Weekly Torah Portion: Noach

Shalom. This week’s Torah portion is parashat Noach,
the second Torah portion in the book of B’reishieth, Genesis. The portion of B’reishieth detailed the
creation of the world and Adam and Chava’s brief stay in the Garden of Eden, their expulsion,
Cain’s murder of Abel…we learned of the first ten generations of humanity, all of
Adam’s descendants. And by the end of parasha, Torah states “And
Hashem saw that the evil of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of his
heart was only evil all the time. And Hashem regretted that He had made man
upon the earth, and He became grieved in His heart. And Hashem said, “I will blot out man, whom
I created, from upon the face of the earth, from man to cattle to creeping thing, to the
fowl of the heavens, for I regret that I made them.” But Noah found favor in the eyes of Hashem.” With the exception of the righteous Noach,
humanity turned against G-d altogether and under man’s influence, all of creation became
saturated with evil. Even the animals, even the very physical world
itself was corrupted beyond repair. Game over. The first verse of our portion, Chapter 6,
verse 9 states ‘Noach was a righteous man, perfect in his generations. Noach walked with G-d.’ As opposed to those who considered themselves
to be supermen – who put themselves above other men, those who called themselves bnei
Elohim, as in 6:4, the sons of G-d, because they made themselves into gods, into powerbrokers,
the elite, those who took whatever they wanted for themselves, those decadent and depraved
of the generation whose arrogance and desire for self-gratification ultimately destroyed
the foundations of the world – as opposed to these, Noach lived as a man and not more
than that. Living like a man is no small thing. It’s a full time job. ‘Noach was a righteous man.’ He lived according to the rules that are necessary
for a man to live by, for the upkeep and advancement of society and humanity, he cared about the
betterment of humanity. Indeed, our sages teach us that he was the
first to fashion agricultural tools for tilling the soil and farming, and this is precisely
what made him into a perfect tsaddik. For his time. And this is what is meant by ‘G-d walked
with Noach:’ Noach constantly acknowledged that he felt he needed Divine aid to strengthen
and uplift him. Many of the commentators understand that the
corrupt ‘sons of Elohim’ mentioned towards the conclusion of last week’s portion in
6:4 are the children of rulers; of judges and officers, who saw themselves above the
law and not subject to accepted societal norms. Our sages’ description of their downward
moral spiral sounds chillingly familiar. The Midrash characterize these people in this
manner: Self-proclaimed demigods, they would do as they pleased. They expressed no thankfulness to G-d for
the beautiful world they lived in, but on the contrary, they mocked Him. Ultimately they denied His existence. Their society was ruled by violence and aggression;
the law of the jungle. Violent robbery, called ‘hamas,’ was institutionalized;
even state-sponsored. Their sexual behavior was so depraved and
immoral that even the animals were influenced to cohabit outside their species. These were men who took whatever they wanted. Women were seen as nothing but objects of
pleasure. And these ‘sons of god’ permitted themselves
to take whatever women they wanted, even a bride from under her bridal canopy, even a
married woman. In short, their arrogance bred corruption,
led to the complete breakdown of morality, and brought about the destruction of the world. As opposed to these people, the Torah states,
Noach was a righteous man – perfect in his generations. Noach saw himself as a man – as an ordinary
person, responsible to and regulated by all the rules and boundaries that the real G-d
made for human beings. He prayed to Hashem for heavenly aid and help
not to fall. This recognition, modesty and humility are
what aided him and assisted him in becoming a righteous man, perfect in his generation. After the flood, Noah leaves the ark, brings
offerings, G-d renews His covenant with humanity and with the world. We learn of the descendants of Noah, from
whom were established the seventy nations of the world, as the verse states in 10:32
– “These are the families of Noah’s descendants, according to their generations,
by their nations; and from these the nations were separated on the earth after the Flood. But after the Generation of the Flood, after
the earth has healed, and presumably, man, collectively, would have, should have learned
his lesson…just when we would have thought that humanity might just get it right, we
encounter the saga of the Generation of the Dispersion, the builders of the Tower of Babel. Chapter 11 begins: “Now the whole earth was of one language
and common purpose. And it came to pass when they travelled from
the east, that they found a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there. And they said to one another, “Come, let us
make bricks and burn them in fire”; so the bricks were to them for stones, and the clay
