jehovah God responded and answered the question, “If, in fact, there were 10 righteous people in this city, I would change My mind and not destroy it.” As it turned out, Lot was the only righteous person in the city. Though it would put his own safety at risk, he saved two angels that were sent by God. In the end, only Lot and his two daughters were able to escape Sodom under the guidance of the two angels Lot risked his life to save. The remaining people and the city were all destroyed by the fire and brimstone God rained down upon them. Therefore, this wicked and evil city of sin that did not dedicate itself to worshiping God disappeared from the earth forever. It could easily be said that Qingping Township was the modern-day Sodom. But its destruction did not inspire other people to self-reflect. People did not seek the reason behind God’s fury and continued to fight against God with the thought that man will conquer nature, refusing to turn their lives around or change their ways and still vainly trying to create a so-called “beautiful home” with just their own two hands. After the earthquake, the government invited members of the provincial design and planning institute, and other high-level infrastructure engineers and technicians to participate in the investigation, selection, and design of a new site. The government poured funds into rebuilding Qingping Township. Not long after this, a brand new Qingping Township completed construction and was set up deep in the mountains. The township’s government office, hospital, school, and residential buildings were all fully equipped with most up-to-date modern facilities. Just as the people were thanking the Communist Party for their “good policy” and celebrating their relocation to a new home, a massive storm suddenly appeared on August 15, 2009, which then triggered yet another mountain collapse. A large mudslide began to rush down the side of the mountain with the rage and ferocity of a savage beast, racing toward the new Qingping Township. Once again, in an instant, the newly rebuilt Qingping Township was completely buried beneath the mudslide. There were slopes on both sides. And both sides completely collapsed. You could only stand on one foot up there. Like a blade. A cliff was formed. So many men I’ve broken bread with and worked with just suddenly disappeared. It was too terrifying. Because of this earthquake disaster, the crematorium … it turns out that too many people were killed, even if the crematorium burned 24 hours a day, they couldn’t cremate all the bodies. Due to their sinfulness, the people living in Qingping Township refused to accept Almighty God’s salvation in the last days and were left to be destroyed by catastrophic disasters twice. This is the great calamity that they brought upon themselves by rejecting Christ of the last days—Almighty God! It’s just as Almighty God has said in His word, God is the only One who can provide mankind with salvation. If we abandon God’s salvation in the last days, then no matter how much material wealth we possess, and no matter how high our social status might be or how great our power is, it won’t save us from a disaster. Almighty God’s word tells us that all disasters are started by God and manipulated by God. God uses disasters as a method to destroy all of the evildoers who resist Him, and also as a warning to awaken those groups of people who truly have hearts and spirits, guiding those people and helping them come before Him to accept His salvation of the last days. This is the work that God is doing in the last days. People who don’t believe in God will think that disasters are just natural occurrences that don’t target their victims. Actually, every disaster is sent with its own specific purpose to fulfill. How many people end up getting killed in just one earthquake or plague, how many people will be reported as casualties as the end result of a flood or a war, which of these disasters destroy which kind of people, these things are all preordained by God. Those who are doomed can’t escape! God’s disposition is holy, righteous, and unoffendable. In the face of various disasters, anyone who does evil and resists God can’t escape the righteous hand of God’s punishment, no matter what measures they may use to try and help themselves, while those who genuinely believe in and rely on Almighty God will be able to avoid death, even if they’re at the very center of an earthquake. God will use miraculous ways to protect them from the destruction and save their lives. For this next part, we’re going to share with you the true experiences of some of the brothers and sisters in the Church of Almighty God, who received God’s protection and salvation in the areas hit the hardest during the Sichuan earthquake of May 12, 2008. My husband and I had accepted Almighty God’s work for just 2 months. And since I’m paralyzed, for the most part my body is immobile, I spend most of my time confined to my bed. At the time, we lived on the 5th floor. When the earthquake struck, the building shook violently. The bed suddenly jolted and I was flipped out. As soon as I landed on the floor, the roof collapsed, falling on and crushing the bed. Then another piece of the ceiling fell, but it was blocked by a chair, which created a safe space right where I was lying on the floor. I didn’t get hurt at all. At the time, a thought occurred in my mind. It said to crawl forward and see if I can find a way out. So I did start to crawl forward. I pushed aside the brick, and I saw light. Then I started calling out for help. I didn’t expect my eldest son to hear me. But he began to dig and I was rescued 3 hours later. When the earthquake hit, my husband was in the bathroom. When he heard me calling for help, he tried running out to me, but he was trapped twice inside by the bathroom door. It was at this time that the ceiling collapsed and a bamboo basket dropped down on him. My husband was protected by sitting inside the bamboo basket. He was trapped in the rubble for 30 hours. Just when he was panicking and not sure of what to do, he prayed to God and handed his life over to God. God gave him strength and faith, and he was able to calm himself down and wait patiently. At that time, my son was trying to get the soldiers to help my husband. They were afraid of danger and refused to help us, but after my son continued begging with them, they finally dug a hole and pulled my husband out. Thanks be to God! My eldest son worked at the Dongfang Turbine