Waterways of the Tsars Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

– [Voiceover] Explore Russia
along the Volga and Svir rivers for thirteen fascinating days. You’ll experience the very best this vast country has to offer, including three-night stays in both Saint Petersburg and Moscow. In Saint Petersburg, stroll the famed Peter and Paul Fortress. Delve into art and architecture
at the Hermitage Museum, exploring its very heart with
Viking’s privileged access. Enjoy the grand halls
and exquisite gardens of Catherine Palace, and experience an entirely
different style of living at a Soviet-era communal apartment, known as a komunalka. In Moscow, step into
history on Red Square, and next to it, the Kremlin
with its towering golden domes. You may also want to take a ride on the beautiful Moscow metro. On this voyage, you’ll visit
the island museum of Kizhi, with its historic wooden
structures, and religious icons, as well as key cities of the Golden Ring, including Yaroslavl, one of Russia’s oldest provincial cities, and Uglich, known for the Church of
St. Demetrios on the Blood. In Uglich, Viking also opens doors for a taste of local life, with a visit to enjoy the
hospitality of Russian people in their very own homes. Discover the soul of Russia
in her majestic monuments, and her warm friendly people. You’ll come away with a better
understanding of this land, once hidden behind the Iron Curtain. (In Russian) Welcome. Welcome to Viking’s Russia.

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