We jump the LA RIVER 🇺🇸

100 thoughts on “We jump the LA RIVER 🇺🇸

  1. it looks like a nice jump in 2018. there were some years where there wasn't much to jump over.

  2. 08:45 puchikas, estos tios han caminado medio mundo, esa palabra no se de donde salio, pero se escucha mucho en Guatemala, saludos

  3. “If we get 50 likes on this vid we will come back and flip it”

    What happened to flipping it

  4. Have not seen this done since Johnny knoxville broke his ancle doing it in the first ever episode of jackass for like 16-17-18? years ago 😎👍

  5. Good job brotherssd….Lots Off love form India-Odisha…. but one thing why always tell fucking…fucking…

  6. In the first very very boring video don't explain do it Quickly just your videos boring

  7. Hello,storror l am watching
    Your vidéo cam to Algeria my cantry.
    Sow take my namber

  8. This is the only challenge which I can easily do since I've jumped distance of 19+ feets numerous times coz i love running and long jump.

  9. That’s just under 20ft long- 5.7metres ( WR long jump is almost 9 ) Olympians our on some ape shit

  10. o its only 12.5 feet thats not that far. I was jumping over 15 feet in middle school get me bro lol

  11. and now the circle is complete
    Chris Chann's LA River video got me into skating
    And now
    STORROR's LA River video got me into parkour

  12. I dont see a River… google River and see what a fuckin River looks like " We jump the LA Sewage!" should this name be^^

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