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Finally made it. Wave Hill Station. We roll in right on sunset. A beer at the station bar will go down well. So we’re here at the Wave Hill Rec Club, because
apparently this is the place to be at night. Oh, a couple of barflies holding up the bar,
eh? Way ahead of you, mate, way ahead of you. We’re just waiting for someone to go all the
way over there and get us a beer. All right. Great Northern, please, bud. All right. There we go. One for you, mate. One for you. We’ll get a bit of a tab going, so one… oh hang on… 1-2-3 GN A4A. Done. Cheers. Here’s to a dusty track from hell. A track from hell. So apparently in the morning, we gotta meet
Gordon. Gordon is the grandson of the original tracker. The original aboriginal or indigenous guy that
went and basically found the plane, and he’s the grandson. Pretty cool, huh? Pretty cool. See this big propeller on the wall over here? Yeah, I bet you’re thinkin’… what are you
thinkin’? I’m thinking is that off the Kookaburra or
not. That propeller there, no. That’s off a big, like a bomber. Did you want to know the story behind it? Absolutely. All right, so apparently it was a DH-9 Air Force plane, and it was out searching for the Kookaburra. So it’s not the Kookaburra’s propeller. I reckon it was a bit big for that. Yeah, no, you put that on the Kookaburra,
I think it would fall over. Like… fall forward. It was out searching for the Kookaburra, and
it landed here at Wave Hill. See here’s the thing, the Kookaburra was on
its way to Wave Hill, right? But they had engine trouble. Anyway, so he was out here searching, and
apparently it caught fire when they were refueling. I hope they disconnected the refuel bit pretty
quick. Well, obviously they must have put it out,
because the propeller hasn’t burnt to a cinder. But anyway, here’s to… A successful mission. Yeah, and the most remote that All 4 Adventure
have ever been.

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  1. interesting story both planes lost , i watched the dick smith adventure to the area ,i hope you find his plark for the southern cross

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