was to them for mortar. And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves
a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest
we be scattered upon the face of the entire earth.” And Hashem descended to see the city and the
tower that the sons of man had built. And Hashem said, “Behold! they are one people,
and they all have one language, and this is what they have begun to do. Now, will it not be withheld from them, all
that they have planned to do? Come, let us descend and confuse their language,
so that one will not understand the language of his companion.” And Hashem scattered them from there upon
the face of the entire earth, and they ceased building the city. Therefore, He named it Babel, for there Hashem
confused the language of the entire earth, and from there Hashem scattered them upon
the face of the entire earth.” What was all this about? Ostensibly, it doesn’t seem like such a
terrible thing, to build a city and a tower. And the sins of the Generation of the Dispersion,
as opposed to those horrendous deeds of the Generation of the Flood, are not really spelled
out. Rashi cites a discussion of our sages: Which
sins were worse? Those of the generation of the Flood, or those
of the Generation of the Dispersion? The former did not stretch forth their hands
against G-d, whereas the latter stretched forth their hands against G-d, to wage war
against Him. Chapter 11 begins with the words, “Now the
whole earth was of one language and common purpose. These words ‘devarim achadim’ can indeed
be translated as ‘one language.’ Rashi tells us that the whole world was speaking
Hebrew. But ‘devarim achadim,’ in addition to
‘uniform’ or ‘one’ language, also signifies ‘sharp words.’ According to the Midrash, the backstory is
that they spoke against the ‘Unique One’ of the world; the people came with one scheme
and said, ‘G-d has no right to the upper regions. Let us ascend to the sky and wage war with
Him.’ Another idea, which we shall touch upon later,
is that they spoke ‘sharp words’ against Abraham, who is introduced at the end of this
portion. Perhaps the most amazing and perplexing insight
of all shared by the Midrash, is the statement that ‘the people said, once every 1656 years
the sky totters as it did in the time of the flood. Come and let us make supports for it. In other words, let’s be ready for the next
flood. But where is the war being waged against G-d? Ok, so they were scientists…concerned with
climate change? They did research and concluded that the great
flood wasn’t an isolated incident, an act of G-d, but the beginning of a pattern that
would be repeating itself, and they wanted to be prepared for it? The first flood in Noah’s time occurred
1656 years AM, in the year of our world, after creation, so therefore every 1656 years the
floodgates will open? So their intention in building the city and
the tower so that they should not be scattered over the earth…was to be in a position to
brace up the heavens against future flooding, since according to their reasoning once every
1656 years the sky totters and they want to build supports. So they wanted to build supports for heaven…but
all this is taking place less than 400 years after Noah and the flood…the sages ask,
why did they build it now, when according to their account they still had more than
1200 years to go before the next flood. If all this is confusing, let’s begin at
the beginning. The story really begins with Nimrod. In 10:8 we read, ‘And Cush begot Nimrod,
He was the first to be a mighty man on earth. He was a mighty hunter before Hashem, therefore
it said, like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before Hashem. The beginning of his kingdom was Babel…etc…in
the land of Shinar. Nimrod, which could be translated as ‘we
shall rebel,’ was a grandson of Ham, father of Canaan, the line which Noah cursed to be
slaves. Nimrod’s goal was total mastery over others,
over everyone…even over Hashem…he made himself king over the entire generation…but
this was more than just an undeserved and usurped kingship; first of all he was really
the first king, there were no kings…and no wars…before him……he took control
of the people of his generation, as the verse states (10:9)… ‘He was the first to be a mighty man on
earth’ …there is a whole story about how he achieved this position through the garments
of Adam, the very same garments which G-d Himself fashioned for Adam and Eve before
banishing them from the Garden of Eden, as stated in Gen. 3:21. Those garments were with Noah on the ark,
and they found their way to Nimrod. They possessed special qualities, according
to ancient teachings, which enabled the wearer to achieve domination over all the animals
and beasts. When Nimrod wore them, all the beasts of the
field came and bowed before him. People thought it was his own power, but it
was only his clothes. He was just manipulating public opinion, but
they made him king nonetheless. So Nimrod said to the people, let’s build
a city and dwell there, lest we be scattered, and we’ll build a big tower there and climb
