What a Difference a Day Makes / Beaver Dam Breaks / Floods Road / Cabin Life Ep 88

Glenn: Wow the road is flooded. Maureen: We might have to just park here. M: I’m parking here and walking in. G: Keep going it’s fine.
M: no…no…no… G: It is, it’s fine, just go through the center M: ok
G: Watch this guys. [Music: “Algonquin Trippin'” by Glenn Hubert] [Spring Peeper frogs chirping] [Sound of walking through water] G: Wow! It’s flooded! G: Wow the frogs are having a great time. G: All this area is flooded. G: how is it flooded so much we haven’t had any… G: well we’ve had some rain in the last
few days. G: however we haven’t had… G: this much rain to ever make the road flood this much… G: Unreal! G: Oh, I know what’s happened guys… G: there’s a beaver dam just over this way, G: and just uphill a little ways, I think
big beaver dam and a pond back there, G: and I think what’s happened is the Beaver
Dam is burst, and it’s coming all the way across… G: all the way across the land, it’s
flooded the land. G: Oh No G: Oh No G: Looks like it’s washing in his driveway
out. G: That’s our neighbor’s driveway… G: He has a big culvert in here but it’s above
the culvert G: I hope it doesn’t wash out his driveway completely. G: Unreal. G: Look it’s washed the road out. It’s
washing the road out here. G: It is washing his driveway out G: Oh yeah. G: Wow…got a canoe? G: Guys, this is all…this is all our
property here, and it’s all, it’s just flooded! G: Beaver Dam! M: It’s flooded all his land.. M: Look how much of his land is flooded. [car drives up] M: Hi. Man: A lot of water came from somewhere M:Yeah, it just happened, we just came home
about 20 minutes ago, and that wasn’t there. G: It normally doesn’t flow down this
way… for a couple of years it hasn’t come down this far. Man: It does’t come down this far… G: Very, very unusual the water is right up to the
roadside here… G: And this never happens G: I mean all out in front… unreal…
I mean look at this… G: It’s like a river. [Glenn & Maureen returning in car.] M: We might just have to park here. M: I’m parking here and walking in. G: Keep going it’s fine.
M: no…no…no… G: It is, it’s fine, just go through the center. M: ok
G: Watch this guys, We’re going through a flood. [A car driving through flooded road] [water splashing up] G: This is all flooded here. [walking through water] G: Hey guys, a little update.
It’s been two or three hours now, G: Yeah, closer to three hours
since we last gave you the update, G: and the flooding seems it, it’s continuing
and waters still coming in torrents… G: it does seem to be… I think past its peak now G: I think it’s
coming down a little bit… G: double culvert going across the road it
is a good thing that that was put in to G: you know avert any crisis like this
where you do have all the extra runoff G: of water usually that’s what, the spring
time, that they ensure that not in G: the event of something like this where.
I’m about 99.99% sure that it was a G: beaver dam that collapsed not too far
from here, probably less than about G: half a kilometer
you know quarter mile from here and G: it is it is draining and I think it is
slowing down now so that’s good. G: Sounds really nice got a river flowing
down beside the road. G: something we’re not something we’re not accustomed to seeing or hearing. G: Unfortunately the neighbor’s not going to be too happy, his driveway is getting washed out G: So, no we no way to contact him, eh? M: No. G: Oh well, M: I guess he’ll find out next time
he comes for a visit. G: Yeah. M: Unless he watches our YouTube videos. G: Yeah maybe he’ll see it. Alright. G: So and the other neighbor
over up on the far side G: seems to be that his driveways also partly
under water as well. G: So, we can contact him and and let them
know that you know, rather than having G: them wait for a while and that way they
can you know get anything done that G: needs to be as far as fill and repair
if need be. yeah alright. G: Well that’s it for this edition
we’ll see you next. Just an update. G: I’m Glenn…
M: I’m Maureen G: Bye for now.
M: Take care

32 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes / Beaver Dam Breaks / Floods Road / Cabin Life Ep 88

  1. Hello Glenn and Maureen, we had a flood a few years back and part of my apartment house driveway got washed away and we had 4 ft of water in the basement. 4 hot water tanks damaged. Washer and dryer. Typically the basement is bone dry. Crazy.💕 NonnaGrace

  2. Man! That water is moving! almost Looks like a creek right by the side of the road. Love the sounds of the frogs out there though 😉

  3. Hello you 2. So I beaver dam collapsed and this is what happened? 😯 Are you guys ok? Much love

  4. Wow Glenn & Maureen glad to hear you're both ok but it is beautiful up there all our rain is sitting in the farmers fields here.

