WATCH: Spectacular tidal bore surges up Qiantang River in China

Thousands of people lined the banks of the
Qiantang River in China on Monday to watch the world famous tidal bore. Locals and tourists gathered along the banks
of the river in the cities of Haining and Hangzhou early in the morning to witness the
amazing phenomenon, with some staying until late at night. Wow! Coinciding with China’s traditional Mid-Autumn
Festival, the “one-line tide” – which is a special form of tidal bore that rolls forward
at the same speed to form a straight line – travelled up the river. The phenomenon usually starts at the beginning
of the eighth lunar month and reaches its peak on the 18th day, three days after the
Mid-Autumn Festival. The natural wonder also attracts many surfers
looking to challenge themselves by riding the waves of the tidal bore up the river.

10 thoughts on “WATCH: Spectacular tidal bore surges up Qiantang River in China

  1. I would love to surf on that bad wave. 😀 Oh man. I wish it could happen up here at my local river. The river Tyne of course, here at Newcastle. Imagine that.

  2. You forgot to mention each year some idiots try to get close to the tide and they die.

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