up to heaven and make a great name for ourselves. “Because of three things the earth trembles,’
Proverbs 30:22 declares, and the first is ‘because of a slave who reigns,’ a reference
to Nimrod. The great Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch offers
an amazing alternative translation of these verses, based on the deepest understanding
of who Nimrod was: ‘ And Cush gave birth to Nimrod. He started being a mighty man upon the earth. He was a crafty hero before G-d, wherefore
it is said: like nimrod, a crafty hero before G-d. The verse actually states (10:9)…’hu hechel
l’hiot gibor…’ ‘He was the first to be a mighty man on
earth’ …hechel really means started, so He started being a gibor, a mighty man on
earth, but was he really the first? There had been giborim before him, we recall
the sons of Elohim, and the Nephillim. But Nimrod was first to turn being a mighty
man into a profession. Being a mighty man was the sum total of his
nature, and his entire life’s mission, and this was his craftiness – his whole character,
his whole position in life. He created this profession thru exercising
considerable force, physical bodily force. He strong-armed. He was calculating, ruthless, and cunning,
but mostly he was just plain overpowering, and all in the service of himself. And he wasn’t just a gibor, the verse tells
us that he was a gibor tzayid, a hunter, and as Rav Hirsch expounds, it’s this modification
that makes his profession of gibor, so ominous. He wasn’t a hunter of animals but a gibor
who hunted and caught human beings. Nimrod was the first man to blend violence
with cunning to catch men for his plans. The first to be a mighty man on earth, Nimrod
was ‘a mighty hunter before Hashem.’ That doesn’t mean ‘in the name of G-d;
but rather testifies to his misuse of the name of G-d…he suppressed his fellow men
in Hashem’s name. The very name which stands for love and kindness,
and freedom for all people. At first he cloaked his domination under the
ruse of it being pleasing to G-d, and then demanded recognition of his power in the name
of G-d, but then he himself became a god. He was the first, the prototype of all those
who craftily crown themselves with a halo of self-proclaimed holiness, but whose real
agenda is the enslavement of men. And indeed the enslavement, the mental enslavement
of men, the destruction of the individual, the crushing of the individual will and spirit
in the name of the ‘community,’ in the name of advancement, in the name of progress
and technology, this was Nimrod’s goal. As the verse attests, this plain of Shinar
was the territory where Nimrod began his reign. But our sages teach that there were no stones
in this valley of Babylon…thus ‘And they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks
and burn them in fire”; so the bricks were to them for stones, and the clay was to them
for mortar.” This was a place where all building material
was lacking and so they sought to create artificial, man made stones… not the stones that Hashem
provides for building, we don’t need Him or His help…. they joined forces not only
to overcome that limitation, but to master nature, and not only to master nature, but
to subdue G-d and any need for Him… As a community focused on seizing complete
control, they fancied that they would be invincible. They dedicated themselves to making something
that would serve as a perpetual reminder of the power of the community over the individual. Nimrod set up what he sold as a model community. All for one and one for all. But without Hashem, with the elimination of
the Divine image in which each individual man was created, there is no community, there
is only exploitation. Thus a famous teaching informs us that the
project of building the tower reached a level of organization and mechanization that surely
must have been the wonder of the world… but in a chilling revelation of just how the
community was valued over the individual, in a disturbing vision of the role of technology
in man’s life, the sages teach us that when a stone, hoisted and raised towards the top
of the tower with an elaborate system of pullies and ramps and cranes…when a building stone
inadvertently slipped and dropped to the bottom, everyone would stop their work and wail and
cry bitterly for the setback and delay in completion…but when a human being, a fellow
worker fell to his death, everyone kept right on working without pausing for a moment. So the avowed goal of this project was to
cast the kingdom of Heaven from upon them – and Hashem let them. He set them up. This is the meaning of Psalms 2:4, ‘He who
sits in Heaven will laugh, Hashem will mock them.’ So through this tower, under Nimrod’s leadership,
the people of this generation sought ‘to prevent another flood’… really meaning
that after banishing G-d from the lives of men and from the earth altogether, they wanted
to usurp his position…they knew very well that the reason for the flood had been the
sins of that generation…but their goal was for them to determine the fate and direction