  5. Sorry I missed the stream, we went away for vacation and had no internet or phone signal where we were. I've never seen a breached beaver dam flood so bad! It is a scary thought for the dam nearer to your house. Take care!

  6. I'm so glad you made it through the "river". I had a flashback of driving through a flooded road just before going over a bridge and my car stopped working! I had to wait for it to dry out a bit before it would start again! (Being near tidal creeks and a large bay we get flooded a lot.)

  7. Thanks for the update and thanks for sharing well i guess you have to blame the beaver maybe you should give mr beaver a 1000 dollar fine or something lol i just couldn´t help my self. Well it is not fun at all when these things happens andi hope your cabin are intact.Awesome video as usual .

  8. I suspect a busy human beaver is going to be kick starting his chainsaw pretty soon. Good thing the car didn't stall or Maureen would have confused you with a moose….

  9. Looks like some beavers have a lot of work to do. Take care guys

  10. Wow, there's a lot of damage that can happen when a dam breaks. Yikes for your poor neighbor, you can really see how it was pulling away part of the road.

  11. Amazing how much water beaver dam can hold… hope your Neighbor has "Dam Insurance"… the Peepers don't mind… Dennis

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  13. Holy smokes. That is quite the water going on. Hope you are ok. Frogs loving it eh

  14. just can't tame nature,was waiting all day to watch,your froggy pond just got bigger.hope all is well.

  15. Hope your neighbor's driveway didn't get washed out. Is he a snowbird since he's not there all the time?

  16. Looks like someone will need to fire up a chainsaw and build a bridge. Thank You Glenn and Maureen.

  17. LOL Hold my beer Watch This . oh my word my friends the power of mother nature Hoping all the Best Thank you

  18. I hope you guys are ok. Can't believe the Beaver dam was holding all that water. This year is just crazy with flooding just like 2017. Glad you guys could drive through the water. Canada's weather has changed dramatically since 2017.

  19. Wow were you able to notify your two neighbours that had their driveways under water? Or do they both live there year round?

  20. New here from Micky Xoxo live hope to see you soon

  21. wow, too bad it flooded your land – that's a lot of water looks like a river washing out that drive way. Nice that you're watching out for your neighbors in their absence. do beavers usually rebuild if their dam breaks? In Northern Saskatchewan they got rid of almost all the beavers and it ruined the land. It wasn't any good for growing because it was too wet, and it destroyed wild life habitat. Then they brought the beaver back to those wastelands and the beaver made it return to it's normal flourishing habitat within 5 to 10 years. Beaver are so industrious and hard workers. Lesson learned is don't mess with beaver dams I guess.

  22. Thank you for sharing this video. I hope you are doing well. Take care.

  23. So much rain lately It is raining as we speak. It was so nice of you to come to our channel. We are so glad we became friends with you. Hugs CM

  24. Stephan has a canoe or Two Glenn lol…
    Wow incredible how much damage all down to a busted Beavers dam.
    Is damage occurs to the road do the land owners have to pay to have it fixed ?
    How does this now affect the Beavers well being ?
    Just incredible…
    Love DeeDee x

  25. Wow. I remember our road being flooded every spring. The school bus rarely drove to come and get us when the water was over our knees.
    Ours wasn’t caused by beavers though, just poor road planning.
    Did the Municipality fix your neighbour’s driveway?
    I hope everything was okay.
    I hit the LIKE button! 😁👍🏻

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