What causes Tsunamis?

Hello and welcome to my lesson where I
will be teaching you about Tsunamis. Let’s start off with the basics like how
they work. Tsunamis are caused by subduction zone earthquakes. A subduction zone earthquake is caused when an oceanic plate crashes into a continental
plate. Pressure starts to build then the heavier plate the oceanic plate falls
under the continental plate the earthquake makes some of the ocean floor
move up and the other parts move down this is mirrored on the surface the
gravity quickly makes the ocean flat again however the wave continues moving
underwater at up to nine hundred and seventy miles an hour these waves can
move over 15,000 kilometers but one of the ways we sure they don’t have enough
room to keep moving forward so they packed together and slowed down the
water rises forming a huge wall of water with a huge amount of energy when it
rises enough it crashes through the land devouring homes, buildings, and just
about anything in its path. Tsunamis can either look like large tides or if the
underwater waves have enough energy a massive wave. Luckily large tsunamis only
occur during earthquakes with a richter of 7.5 or more, but small earthquakes can
still create tsunamis that cause a huge amount of damage, an example of a huge
earthquake that caused a tsunami would be the earthquake in the Indian Ocean
that happened in 2004. It was a Richter of 9.2 meaning it was extremely powerful in
fact although the earthquake happened in the middle of the Indian Ocean the
vibrations could be felt across the world and in Alaska the vibrations
triggered an earthquake. The earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused lots of huge
tsunamis that hit 14 countries and killed 230,000 people. The tallest
tsunami created by the earthquake hit Indonesia and was 51 metres high. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed and if you did be sure to subscribe or check
out some other videos, thanks!

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