Factory. On that day, he happened to switch shifts with someone else, so he didn’t go to work. Afterward, we found out that many people at his factory died. Thanks to the shift change, my son avoided getting killed. My 7-year-old grandson attended Dongqi Elementary School. He crawled out from a hole after the earthquake, and he wasn’t injured at all. Praise God, thanks be to God. We’re truly thankful for Almighty God! Thanks be to God! Because of the faith my husband and I put in Almighty God, all three generations of our family received God’s wondrous protection. Praise God! Almighty God’s love is too wonderful! I’ll talk about it forever! Yes, praise God! On the day of May 12, I was harvesting rapeseed in my own field up on Leigu Mountain. Suddenly, I felt the earth began to shake and the world was spinning. But at first, I thought I was suffering a heatstroke. Then after a while, I saw the mountains rocking and swaying back and forth. It was real! Soon, cracks several meters wide opened, and I saw falling rocks start flying toward me. I realized that it was an earthquake. I tried my best to avoid the danger, while constantly praying in my heart for God to help me. I said, “O God! My Savior. I know the disaster is in Your control. You brought this to chastise all the disobedient and wicked. This is Your righteousness. And I know I possess many things that You detest. No matter how You chastise me, I’m willing to obey you. Even if I’m swallowed by the earth like the 250 leaders who opposed Moses, I will praise Your righteousness.” I just kept praying like that and promising to be obedient. And slowly, my heart stopped feeling so frightened and anxious, and it became calm and peaceful. Then afterward, something so unexpected happened. I personally got to witness God’s wondrous deed. Since the earthquake was so powerful, the mountain where I was standing just split open, as if it was carved with a knife. Half the mountain next to me just collapsed down to the earth in a straight line, but the half where I was standing didn’t collapse at all. And I ended up without a single scratch on me. Thanks be to God! During this, my family saw the mountain where I was working collapsed from far away. They all thought I had been killed. No one thought that I would come back to them that I was alive and well. My whole family was emotional. Non-believers who heard my story told me I was just lucky. However, I know that luck didn’t save me, it was God’s protection and care. I shared my experience with many of our brothers and sisters. Afterward, they all said Almighty God is too omnipotent, too wondrous! Thanks be to God! During the day on May 12th, I had been on a bus going to Sangzao Township. A dozen people were on the bus. At 2:28 pm, the bus had driven to the foot of a mountain. The bus started to shake violently, and then there were the deafening sounds of an impact. I knew it was an earthquake. These rocks were constantly falling from the mountain, blocking the front and back of the bus and destroying its roof. Inside the bus, it was chaotic. People kept running outside. Also, they were shouting to heaven, some calling to Buddha, some to Guanyin. It was making me very anxious, because I knew that they were praying to false gods and evil spirits. Calling to these things wouldn’t save them. So I cried out, “Call to Almighty God! You have to pray to Him!” But at the time, no one was listening to me, they were trying to escape. And soon, everyone else on the bus had run off, leaving me behind alone. So then I kept crying out, “Almighty God! Save me!” After the earthquake, I got out of the bus. Of the people who ran off of the bus, some had been killed while others were injured. Everyone who survived had all thought that I would be crushed to death. But when they all saw me alive and without a single scratch on me, they all said that it must have been some kind of miracle. They all wanted to know how I had survived, so I said that I believe in Almighty God, and that I asked Almighty God to protect me while I was on the bus. So God had listened to my prayer and He saved me. After listening to me, they all believed in Almighty God. A few days later, I encountered an aftershock at the foot of a mountain while walking with a dozen people. The rocks on the mountain kept falling down. And since the road was very long, the other people were afraid. We really had a difficult problem. Just when everyone was panicking and unsure of what to do, I started to yell out to them, “Listen to what I say! Don’t call out to Buddha, and don’t call to Guanyin. Everyone call out to Almighty God!” Then those people joined me in calling out to Almighty God. With that, we passed through that dangerous road in complete safety. Praise God! You see, my father-in-law usually naps in the afternoon, but around noon on the day of May 12, my father-in-law was complaining that he simply couldn’t sleep, so he went to spray pesticide in our field. I went with him, too, to pull up weeds. But as soon as we got there, the earthquake happened. At that point, our house completely collapsed, but we weren’t inside, so we weren’t harmed at all. It was after the two of us had left. It really was God’s wondrous protection. (Praise God!) My daughter, at that time, was 10 years old. She was at school on the day of the earthquake. Every building at her school had totally collapsed, and most of the children in her class ended up being crushed. Only 4 children survived. Among them, only my daughter was completely unharmed. The other 3 were found seriously injured. I’m thankful to Almighty God. If it weren’t for Almighty God’s protection and care, there’s no way my family would’ve been able to survive such a major disaster. Praise God! Thanks be to God! Through these real cases we’ve listened to, we can see very clearly that even people who have been so deeply corrupted to the point that they deserve to be destroyed, if they can confess their sins to God, leave their evil behavior behind them, and come before God’s presence to accept God’s salvation, then God will show them mercy and grace, and give them His protection and care, even if they’re amid the worst possible disasters. But as for those who pursue lives filled with evil and sin who don’t confess it and choose to abandon God’s salvation of the last days, they will fall just like the people of Qingping Township, and in the end they will be subjected to God’s righteous punishment for their evil deeds. It’s just as Almighty God says,

