What A $4 Million Dollar Manufactured Mobile Home Looks Like

We’re sure that many of you dream of living
a debt-free lifestyle, and if you’re like us then you’ve often considered alternative
housing options like mobile homes and tiny houses to make that dream a reality. It’s easy to get sidetracked when researching
alternative homes, and end up daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a fabulous,
million-dollar mobile home. That’s how we stumbled across one of the
most expensive mobile homes in the world – a stunning, $4-million double-wide mobile home
for sale in Malibu, California. Located in Paradise Cove, the world’s most
expensive “land-lease community” – that’s just a fancy name for “trailer park” by
the way – this place looks like something straight out of a design magazine. Today on the Infographics Show w e’re going
to bring those mobile home daydreams to life and explore what it would be like to buy this
amazing and unique $4 million dollar mobile home. ——————————————————————————————————————————-
I’m a rich and famous Hollywood actor! No, wait…I’m an Oscar-winning movie director! Hmm, no…that’s not quite right…Okay,
I’ve got it… I’m a successful writer with a string of
hit TV series under my belt and some money in the bank, looking to find a place to settle
down in. Even though I’m super successful, I’ve
never let my success get to my head, and I want to stay true to my small-town roots – I
don’t want anything ostentatious or over the top, just a simple, comfortable home. The only problem is, I really want to live
in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the country – Malibu, California. My real estate agent has shown me countless
homes in and around Malibu, but every one of them has been too expensive or needs too
much work. Plus, they are all so big, and I worry about
the time and money it would take to maintain such a lavish home. I suspect that my real estate agent is getting
frustrated with me, but I just want to find the perfect home. I check my phone and see that I have a text
message from my real estate agent – she says that she’s found the perfect property for
me in a star-studded neighbourhood, and she wants me to meet her there right away. Only after I agree does she send me the address,
and as soon as I type it into Google I can see why – she wants me to meet her at a trailer
park! Knowing she’s already waiting for me there,
and intrigued by how close to the ocean this place is, I hop into my Porsche (hey, it’s
my daydream!) and head to the trailer park. My real estate agent is waiting for me at
the gate looking sheepish. I’m barely out of the car before she’s
trying to sell me on the trailer park – or “land-lease community”, as she calls it. “Just trust me”, she says, “Forget everything
you think you know about trailer parks and mobile homes, and give it a shot.” Feeling guilty about all the houses I’ve
turned down so far, I follow her through the gates. “So the property we’re going to see is
on one of the best lots in the park, with amazing views, great gardens and lots of updates. Best of all, it’s a great deal at only $3,995,000!” “What do you mean ‘only’ $4 million
dollars!?”, I said, “No offence, but that seems pretty pricey for a trailer…” “I can see why you might think that”,
my agent replied “but you have to consider what you’re getting for that price. You of all people know how expensive homes
in Malibu are…” she says. I can hardly fail to notice her subtle jab
at my quick dismissal of every property she’s shown me so far. “A typical home around here this close to
the ocean would sell for more than $50 million dollars, and renting a place in Malibu could
easily cost more than $50,000 a month for a place even smaller than this trailer. Remember, location is everything when it comes
to real estate.” I know she’s right, but before I can agree
she hits me with another bombshell: “The lot fees are around $25,000 a month”,
she says. “Whoa!”, I say. “That’s crazy, why would I pay rent if
I already own the place!?” “I know it’s a new concept for you”,
she says patiently, “but although you’d own the home itself, you wouldn’t actually
own the land it sits on. The lot fees cover the land lease, as well
as lots of maintenance costs and amenities. Think of it more like condo fees than rent.” “Alright”, I say. “I like the idea of not having to do my
own maintenance! What kind of amenities are we talking about?” “I’m glad you asked!” my real estate
agent says, as we walk past a well-maintained tennis court. “Paradise Cove Park is one of the premier
land-lease communities in the country. The park landscaped grounds are located on
prime Malibu land with scenic views, and the state-of-the-art community centre and recreational
facilities are world-class!” As we walk further into the park, she points
out a trail to the side of the road. “Park residents have direct access to a
private beach”, she says. Just then, a gorgeous blonde woman who looks
oddly familiar steps off the trail in front of us. “Hi, there!”, she says. “You must be new here! I’m Pamela.” “Hi Pamela”, I say, shaking her hand. “I’m just here today to look at a potential
new home. Have you lived here a long time?” “I’ve lived here for a few years now,”
she says. “I moved in temporarily while my home was
undergoing renovations, but my sons loved it here so much that we couldn’t bear to
leave! It’s such a great community, I’m sure
you’d love it here.” “Wow, that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!”, I say. “No problem!” she says, flashing me a
million-watt smile. “See you around!” “See!”, says my realtor with a smug smile. “What!?” I say. “Oh please”, she says, with an eye roll. “Don’t pretend you don’t recognize Pamela
Anderson! I told you this was a star-studded neighbourhood!” “Wow!” I say, as I shake my head. “I have to say, Paradise Cove is nothing
like what I thought a trailer park would be like.” “I told you to trust me!” she says. “Paradise Cove is one of the most expensive
and exclusive land-lease communities in the country, and it has one of the lowest crime
rates of any neighbourhood in the state. Plus, you can’t underestimate the social
and emotional benefits of living in a close-knit community of like-minded individuals. Ahh, here we are!” I look around at the modest but adorable house
in front of me, taking in the tasteful exterior and immaculate landscaping. “I don’t understand”, I say. “I thought you were taking me to see a mobile
home.” “We prefer the term ‘manufactured home’
“, she sniffs. “Pre-fabbed homes have a bad reputation,
but it’s totally undeserved. It just means that the structure was built
in a factory before being moved into place. In fact, the trailer and even the wheels are
still underneath the home! The truth is, manufactured homes offer better
quality for a lower cost per square foot, plus the utility costs are lower, they are
less expensive to maintain and they are more environmentally friendly!” “That’s good to know. Exactly how big is this place, anyway?” I ask. “Great question”, she says. “Typical manufactured homes are up to 18
feet wide, since that’s the maximum size that can be moved on a trailer on public roads. This particular model is what’s called a
‘double-wide’, which means that it’s actually two units parked next to each other. Including the master suite addition, you get
an impressive 2,500 total square feet of interior living space, with none of the narrow hallways
or small rooms you’d expect to find in a trailer.” “Alright”, I say. “I’m impressed so far, but let’s see
the inside.” “I can’t wait to show you!” my agent
gushes. “Interior design for manufactured homes
has really come a long way in recent years! You’ve heard of Jennifer Siegal, I’m sure…?”