of mankind and the administration of life on earth…get out of here, they said, you
stay up there on top, we’ll take over the bottom. Thus: This tower in the valley of Shinar was
designed as the ‘twinner,’ the negative image of the Beit HaMikdash, the Holy Temple
in Jerusalem. They wanted their tower, their ‘Dark Tower,’
to be the guiding light for mankind. This was a war of the wills…their will against
Hashem’s. They were united in their decision to build
one city, with all in agreement that not one person be willing to give themselves over
to do Hashem’s will… check Him at the door before coming into this city…Their
goal was to ignore G-d altogether. They reasoned that if there would not be one
man in the entire world who was prepared to do Hashem’s will, they could succeed in
banishing Him from the earth…and therefore there would never be another flood because
He would have no influence in this world, He would severe His connection to it. The tower was merely a symbol of their unity;
according to their reasoning it was their unity, their single-minded blacklisting, banishing
of Hashem, which would prevent another flood. This is the idea expressed by the Midrash
as ‘they were making supports to prop up heaven.’ But understand this: The real reason for getting
everybody to move to that city, was in order to quash every individual’s identity and
aspiration, to ensure total mind control, that there should not be even one man on earth
who accepted Hashem, as did Noach in his time. In Noah’s time, they reasoned, Hashem administered
His justice on the earth, and kept up His relationship, His influence, with the world,
as it were, for the sake of His relationship with Noah, whom He entrusted with the continuation
of life on earth after the flood. Thus the Midrash teaches that they sent after
Avraham to join them, to try and enlist his support and win him over to their way of thinking. Knowing what a truly righteous tsaddik he
was, how he lived literally only to do Hashem’s will, they were initially afraid that he would
ruin everything, and that on his account Hashem would still want to be involved with this
world. But ultimately even though Avraham obviously
refused to join them they were no longer concerned, because they reasoned that since Avraham has
no child, no heir to continue his spiritual path, his relationship with Hashem is only
temporary, and the same regarding Hashem’s relationship with the world. This is the meaning of the interpretation
they said ‘devarim chadim’ sharp words against Avraham. So why did they build it now, at the end of
the second thousand, way before the time when according to their calculations another flood
could be expected? The great Ramchal explains: this was a special
destiny-charged time in human history…a time of putting down roots. Before the sin Adam was indeed a very lofty
spiritual being, it was a different level of man, and as a result of his action in the
Garden, Adam descended greatly and his spiritual nature was dulled, sullied, he descended to
a lower level and with him, all of humanity. But these were formative years, populated
by great, massive souls, who had the potential to elevate all humanity. Hashem was still presenting the people of
this generation with the opportunity to rise to man’s former level, to uplift all of
humanity, to regain their lost status. This was for a limited time in Hashem’s
wisdom, this time of humanity’s roots… it was to be up until the Generation of the
Dispersion. These people, the people of the generation
of the dispersion, were huge souls. Here we are standing at an influential time
in the development of human history; we are standing at the threshold of human history. They had immense potential. But once again, they made bad choices. They wanted all the power and control for
themselves. They knew that they were coming to the end
of this special, preordained time, the time of the roots, and they wanted to make sure
that humanity’s course was set, all right…without Hashem’s presence in the world. Therefore it was imperative for them to unify
now and make sure that not one person would be interested in serving Hashem. The tower vs. the Holy Temple. To steal the shefa, the Divine Influence of
blessing in the world, and to reroute it through their own twisted egos. Making a name for ourselves. The enslavement of mankind to false values. The destruction of the individual. The deification of false leaders. The worship of technology. The lust for fame. The desire to be in control. The desire to be G-d. Have we learned anything? These Torah portions remind us that we are
not in control. We need to appreciate Hashem in our lives,
and we need to appreciate and recognize our own limitations. Like Noach, we need to acknowledge that we
are people, in Hashem’s world, in Hashem’s plan, who need Hashem, who desperately want
Him in this world, and who live by boundaries and rules. This is our turn to be alive. This is how we take our place in the march
of the generations and reflect the Divine image in which we were created.