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  1. Amen! Praise God. This video made me see the sovereignty of the word of Almighty God.
    Indeed, the heavens and earth and all things are established and made complete by the words of God. And all disasters are in the hand of Him.
    “God alone knows the fate of a country or nation, and God alone controls the course of this mankind. If mankind wishes to have a good fate, if a country wishes to have a good fate, then man must bow down to God in worship, repent and confess before God, or else the fate and destination of man will unavoidably end in catastrophe.”

  2. Please allow me to share my gift with you. It is imperative that we obey the admonition:

    " And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts;"

    Pray over this, watch it carefully, and then share it with your followers. It is in our face:

    The Ram and the Goat:


  3. with all thou respect… what happened to SUPERSTORM HAIYAN? we were struck by Yolanda here in the Philippines, why did they not include that? just wondering

  4. There is no star's on the globe earth

    Isaiah 40:21-22-23
    Have ye not known? Have ye not heard? ….. have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? ??????
    It is he that sitteth on the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretches out the heaven's as a curtain, and spreader them out as a tent to dwell in:
    That bringeth the princes to nothing…..

    Where is God sitting according to your bible???? Please answer this before you proudly continue reading the rest and making up the Bible as it fits your mind.
    Psalms 33:14 from God's place he sees all mankind
    Psalms 29:3 the Lord is upon many waters
    Psalm 18:11 God made darkness his secrete place. Dark waters and thick clouds surround God

    Psalm 19:4 the sun is inside a tabernacle or ( tent )
    Psalms 19:6 the sun has a circuit inside this tent like tabernacle.
    Psalm 148:4 the waters above the sky praise God
    Genesis 1:6-7-8 God split / divided the waters into two, the water below came from the waters above. We are a tent tabernacle between the two water's.
    Revelation 4:6 and before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal. ….
    Revelation 6:12-17 from earth Satan's children, evolutionists, globe, atheist followers have a look into heaven from earth once God removes the sky like scroll curtain.
    Revelation 15:2 God's people stand on the sea of glass, waters above.
    Hebrews 12:1 says we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses.
    Revelation 3:21 saved people will sit with Jesus in his throne.
    Acts 7:55-56 once again God opens the sky like curtain and the eyes of Steven see God on the throne.
    Pray for God to open your eyes.

