What If You Were In A Tsunami? (FUNNY ANIMATION)

Tsunamis are well established as one of the
most powerful and destructive natural disasters. But have you ever wondered what would happen
if you were hit by one of these giant waves? And whether you’d survive such a catastrophe? A tsunami can occur after an earthquake, volcanic
eruption or a comparable disturbance under the ocean that is capable of displacing massive
volumes of water. And while the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of
Fire’ is considered the most active zone, tsunamis occur in oceans and large bodies
of water all over the world. It is believed that the earthquake responsible
for the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 released as much energy as 20,000 atomic
bombs. When it’s way-out in the deep ocean, a tsunami
is barely visible on the water’s surface, even as it travels great distances at speeds
up to 500 miles per hour. A warning that may indicate the imminent arrival
of these killer waves is the sudden receding of the ocean from the coast. And while you may be tempted to take a closer
look, you should do the exact opposite. Evacuate the area immediately! Ideally to higher ground, hills or mountains. But if there’s not enough time to escape,
find a sturdy vertical structure to climb, and get as high above the approaching water
as you can. As the shock wave approaches land, all that
energy transforms the water into a colossal wall that can reach heights of over 100 feet! And once it crashes ashore, a tsunami will
obliterate everything in its path. The rapidly rising and turbulent waters smash
homes and toss cars around like toys, as additional waves follow. The final round of devastation occurs when
the massive amount of water reverses course to return to the sea; Dragging everything
in its path along with it and most tragically sucking people under along the way. If you are swept up in the current, try to
grab onto something that floats, like a door or a fallen tree and prepare to experience
the terror described by some survivors as being a human pinball battered by debris from
all directions. And with so much destruction, it may be quite
some time before help is on the way. So, it’s always a good idea to be prepared
with an evacuation plan for you and your family. Just
in case.

100 thoughts on “What If You Were In A Tsunami? (FUNNY ANIMATION)

  1. So a tsunami can go to 800kmh shouldn’t it get a speeding ticket?

  2. me just stay under the water untill the tsunami hits the city

    yea u think i am dumb

    well ur maybe corret

  3. Just get a Zorb ball,justdustin style or maybe tape ur self to a vertical surface with flex tape

  4. But what about the people in Florida, they ain’t got any mountains or hills

  5. Other warning systems include civil defense measures, tsunamis are rare, tidal waves are not tsunamis, as tsunamis are many waves, but water level and DART stations are placed along the globe plus civil defense sirens and automated media alert systems including EAS

  6. I had a dream last night ten tsunamis will hit me each one bigger than the last
    Frick I live near the ocean

  7. I don't know about pinball. More like a ball from a pachinko machine.

  8. Uh. The 2010 Earthquake in Chile, caused a pacific wide tsunami.
    It length was to Hawaii. And yes yes. I was living when that happened.

  9. Me: I love being in philippines!!
    *Watches this video and after 2 minutes*
    Me: I regret what I said.

  10. make a video about meteor showers.

    ppppplllllllllzzzzzzz Fuzzy,Nutz JUST DO IT

  11. I try so hard to concentrate on what the guy is saying but I just love watching fuzzy and nutz torment each other lol

  12. The guy narrating this is actualy from yhe infographics show i think ?

  13. Me: I need to destroy the ocean
    Poseidon: am I a joke to you?
    Summons tsunami

  14. Sandcastle gets destroyed
    Retaliates by creating tsunami that can wipes out an entire city

  15. i made them happy by subscibing! …. and I PUT NUTZ IN A VOLCANO FOR REVENGE!!!!!!!!

  16. has anyone notice that there is a adult clownfish and a younger clownfish? its like finding nemo

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