What a Japanese River Park is Like

Hello world, where I’m from in Japan This is what a park is like. Well, it’s probably more accurate to say that this is what some parks in Tokyo are like. But anyways. In Tokyo, there are lots of bridges, elevated highways, and railroad tracks. You’ll often find parks nestled under them. At almost every park, you’ll find a water fountain where you can both drink from and wash things off with. I’m going to go to a toilet. No one’s there. And of course, there’s usually a place to relieve yourself. Stinky. Stinks! I’m always impressed with the efforts of the locals to make the concrete jungle a bit more like a real jungle. I’m going to go and do parkour. Parkour. Oh, oh wow! Wah. I did it! Yeah! Ye, ye, yeah! Here’s the park we’re going to today, but it’s not your average street corner or under-the-bridge park. This one’s a special river park located in the Edogawa ward. This is the start of the map, and let’s go! So, they call this a river park, but where I’m from, they’d call this a stream. Where are you Shin? In the hole! Ohhhh, yeah! I’m going to go on top of it. It’s too little, so don’t do it, okay. Only… like… kids. I think she can do it. See, it’s easy! There you go Shin, you did it! The park is several kilometres long, and along the way, there are several places to chill. Since the park spans multiple city blocks, we’re constantly passing over these little bridges. While this bridge is not really a bridge, there are plenty of landscaped features that are designed to have you jumping back and forth along the stream. Like with most Japanese “nature”, and I say that with air quotes, every part of it is the result of a human’s touch. Even though I wouldn’t call the nature natural, I would call it beautiful. There’s a rock there. Yeah! And there’s one right here too. And people go on like this and go to the rock and stuff. Then go! No, I don’t want to. Haha, I bet you thought that was the boy’s washroom. In case you’re wondering, kids are not discouraged from playing in the water, It is locked. Because it’s spring time only. It needs to be summer time before they unlock it. And in the summer, shower stations are open for the kids to use. Here’s one of the water play areas that’s being redone. The other side was still open though, and came complete with an evil hare… Yeah, it’s evil! … and not-so-evil tortoise. Rapunzel! Let down your hair. …and swings made from Rapunzel’s hair. Rapunzel! Let down your hair! Rapunzel’s hair is dirty, because everyone puts their shoes on it… and the shoes are on, like, toilets and they have poop on it. Tsk.. yeah. Or some peepee… or some bugs! I’ve never thought about it, but yeah, Rapunzel’s hair has got to be pretty gross. We started off way over that side. What, we did? Yeah, and then we’re going all the way to the boat. Oh, I was looking the wrong way. I was like, I thought I was here and then going here. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a konbini break. I’m thinking this, or this, or this. Konbini means convenient store. And anytime you’re in Tokyo, you’re never too far away from a konbini, so we dropped by to get some snacks. Daddy, this flavour is so yummy Daddy! What did you get? This! These are hot? Yeah, these are hot. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. We found the boat! And we were even able to do some whale watching! Pirates! Get off of me. After playing with the boats and whales, we hit up the little kid park to check out the dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure this roller slide was made for 3 years olds, but I think the kids were able to roll with it. Get it? Roll with it! Ahahahaha… Yeah! Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! What’s a park like where you’re from? Daddy, let’s do tag and then you are the oni (monster). Daddy, and then you need to go on there and count Daddy. Don’t film when we play tag Daddy! Yeah, that’s enough filming, time to go play with the kids. It’s… kind of dark in here… kids? Kids? Kids! Are you coming to find me? I’m the king!

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