    Psalm 18:9 God bowed (dome ) the heaven's
    Revelation 8:12 angels are interchangeable stars
    Revelation 9:1 God gives keys to stars
    Even your false Christmas story has a star stand above the house the child Jesus lived in.
    Stars sing according to your bible
    1 Timothy 6:20 describes what the church have done. We traded a loving saviour sitting on the throne above the dome tent stationary earth for a big bang spinning soup theory called globe earth
    Job 37:18 the sky is strong as a molten looking glass or mirror.
    According to God the sky is a mirror stars and the son and moon circuit inside of the tent tabernacle between the two water's because of the mirror like frozen water above the star light reflects down to the ocean's giving us the endless galaxies appearance between the two water's
    Job 22:14 thick clouds surround God do we cannot see him with telescopes.
    Job 22:1844 God wallet in the circuit of heaven.
    Job 22:13
    Genesis 1:2 the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    God word declares "thou changeth not"
    Ezekiel 1:26 God sits above the firmament or sky.

    If you have got this far
    Continue reading Isaiah 40:22
    A dome bowed heaven's circle is what God sits upon.
    We are inside a tent

    Picture a tent flat bottom stationary, a pointed or domed roof.

    Just for laughs
    On satan Apolloyon's big bang globe spinning explosion soup
    Satan has god sitting on the north pole flying around the galaxies squashing us. ….

    Pride will destroy the church
    Remember satan claimed that he would exalt himself above the heaven's
    In 1969 satan claimed to do this
    All Christians who cheered on the fake moon landing supported the Apolloyon missions of deception.
    Nasa means deceive
    Nasa is not science but pagan devil worship.
    The Bible needs to be put above false so called man's wisdom

    Isaiah 40:23 describes the globe earth nobles
    We dwell in a tent

  5. But most of these places don't believe in The Lord Jesus…fake Gods too…

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    For we are the light and the salt of this world
    Humble ourselves in his presence

    Worship him in spirit and truth

    Love one another
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    Rise up Christian

  13. Thank you Sister! A few years ago, the Lord shared with me that the word EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards. Because of that revelation and CARING people like you, I stay ascended with Jesus for my lifetime, which is (I believe) far better than enjoying hidden destruction for a miserable season.

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  17. This is so true. In recent years, wars, earthquakes and various natural disasters are getting more and more.
    Is it in the last days now? The Lord told us before, the symptoms of the last days and the frequent occurrance of the disasters would warn us that the His return was drawing near. It reminds me of the Lord’s prophecy, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows” (Mark 13:8).

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  19. In face of disasters, no matter how high man’s status is or how much money man possesses, it is useless for them. When the disasters descended over and over, I could see those people in disasters were so helpless. At that time, there was a fear and anxiety in my heart. I thought: When these disasters come upon me, how can I do? After watching this video, my heart feel peaceful because from this video, I understand what the real refuge is for us.

  20. Hebrews 9:27
    It is appointed unto man once to die and after that…, the judgement.
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the World that He gave His "only begotten son" and whosoever believes in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life
    John 14:6

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    30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

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  37. Stock up of food and water for times of emergency. Keep your reserve oil for your oil lamps. I have a bad feeling for the future.

  38. i cant wait for the day he comes back for us the ones who have worship and have repented

  39. yes people keep letting your governments burn his books or keep letting your government kidnap children and you do nothing about it

  40. America has gone far beyond anything Sodom and Gomorrah ever thought of even after many warnings from a patient God.
    The so-called American Church is as guilty as the Secular World it was called to witness to and for that it will have to give an accounting to God. Within most Churches there exists a small group of Christ's Sheep. They long to hear his voice and to be taught his Word however they are surrounded by Goats however God watches over them and will reward them.
    Gods Wheel of Justice grinds exceedingly slow but exceedingly fine. Unless there is national repentance, judgement will fall on this country without warning, in one day and even in one hour. The wicked will remain wicked and the righteous, still righteous.