she asks. “Umm, no. Sorry.” I admit. “Oh, well, I’m surprised”, she says. “She’s a very famous interior designer
who specializes in manufactured homes. Her philosophy is that the smaller your footprint
is, the bigger your design impact can be. This home is a true example of that principle
in action.” I don’t appreciate her condescending remarks,
but before I can come up with a snarky comeback, she opens the front door and I’m left speechless. I walk into a spacious and lavish open-concept
living area with vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and designer finishes. I can hardly believe I’m in a mobile home. I pick my jaw up off the floor and manage
a weak “Whoa…”. “I know”, smirks my real estate agent. “Not exactly what you were imagining, is
it?” I don’t bother to answer. Instead, I head straight into the state-of-the-art
kitchen just off the living room. One look at the custom cabinets, granite countertops
and luxury fixtures, and I’m already picturing myself whipping up a gourmet meal while chatting
away with my guests in the living room. Never mind the fact that I can barely be trusted
to reheat leftovers…. With reluctance, I let my real estate agent
lead me away from the amazing entertaining space and past three gorgeous guest bedrooms
complete with spa-like en-suite bathrooms on the way to the first surprise room – an
impressive office fit for the most distinguished professional, complete with a custom wood
ceiling and built-in bookshelves. We make our way to the addition that houses
the master suite, and as soon as I see it I know I’m in trouble. The master bedroom features panoramic ocean
views, an en-suite bathroom with a spa-like soaker tub, and an attached custom dressing
room that would make mornings a lot more tolerable. Best of all, the master suite provides private
access to the best part of this property – the outdoor space. As amazing as the interior is, the highlight
of this spectacular mobile home is definitely the outdoor space. With areas for cooking, eating and relaxing,
the immaculately landscaped garden almost doubles the living space of this home while
camouflaging the fact that you’re in a trailer park. And talk about a million dollar view! The entire park is on prime land, but this
lot in particular is one of the best in the park, complete with breathtaking ocean views. Between the magazine-worthy design and million
dollar views, world-class amenities and star-studded neighbourhood, this Malibu mobile home is
enough to convince even the most refined house hunter to consider a move to the trailer park. There’s only one thing left for me to say: “I’ll take it!” ————– As fun as it is to imagine living the good
life in a $4 million dollar mobile home in America’s most high-end trailer park, it’s
not the only small but luxurious home that’s inspired tiny-living daydreams. If you love the idea of a small home but just
need a little more space, the container home trend will provide plenty of inspiration. Shipping containers are inexpensive, stackable
and can be put together into endless configurations, leading some people to create some truly stunning
examples of container home design. One family in Denver, Colorado, created a
truly custom home out of seven shipping containers. Their two-storey, three-bedroom home has plenty
of space, is full of designer finishes and features incredible mountain views from the
rooftop deck. But the most impressive part is that the whole
structure was put together in a single day! RVs and trailer homes are more suitable to
the nomadic lifestyle, if you can live with even less space. Giving up space doesn’t have to mean giving
up comfort and style, though. If you thought $4 million dollars was a lot
of money for a mobile home, just wait until you see the world’s most expensive RV! At almost $4 million dollars, the EleMMent
Palazzo is a luxury yacht on wheels. It even has an extra powerful motor to handle
the weight of all the marble used in the interior. And if you think you’ve seen it all when
it comes to luxurious alternative homes, you have to check out the UK’s most expensive
houseboat. While modest-looking from the outside, this
converted 1930s barge offers more than 5,000 square feet of lavish interior living space,
including 5 bedrooms with en-suites, a two-storey living room with a floating fireplace, a sauna,
a trampoline and even a jet-ski platform. No wonder it was recently listed for nearly
$5 million dollars! Mobile homes are not only a great solution
to the current affordable housing crisis, but they can be a great investment – even
Warren Buffet, the world’s most successful investor, is getting into the “wheel estate”
game. His investment fund purchased American mobile
home manufacturer Clayton in 2003 for $1.3 billion dollars! We’re probably going to have to settle for
something a little more modest when it comes to our tiny dream home, but it is definitely
fun to daydream, and it’s more than a little encouraging to see that going small can pay
off big, even in expensive places like Malibu! If you liked this video then we’ve got two
more episodes you have to check out. “$1,000,000 Will Get You A House Like This
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