Westin LED Lights & LED Light Bars

Ann: Hi, this is [Antinae], with RealTruck.com,
standing here with Bob West of Weston, and he’s going to show us and take us through
these LED lighting options. Bob: Hey. Yeah, welcome to SEMA this year,
and one of the things that we’re showing is a complete, full line of our new lighting,
LED light program. I think at Weston, we’ve got one of the more complete programs of auxiliary
lights, as well as the traditional LED light bars. We do everything from the double roll,
single roll, from two inch up to fifty inch. And when people think LED lighting, that’s
probably the first thing that they think about, is the full, over the top light bars. But
the market is changing now, and people are adopting the more auxiliary lights, and I
think that’s where we shine as much as anything. We’ve added a lot of new lights to our program.
We go to the two inch little square lights. We go anywhere from three watt up to twenty-five
watt LED. We use some Cree and Epistar LED, so we’ve got state of the art technology. When you look at it, from the single lights,
we’ve got full on light pairs, so we got pair packs, so you can outfit your stock vehicle,
you can add them into your factory fog light or driving light holds, as well as mount them
to any kind of grill guards and light bars that you may have, both under the vehicle,
as well as on top of the vehicle. We’re really proud of our LED program, and I think that
we’re looking for good things from this category. Ann: Can we turn the lights on? Bob: Sure, of course. We can come over here.
You can flip, there’s our dual roll. Ann: Wow, they’re pretty bright. Bob: Yeah. Ann: Everybody right now hates us. Looks good. Bob: Yeah. Ann: Thank you so much, Bob. Bob: No problem. We’re happy to light up the
world here today. Thanks.

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