What Are Dental Dams? 3 Lesbians Hilariously Try to Explain.

This kind of does smell like a yankee candle
from Bed Bath and Beyond. No, it totally does. What is a dental dam? That is a great question. Uh, I’ve done extensive Googling and no practicing
and I actually have no idea. I thought they were veneers of some sort. Under what circumstances did you put on a dental dam? Because I actually don’t know any queer women who use dental dams. I haven’t used a dental dam in a long time. I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t think they’re really in use. Technically, it’s suppose to be like a condom for your mouth. I guess, if you’re fucking someone who has warts. I have also used the so-called female condom,
which is like putting a plastic grocery bag up in your vagina and then letting someone
f*ck it. What would you do if someone, if a girl asked you to wear a dental dam during sex? I would ask, what is that? Do you have it? How do you use it? …is this necessary? I think I became a lesbian because I wanted to have unprotected sex. I didn’t want to pay for condoms. I think… I became a lesbian because I wanted a bargain.
What does it taste like? I don’t want to… It smells like marshmallows, but it doesn’t
really taste like anything. Mine tastes like latex powder. Hey Babe– It’s basically a Ziploc bag. It’s a Ziploc bag. If I saw a girl with this on her mouth, it would scare me
straight. Like imagine you’re trying to lick someone’s cl*t and you just have this like
sandwich bag in between you. It appears that dental dams don’t go on your mouth. They go on your vulva or your butthole. When properly used dental dams may help
reduce the risk of catching or spreading many sexual transmitted diseases, “STDs.” It’s got that mom scent. I know it’s made for protecting you while eating p*ssy, but it does smell
like a mom’s living room.

28 thoughts on “What Are Dental Dams? 3 Lesbians Hilariously Try to Explain.

  1. Not gonna use dental dams, ever. If I have to put seran wrap over m'lady's pussy, I'd rather not do it.

  2. Is that a woman, or a hot Asian guy? I like Asian guys. Is that an Asian guy?

    Update: Oh my God, that's a woman? Wow…
    She looks like a hot Asian guy

  3. Men already can't locate the clit, now you're going to put a blanket over it?

  4. Can a lesbian still get aids without condom ? Yes they can , both gay and straight can get it

  5. This sucks and isn’t funny. You all, especially as queer womxn, should be promoting safer sex among the queer community rather than making fun of a barrier method that needs to be talked about more and USED more to prevent STIs such as herpes and gonorrhea. using dental dams is a way for people to have safer oral sex, which in turn shows your partner that you respect them and care about their health. Making fun of their smell or how they look just feeds into how unpopularly theyre viewed in society. Yeah, they’re not glamorous, but neither are condoms sooo ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Damn, people complain about dudes not wanting to wear condoms, and the girl on the left, and really all of them are just as bad. Trashy.

  7. Smart to use if your partner has hpv or herpes with no signs or no breakouts cause the virus is still in their blood and u can still catch the genital one and now u have the mouth one so unless u trust people in 2019 be careful with your mouth

  8. is it safe to eat out a girl or not? it seems everyone does it but they say its not safe?? how can it not be safe yet everyone is doing it?

  9. This shit is HILARIOUS😭😭 Where do I subscribe to them?????☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ no but like actually do they have a Channel🙄🤣

  10. How did they not know about this. This was common education on gay websites when I was 13.

  11. this just shows how uneducated lesbians are at the topic of protection. very sad tbh

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