What If Your Rental Property Catches Fire?

9 thoughts on “What If Your Rental Property Catches Fire?

  1. Hi! must the tenant require to buy rental insurance in case if the fire is caused by them?

  2. Rehab expenses may actually be compensated for in the claim if you show receipts? What if you paid a non licensed roofer or such…but can show the receipts?

  3. It seems like even if you get a check from the insurance company to more than cover the damages, you're still out that rent money that you could have been making while the rebuild is going on. Is that built into what insurance companies pay out? And what if you decide you don't want to rebuild but rather start over somewhere else? Do you just leave the property as is and take your money and go?

  4. i am a tenant and my landlord ask me to have a RENTER INSURANCE AND PUT HIM AS A ADDITIONAL INSURED.. what is the triky part here is it good for the renter or the landlord…

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