  41. All praises to our God Yah, the Most High! It's time to repent while you can.

  42. I really appreciated this truthful video! I shared it to the public on Facebook! Praise the Lord! And Shout HalleluYah! Amen! ????????????⭐️✨?☦️?

  43. Australia wasn’t flooded…..only a very small area. ??

  44. The Blood of Jesus. Save me and all those who Trust in you.???

  45. Well Spoken. The Truth and nothing but the Truth.??????????

  46. This says GOD YHVH to the nations : Hear, ye nations, soon I will come with wrath, vengeance and judgements. I AM.

  47. Good video… If only you didn't use a watered-down Bible version! KJV THE ONLY VERSION FOR ME! We are commanded not to add or subtract from God's Holy word!

  48. Good video however, I have quite a few issues with it. I’m only going to address two of them. One, what are these books? Any teaching that uses other books in place of the Bible is suspect. Two, I get so sick of so call ministry videos white washing biblical charters. None of the main charters in the Old Testament were white people. Tell the whole not half truth.

  49. 4:15 "Australia was flooded!"
    She makes it sound like the whole country was flooded when it was only in central Queensland.
    It affected about 200,000 people out of a population of 24 million.

  50. Yes, the almighty promised not to flood the earth anymore, which in the most sacred symbols was the baptism of the planet. The issue though (if that confort you) is that our God promise the second baptism of the earth which will be with fire!
    Look at both events, the days of Noah and the days of Lot as a solemn message of heaven for us to live in harmony with the precepts of heaven…..our father provide ya with a choice to escape the flood, the destruction of Sodom and the end of Jerusalem…… It is up to us!
    Sin won’t prevail in our earth or the Universe!
    Jesus is the way to salvation if you are confused….look for him!

  51. If you are going to Preach, you need to honor the true names of the father and the son. YAHUWAH AND YAHUSHUWA. Its a Hebrew name, not English or Latin. Besides that, I agree with this video.

  52. Wow. His name is worthy to be praised. Always and forever. Thank you JESUS.

  53. How did Noah survive the freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen at 29,005 feet?

  54. we are in the days of noah. a major recession will happen. gold will rise to the moon. cryptos and equities wil lose 99 percent of their value. all derivatives will be called in gold and silver. all paper trades will cease.Bonds of every kind will explode but currencies will be worthless. stocks will lose all paper trade values. trading will cease. 99 percent of you will be poor if you do not own silver or gold and have your own crops. anything not physical will go to nothing. riots and wars will occur. Housing prices will crash. Banks will end.Countries will implode and inflation will explode. people will be forced to fend for themselves until the wars cease. Powers will try to put the weak and poor on a social system and beco e debt slaves. may old and the sick will die. nukes will pollute the waters and air. we will be in an ice age. Satan will come with the false prophet and make peace after decimating central powers. the internet will be no more. no more phones, power plants, water treatment. chaos will occur but there will be a remnant who will not submit to this new world order. we will rise up in love and miracles will become powerful against them. God will make a way but fear an pain will cause many to lose their minds and die in fear. the earths foundations will crack open. our day will change. great suffering will ensue. However know this pain must happen and even though there is chaos be in peace this system had to collapse. Freedom must co e from within. Love must overcome the chaos. love one another and give up warring in your hearts and minds and know the end is almost here. satan is being attacked right now big ti e and he will take this opportunity to take as many of you as possible so that you will not repent believe and hope for slavtion and an earth and heaven with a just King Jesus. Be willing to die for this rather then submit to satan the god of this earth. this earth is crying out for justice from all the bloodshed. the birth pains are happening all around. the puppet masters are losing control. trump cannot save us nor any other man exept. Jesus Christ. all religions are fake as are the governments and medical systems. everything is falling. babylon system is falling. wake up friends. love your enemies and do good and do not forget the creator who died on the cross so that you can be freed from this world wide web. were being brainwashed,poisoned and killed and we all can look in are hearts we knkw its not right but we let money corrupt our judgement. we thought as along as were comfortable and entertained and are heads are above water its not my problem. unfortunately we all made bad choices. we all contributed to this problem. however we must take the narrow way its the only thing that will provide hope as the darkness draws near. We are worth more than our weight in gold and we the people are the precious commodity more valuable then anything else in this world. you matter you are loved and you must do the right thing. we are all being stetched. train your mind and body for this time its going to get ugly friends. God bless you all.

