Water release at Roosevelt Dam

Hi, my name is Charlie Ester. I am the Manager of Water
Resource Operations here at the Salt River Project. And my
responsibility is to operate the reservoir system for SRP. Roosevelt Lake is
actually 101% full. That’s into the flood
control space. We have to release
the water because it’s actually higher than
we are allowed to store water in the
conservation area. Today at Roosevelt Lake, we are releasing 5,500 cubic
feet per second water. That’s enough water to fill 2 average-sized swimming
pools per second. We will have water
releases here in the Phoenix area
at least through April [2010] and possibly into May. I’m really happy that our
reservoirs are full and that’s, it’s great
to see all this water running through the Phoenix area. But I sure wish we could
save it, to use it later.

21 thoughts on “Water release at Roosevelt Dam

  1. I did some math 🙂 That is aprox 16sec to fill an olympic size swimmingpool. The swimming pools reffered to would be aprox 10m * 4m * 2m.

  2. BelgianEvo wasn't stating an Olympic size pool was 10m long. Read the statement again. If you must reply, please use proper grammar.

  3. Yeah… too bad they can't save the water for later… but that might disturb some lizard someplace, so that's too bad… guess we'll settle for a drought later.

  4. that's what the salt river is for. electricity. roosevelt lake feeds apache, which feeds canyon, which feeds saguaro, which feeds the lower salt, and each dam produces hydro electric. nowhere to send the electricity.

  5. Nice graphics. I am sure that will happen in the future as water supplies become critical.

  6. Don't you love comparisons made by Americans? I mean, everybody in the whole world knows how big exactly an average size swimming pool is, right?

  7. Gargantuan water store's could be built in flood plains to store for dry times

  8. we used to have epic fish runs on the Kootenai River until this dam was built. Not against cheap mega power but its kind of sad.

  9. too bad nobody put any serious thought into piping it out to Lake Mead

  10. You wish you could save it? Excuse me, that water is meant to flow downstream and always was.

  11. None of that water made it to the ocean which means it recharged groundwater along the Salt & Gila Rivers. It wasn't wasted.

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