Water Damage Restoration: What You Need To Know

– So one of the questions
that we get asked (upbeat music) is when do I call a
restoration professional? I may not have standing water in my home, but I know that I have
a leak of some sort. And I’m not quite sure
where it’s coming from. So you can call a restoration professional that will come out and
help you source the leak, turn the leak off if needed, and then also they can help you with put together a drawing
plan for your property that an insurance company would accept in the event that you file a claim. And they should be able to walk
you through that on day one, no matter if it is midnight
when the loss happens or if it is during the day. They’ll be able to walk you through that, and they’ll be able to help
manage the expectations. What your insurance company
is going to look for, such as not demoing on
day one any of your walls versus what they are able to
salvage and help you restore. And we’re able to walk
you through that process. Not just the paperwork, the expectations, but also the drying
process that they expect. The entire insurance
process requires everything from certain photos to process your claim all the way through
certain moisture ratings to process the claim. We’re able to provide that. When you select a
restoration professional, you should seek to have that type of file produced to your insurance company. If you suspect you have moisture, it is important for you to call
a restoration professional. Maybe as opposed to a contractor, because we can restore properties as opposed to tearing them out and causing what could be additional damage. And so, you actually get to put your home back together quicker, you get to dry everything in place. And you should look for a
restoration professional that is going to actually
dry everything in place as opposed to removing it. Not only the contents, but also the drywall or the baseboards, or the flooring on day one. You can now restore. We have
the proper equipment to now restore properties and dry them in place as opposed to what we did
maybe even 10 years ago, to where we removed a
lot of structure items. The industry has changed and
you are able to expect more from the restoration professional. And so if there is someone coming in that’s wanting to do that on day one, I think you really need to
question that and look at can they restore this
as opposed to remove it? (upbeat music fades)

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