  55. For you who’s name is Jehovah/Yahweh/YHWH…you alone are The Most High Over all the Earth ? Yahweh is the Father and Jesus is the Son of the Most High God Yahweh… Jesus is not Almighty God ….Jesus Christ is a mighty god with great power given to him by his Father Jehovah…

  56. Most of the video is correct. However God is one and he asked us to only worship him and not consider anything else or anyone else as God as he states in the 1st and 2nd commandment:

    I the Lord am your God (notice that he didn't say We, if trinity was correct then God would have used We here, but he did not, since God doesn't want to hide the truth from the children of Israel or anyone else) who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of bondage: You shall have no other gods besides Me.

    You shall not make for yourself a sculptured image, or any likeness of what is in the heavens above, or on the earth below, or in the waters under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them. For I the Lord your God am an impassioned God, visiting the guilt of parents upon children, upon the third and upon the fourth generations of those who reject Me, but showing kindness to the thousandth generation of those who love Me and keep My commandments.

    In other verses in the Bible (the Old testament) shown below God declares the following:
    Isaiah 48:11
    For My own sake, My very own sake, I will act; for how can I let Myself be defamed? I will not yield My glory to another (here God is saying he would not share his glory with anyone else, so none of his creations he wants us to glorify, since they don't have his glory).

    Isaiah 43:11
    I, yes I, am the LORD, and there is no Savior but Me.

    Psalm 83:18
    May they know that You alone, whose name is the LORD, are Most High over all the earth.

    Isaiah 42:8

    I am the Lord, this is my name; I shall not give my glory to another, and my praising to graven images

    To Jennifer Regarding John 14:4-6

    4- And you know the way to where I am going.” 5- Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” 6- Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    Let’s analyze it: If Believing in Jesus is the only way to God for all mankind past present and future, then all Jews before Jesus are going to hell since their prophets failed to warn them about this because nowhere in the old testament other prophets and Moses said: you should believe in someone by the name of Jesus who will come in the future. Therefore logically we can conclude that Jesus was talking about his time only, basically saying: I am sent by God so I am (my way is) the way and the truth and the life…

    Since every time God sends a prophet he expects all who hear him to believe in him and follow him, Moses’ way was “the way, the truth..” until God sent Jesus, and then Jesus’ way was “the way, the truth…” from his time until God sent Prophet Mohammad and then from then on Prophet Mohammad’s way has been “the way, and the truth..” for all mankind.

    Some say if the above if true then why Moses didn’t say: “I am the way, the truth, ….” The answer is because as you can see above Thomas asked Jesus: “How can we know the way?” so Jesus told him what the way was. No one asked Moses what is the way… Had someone asked Moses the same question he would have most probably said the same thing Jesus said.

    How do we know if Mohammad was a true prophet of God?
    Because what he predicted have become true (there are also other proofs in the Bible which we don't discuss at this time).

    The Bible gives us the following test to see if someone who claims to be a prophet is really is a prophet:

    Deuteronomy 18:22
    If what a prophet proclaims in the name
    of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD
    has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be

    Please watch the following video.
    The link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyCYH0al0eI

    Other videos that shows proofs that Mohammad was the messenger of God:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOwA0v026wY (part 1 you can see other parts in you tube)


  58. Very good documentary too bad jw are not going to heaven for.refusing jesus as god and have not their sins.forgiven

  59. This is very good but even if you don't have a lot of information get this right the true name is Yahweh Elohim yahshua look it up there's no letter J to this day in the Hebrew Greek or Latin language this is the name that he talks about it Malachi it will save you

  60. Our great God JESUS and Father God bless you and your family, see you at the throne.

  61. Seriously? What Bible verse is that which u are reading at 1:54? A little weird showing the image of the globe and the leaves of the UN before a video of Noah, don't u think? Thank Jesus Christ, God incarnate that I (and many, many, many others!!) have the gift of discernment! . . .

  62. Liar! all kinds of plagues are hitting Israel this is why those Rev:2:10 are leaving and sneaking out of there, measles, cancers, fires, you name it.

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