We Will Worship // I Saw a River (feat Mahlatse Mashua)

I Saw a mighty river flowing with the spirit
of ubuntu which sprang forth a cry of validation rhyming with the song of shosholoza. A river with an African essence that quenches
the spiritual thirst of the amarula and the kudu. That river with a touch of Mageba and a tinge
of Madiba which sweeps across the land with a declaration of victory when dust turns demonic
shouting “amandla” in a time of famine that seeks to dismantle the strongholds of dear masakhane. A river that begins with a basic akhuna mathata,
then moves on with a flow of cultural inspiration that reaches for abantwana baseMzanzi, chorusing
with a courageous enlightnement of ismoko and ending on a delightful note of ndo libua, ngiyabonga. I saw a river that feeds an abundant nation
with a distant people that would never cry silambile, retshwere ketlala when hunger hits the rocks
of reality or in their fruitful context istokvel siyabeda Come on bafowethu can you not feel this river
that I am talking about, can you not feel its sprinkle of avhusheni
vhamakweru hoe lyk julle daar? that stretches from the east of the world to the west of
my heart? Can you not hear the sounds of the heavens
as its creatures peek through its footholds and contest their holy barriers to creation,
beseeching the Creator himself with a heavily buzz that sings ameni bazalwani ameni. Oh this river without contamination from a
delusional ijuba and without any rivalry from madimoni wamonagano or any so called beauty that seeks
to overshadow the river not fully captured by my eye but also a river which enjoyably
takes over my mind and gives me no hope of seeing darkness again. This river that I surrender my thoughts of
dinga la mbiluyanga through its skilled site that pronounces weakness unto my knees of
valour. This river without any flow of auspicious
degradation, yet filled with the emotions that makes me turn to the land and say “may
God bless you my nation” and appreciate its energy with is called the chi of imboza
by the chinese and labelled mollo of karma by the indians and finally summarized by the voortrekkers
as unattainablekraag. Ladies and gentlemen,
I saw a river, I saw a great, Ngibone umfula, ngibone ubukhulu,
Kebone noka, Ke bone bugulu, ni vhone nambu, ni vhone swikulu,
ndo vhona mulambo, ndo vhona zwihulu, And the summary of my song..ladies and gentlemen,
behold: the River of God!

22 thoughts on “We Will Worship // I Saw a River (feat Mahlatse Mashua)

  1. Am I the only one who immediately sings "There is a river… " after hearing "behold the river of God" 🙈

  2. Okay… I know Mfula has got to be next video release, right??? 🤗😊 It’s just my favorite, that’s all, lol! ❤️

  3. There is a river… that runs deep…. mfula mfula simatise sinke

  4. I'm part of the audience that understood hakuna matata!!
    And we have been blessed.

  5. Amen…We under an Open Heaven…There is a River flowing…ahhh…you touched my heart…ohhhh….Hallelujah! I see that River Mahlatse Mashua. May He continue to Bless you all in your obedience.

  6. I didn't understand half of his piece but the way he delivered those words touched my spirit. There is indeed a river.

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