40 thoughts on “‘What do you mean the building moved?’ Miami man recalls

  1. We felt it here in the Cayman Islands big time! My whole house shook and I can honestly say I thought I was about to die. First time for us! Stay safe South Floridians!

  2. Not to freak anyone out but before I had my daughter I dreamt of a tsunami hitting Miami. Then after, when she was born about a year ago, without me ever telling her anything, she has a similar dream. So right now I’m a little scared. Can’t say I have never had prophetic dreams before. I hope this wasn’t one of them, but who the hell ever thought Miami would have earthquakes.

  3. Precursor to plate displacement, just the beginning. The 20's will be roaring. Signs for all to see.

  4. Nada, se cagaron en Miami y eso que apenas se movieron los edificios. Y van a haber más aftershocks y hasta la probabilidad de uno más grande que el que ocurrió hoy en las próximas 48 horas.

  5. 🗣WE in our last days😔👀👀👀 ..stay PRAYED UP🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. Here in California, everyone would have looked up for a moment, then just would have gone back to work.

  7. We Floridians don't get scared from a little unordenary shacking…

    we get our 2nd amendment

  8. Those older buildings were constructed in the 1980s during the Brickell boom and are actually better constructed than the new ones. Go home tourist you aren't from Miami.

  9. Because EARTHQUAKES don't normally happen in Miami you nimrod tourist out of towner.

  10. Did you hear there was an EARTHQUAKE in Miami!!! The world is coming off it's orbit. 😃🤣😂😥

  11. Cubans will panic if a Napkin goes missing. They will then bang Pots and Pans for the next 32 hours. 🤦

  12. I could not pay attention to what was being discussed about the earthquake . Staring at the staples on his clothing . WOW why ask him anything very distracting from the topic.

  13. FYI – most buildings in California are not built on rollers. Many are built to resist collapse by their architecture. A few are built on pads that move during a quake to minimize the movement of the building.

  14. God will take down every one who’s rich and don’t or never give him the time or give money to the ones that don’t have money god plan god Alive

  15. What do you mean the building moved? The building moved! People are over dramatic. Barely anything felt. Let's worry when we actually have a real earthquake.

  16. I believe Miami Florida is about to experience something that never happened before. Because it has turned it's back on God. But look where it happened act" and what's all there! I just believe that we all need to get prepare for the scripture and prophecy is coming to pass🙏

  17. I speak with my relatives in PR everyday. They go to sleep in clothes and wearing shoes. Unreal…….

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