Water quality expert Ed Williams on the Cane River dam removal

My name is Ed Williams. I’m a former employee of the North Carolina
Division of Water Resources. Got involved in this project back in 2008
when a when a die-off of the Appalachian elktoe mussel in the river coincided with the failure
of the Burnsville wastewater treatment plant. Sometimes in those situations of tragedy,
there can, opportunity can arise, and in this case it did. Agencies, non-profits, and citizens got together
to start, you know, looking at the watershed and and what we could do to improve the watershed
and the communities that, benefit the communities that are within the watershed. Well, it looks like the people working on
the project did a tremendous job. It’s like there’s no sign that the dam
was ever here. The river now has improved habitats for fish
and aquatic species which will benefit fishermen and people wanting to enjoy the river.

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