30 thoughts on “Watch Live: Imminent Dam Failure possible in Lynchburg, Virginia | Officials hold Press Conference

  1. Liberty University President, do you think GOD will listen to your prayers to save your university after you played with GOD by lying and embracing the WICKED Whitehouse Occupant?

  2. Prayers for the victims, the community and police helping. Hope this gets solve sooner and nobody does🙏

  3. America has billions for armaments but nothing for flood infrastructure/abatement.

  4. don't warn people about going around safety barriers, let them DIE!! they're stupid enough to ignore their own safety, Let Them DIE!! don't run in and rescue anyone that ignores evacuation notices for their own safety. and if someone falls in and drowns taking a selfie, Good.

  5. Somebody in Virginia near that Dam, get eyes on it right away and make sure they don't destroy it with explosives.

  6. Imminent, 🤔
    I guess if you waited long enough everything fails, guess imminent failure will happen.🤔

  7. have NO fear, the army corps of engineers build quality stuff, remember. Johnstown, pa. Rexburg, I'd. and that one in California

  8. Why did we go to war?we are so broke,for equipment, men,we left billions in gun,and weapons instead, in 2002,we decided oil,was more important than your kids,the roads you drive them on,the faulty cars,the bad water,the non existence of health care, WHERE is the dough?should be the ?,for the last 17 yrs,republicans.

  9. President Trump is Great. Doing Great Job.. Same on the lying Media …..Soaring Raven…soaringraven1

  10. Trump needs to hurry up and Make America Great Again!!!! LMAO!!

  11. Dams are weapons of mass destruction. Operators won't spend the money to maintain them and they are only built to last 30 to 40 years. The dams were really built to have water for oil drilling. Dams are not needed to have cities. There are better ways for people to have running water.


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