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news forecasts watches warnings and tropical weather what we’re looking at
here is the ND FD map we’re just gonna hit the loop here right quick and I’m
gonna tell you what is going to be going on for the next few days now we have
that slight risk of excessive rainfall over parts of the Central High Plains
and the Mid Atlantic also there’s a chance of severe weather in these areas
today and I will show you more of that in a moment we also have a slight risk
of excessive rainfall now I’m talking the excessive rainfall over parts of the
Central High Plains and the mythical and it also so far as tropical weather goes
I’ve got that in my tropical update but for everyone along the North Carolina
coastline we might pick up some 30 mile-per-hour winds it should stay fifty
to a hundred miles offshore I do think it will have a chance at some point of
turning into a tropical storm maybe a hurricane but I don’t think it’s going
to affect any of us on the coast of the eastern seaboard coastline by coming in
on land I think it’s going to stay away for enough for everyone
so this is what it’s looking like right here you can see where the rain is going
to be coming down because we’ve got this cold front I’m gonna tell you all about
this gonna push through and speaking of temperatures today along the east coast
for myself I’m using that as an example today it’s going to be hot it’s gonna
feel like it’s 103 and tomorrow the high is going to be 77 to 78 degrees yeah my
arthritis is the kicking folks I mean to tell you
what so that all this stuff is coming and more so let’s just get on with it
and here we have the 12 K nan that this is courtesy of tropical tidbits thank
you let’s turn it on and get it going this should show you what’s happening
over the next three and a half days the cold fronts producing these showers and
thunderstorms and they’re going to continue to slowly move off the
northeast coast while set of settling father’s south over the mid-atlantic the
Ohio Valley middle Mississippi Valley and the central Great Plains today now
in addition to producing strong gusty winds some of these storms may produce
heavy rainfall amounts resulting in localized flash flooding now whenever it
starts where I live I’m going to get two to three inches of rain
everybody in Eastern North Carolina can expect at least two inches of rain maybe
some just a little bit less but you’re going to get some rain maybe some even
get more than two or three inches of rain but I wanted to make you aware once
this starts the rain will be coming so be aware now by tomorrow the front is
forecast to settle father south into the southern mid-atlantic and Tennessee
valleys while lingering across Arkansas and Oklahoma back into the Central High
Plains now these conditions will remain favorable for heavy rainfall amounts
particularly across southeastern Virginia and eastern North Carolina see
all of this stuff is coming up probably late tonight maybe tomorrow for a series
of upper-level disturbances interacting with plenty of moisture may produce
multiple storms and it’s going to raise the flash flooding concern so everybody
be aware now north of the front high pressure is going to continue to build
across the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest and much cooler temperatures spreading
south in East from the Great Plains and
Midwest into the eastern US late this week through the entire weekend is what
you have to look for summertime conditions will continue ahead of this
front like I was explaining a while ago and much of the southeast and southern
Great Plains and showers and thunderstorms associated with a trough
of low pressure moving west from the Bahamas which of course is our tropical
system may produce locally heavy rains over portions of southern Florida
peninsula tomorrow and Sunday the combination of the low humidities and
the strong winds we still got it’s going to lead to critical fire weather for
portions of the Lower Colorado basin central Great Basin and the central
Rockies and you guys do have red flag warnings in effect for today now let’s
check out where severe weather may be going on today and this is the
categorical outlook map as you see and there is that risk of severe
thunderstorms across portions of the central and southern plains and across
parts of southeastern Virginia and north eastern North Carolina now these storms
will more than likely folks on this morning knew ahead of time have large
hail and damaging winds and the storms should occur occur over these areas that
I’ve talked about late this afternoon going right on through the evening hours
so you can see what it’s looking like right in here do we have a chance of
tornadoes yes two percent chance over in the Virginia area and very north
northeastern part of North Carolina maybe a little bit of Marilyn in here in
the DC area and then when we move out west from wahoo me all the way down to
Kansas what about the wind well the wind is just about the same the wind gusts
should be primarily the strongest in the same area where we
the chance of the most severe storms but it does trickle on down to five percent
going down into South Carolina and up and out and over here it reaches all the
way up to North Dakota going down to Oklahoma and you guys in the panhandle
of Texas and the panhandle of Oklahoma if you do have any of these storms
occurring you do have a 15% chance of some severe winds what about the hail
greatest chance of hail is from Y only as you can see over in Nebraska Colorado
and Kansas five percent goes down to Oklahoma in Texas and it’s five percent
all the way across the board for Eastern Virginia North North Eastern
North Carolina probably DC and a little bit of Maryland
and that’s a check of your weather today the weather you need to know I
appreciate you so much stopping by checking out the weather with me as I
try to keep each one informed and safe and let you know what is on the way to
look out for so you are safe I love all of you I thank all of you so much for
everything you do for me I appreciate the donations I appreciate
the prayers you send me the comments the thumbs up
I appreciate you just watching my videos I just want you to know that and I hope
each of you have a good day a safe day and a blessed day and much peace loving
kindness to all thanks for watching

10 thoughts on “Weather YOU Need To KNOW with J7409 8/23/19

  1. Good morning Jewel we got rain again yesterday just a hard rain no bad thunderstorms I see today might be a little worse than yesterday you take care love you lady

  2. Good Morning Jewel from New Bern! I sure hope your feeling better and we don’t get too much rain. My house is still getting repaired from the flooding from Florence. I live right near the river on the Bridgeton side.

  3. Thank you ☺️ sweetheart!
    We sure need some rain here in Alabama, our county is in drought mode 😟🥵help!
    Much Love Jewel 💎!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️♥️🧚🏼‍♀️

  4. Good Morning J! Well, we finally had a thunderstorm last night! There was one clap of thunder so loud I nearly jumped out of my skin! I am glad we had a nice soaking rain however so my flowers and plants were well-watered. Were suppose to cool down a bit too this weekend so that's a good thing too! I always appreciate your in-depth weather reports! Have a blessed and beautiful Friday! Take care & God bless you my sister!

  5. A good Friday morning, J. Well, wet weather is coming and we need it. I can’t believe that September is just around the corner. I’m looking at the things I need to get done before fall, and there is not much time left. Thanks for the forecast, J and it really is the best forecast on the “Tube”. Be well and stay safe, my dear friend; I am hoping to check back with ya later.

  6. Good afternoon J: Got some rain today and it brought the temps. Down. Wishing you and your side-kick a very nice weekend. Sorry about your arthritis acting up. Thank U for your weather report

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