Watt’s New With J? RAB Light Bulbs!

What’s up everybody it is J. Hunt, coming to you again from the EnergyAvenue.com Training room? Yes. We’re in the training room, baby, for another Watt’s New with J episode. Today I’m gonna bring you another Rab product. At this point, you probably think I’m getting paid by Rab I am not, they just keep coming out with good stuff and new stuff. So we want to showcase it and then get it out to you. That’s what this show is all about. Getting the LED stuff, the new stuff, the quality, the stuff that’s changing the game out and into your hands and Amazing. So Rab is Quality, that’s what we’re going to talk about today and why you should choose Rab. So they’ve got all the normal stuff that all the other commodity lines have, but Rab is different and you guys all know this if you’ve used Rab before. Their stuff is quality, they are dependable, and the ease of use to use Rab is second to none. So one of the things I want to go through you today is no Freight cost no minimums with Rab. That’s for us distributors, but we like to pass those savings on to our customers. So no Freight, no minimums, especially if you guys need samples for projects We’ll get it into your hands. No Risk If you guys order this stuff, you get it out there, it doesn’t work, We’ll take this stuff back for you. No questions asked, that is an EnergyAvenue.com thing, that’s a Rab thing. No hassle and a five-year warranty, All their stuff is five years guaranteed hundred thousand life hours. They are they’re they’re one of the only ones in the game that do that and they stand by everything, and Like I said from experience from doing many, many, many LED retrofits and new construction jobs Rab always comes through. What makes Rab different? All right, you asked that. Everything about Rab is first-class, their people, their process, and their manufacturing. So they came , Rab came over to the shop a couple weeks ago and you know brought over they’re guys and pitched us on their product and you know, most of us were sitting around thinking like, oh my gosh. It’s another commodity item, you know, What are we going to do with this? But when they really started getting into their pitch, and telling us that they brought five major engineers and design people over from Philips, and they were not messing around with getting this line in order, and out into our hands and in the public. We knew that they were serious about things. Especially when they came in here to, you know offer support for us, the support that we need to give to you Contractors to support you on your jobs to get to get product in your hands quickly and at a fair price. Rab has always been about fair price and quality. I mean, it’s like I said, it’s second to none. So if we can go over some of their products, they got linear tubes, they have your compacts, they got hid replacements, a line bulbs, decorative, small reflectors, your mr16s, pars, reflectors. A lot of their stuff has high ninety CRI. Again when you’re out there quoting a job it would be nice right, RAB has great luminaire fixtures, they got great LED fixtures, one of the best in the game that I think. Now you can quote their bulbs. Now, you don’t have to go to another line. You can quote a whole Rab specified job. They’ll help with design. They’ll help get the cost down for you and, listen, it’ll be a home run, Baby, that’s what we like to do here, home runs! Hey, listen, thank you again for tuning in for another Watt’s New with J episode, like always we ask you to do kindly is please Like, Subscribe, Comment, share our material with the world. We’re trying to educate the world on LED products, and listen our and the show notes are our Contact information is in there, our way to get a hold of us, our electrical lighting concierge are always, you know, at the phone went ready and willing to help you with any projects, but like I said again Thank you so much for watching the show love and live life and until next time. I’ll see you later

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  1. Hey J, 5 year warranty on 50K hours products but for shorter lifespan products have a shorter warranty. However, all no compromise!

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