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  1. Shalom from Oklahoma , so good to be able to hear your torah portions. I hope to see you again sometime soon . Isaiah 60

  2. I love the riches of ancient wisdom and the joy of knowing God I give thanks for adoption into the great family of God not by my righteousness but by faith in Christ Jesus I am so blessed to hear the beauty of God’s love for His creation ?Hebrew 8:14 hallelujah glory to God in the Highest

  3. Toda raba for this enlightening teaching,at least for me,and hopefully for many others,but unfortunately,as how the entire world is looking now,we didn't learn anything from all that happened during these 5779years,most of the people doesn't believe in God,they live only for pleasure,money and desires,so what can we expect to happen if we don't do TESHUVAH????The history repeats itself over and over again,and we are not capable to learn anything from it,we need to wake up now,because we are running out of time…..MAY HASHEM FORGIVE,BLESS AND PROTECT US ALL!!!!! ✡️?✡️?✡️?✡️?✡️?✡️?

  4. If the STONES fell,those who have the ESSENCE of the father and son(eben) they would be upset and granted,should be,but if a human (Adam/Serpent 6=666)fell,they didn't care,and shouldn't,should they?

  5. Ever since I found your Chanel I wait weekly for the weekly Torah portion thank you for the knowledge and what an amazing ending! I have never felt so happy and alive B”H he has changed me into a better person and always keeping him in mind in all I do, thank you for this video ❤️

  6. Hashem said he would never flood the earth again but said nothing of fire or comet. Repent now.

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  8. Love your weekly teachings, Rabbi! ? We seem to have come full circle! Sadly, mankind hasn't learned much since The Great Flood….

  9. Thank you Rabbi,
    I have learned much! Though your teaching today.
    May we all, continue to learn of him! who graciously created us. He who brought, all worlds into existence.
    May l, be found worthy!
    To serve him, and to honour him! all the days of my life.
    From England.

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    3-4 CHESHVAN  5780

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  12. Brilliant analysis and commentary , Rabbi. It agrees with Isaiah 14. The whole Bible is a series of parables which attempt to show, in code, what is happening today. The evil leaders of this world, who are so thirsty for absolute power and control over all things, and so corrupt, have devised a weapons system which uses WIFI and other forces to control every aspect of human beings, and all living things, the weather, the earth, etc.
    There is a group of people right now and for the last 7 years have been overtly attacked by these weapons systems, what is called Zion in the Bible. These, like myself, have been selected, whether by bloodline or by some other means, to undergo this extreme spiritual persecution and persecution of every kind. Your kind and analytical soul, I hope, will not reject what I am saying to you. I am telling the truth. They are known as targeted individuals. Hashem is allowing it for His own reasons, (see Psalm 50:5, Zephaniah 1:7) Our testimonies are all over the internet, however, there seems to be a preponderance of fakers as well who are saying that the persecution is something completely different.

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  14. That account of Nimrod and his government sound eerily like some of the plans of the UN.

  15. I always thought that they made the tower of Babelin such a way that it would knock the Earth off its course around the sun.so much so that it would cause problems for the Earth. Shabbat shalom

  16. I watched this three times. I also watched the same portion posted earlier in which Einstein was mentioned. I agree whole heartedly that we must praise and thank God at ALL TIME! Praise God before we pray! Thank God before we ask. I laughed, cried tears of joy and said amen Rabbi, hit the nail on the head, you did!

  17. "Without Hashem… There's no community". As a Son of Noah I appreciate our international community under Hashem.

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