Welcome To The Official River Monsters™ Channel

Jeremy Wade: All over the world, people tell stories. “They want your blood” “There are killing machines” Jeremy Wade: About large and dangerous creatures, lurking in rivers and lakes. But where’s the evidence? No camera can see into muddy river water, so it’s not possible to make conventional natural history programmes, about what lives there. So we took an unconventional approach, sending a line into the depths to bring the inhabitants to the surface, up into the light, where we can see them. There is it, that’s the fish, there’s the fish! Hey! Look at that, look at that, look at that, look at that! Ah! Woh! There it is! What a monster this thing is!

53 thoughts on “Welcome To The Official River Monsters™ Channel

  1. river monsters will always be one of the meat movie series of animal planet I will miss you Jeremy

  2. HELP!!!!!!! I need you guys, their going to take this show off the air. its a great show #or family and Kiss please help. !!!!!!


  4. We will miss you and your show, you made fishing quite interesting, educational and cool.

  5. Hey, river monster, here in my country there is a Lake that is said to have huge fishes in it. You should come. The lake is part of a community that takes very good care of its resources so its a show worthy commuty: big lake, big fish, great community.

  6. River Monsters you know brave wilderness he has a channel and a season called Dragon tails he finds snapping turtles the common snapping turtle and the alligator snapping turtle please make a video of you reacting to his channel

  7. I'm a big fan of Jeremy Wade and my favorite show River monsters.. Even I also want to become be like him..(Jeremy)..I love to see his shows even in midnight also.. all time favorite..

  8. In our country,s all place their lived another types of snack hade

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  10. Are u the best Fisher man because u have caught more fish than I have hair on my head

  11. A little late to the game, but I’m so glad you’re here guys!! I’ve been waiting for this! <3333 I’m a huge fan! 😀

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  13. My spouse is from Jamaica, they have really big frogs down there, one attacked a fisherman, they had to shoot it, I have the picture, she sent me.

  14. My God u have really and truly bought the unseen World to our screens thanku so much just awesome stuff !!!

  15. jeremy why you not come in bangladesh where here have lot's of hilsa fish.you can research on them

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