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An interceptor is our answer to the question:
how do we stop plastic from entering the oceans? The Interceptor is a
river cleanup system that is designed to collect plastic from rivers
– before it reaches the ocean Plastic flows down the river
– the current of the river that pushes towards the barrier that guides all the floating debris
– towards the mouth of the Interceptor itself in the entrance there is a
– conveyor belt that picks it up And takes it out of the water
– then it distributes it with a shuttle conveyor into six different garbage
– dumpsters which are located on a barge within the bay of the ponzu
– and once it’s full it sends a little alert to an operator on the shore the dumpsters can actually leave the system
sort of like a garbage truck then we take the barge to the shore
– and you get it to the waste management so that’s the whole concept of the Interceptor…

57 thoughts on “What is an Interceptor? | TEAM | RIVERS

  1. Would it be possible to have a long video of the working interceptors?
    Like a day in the life of an interceptor?

    I love those quick little videos you keep posting, but they do not really show anything to be honest.

    For the ones that are already on site, how often does garbage gets removed? Can we see it working?
    Any issues picked up? Is it autonomous or are there staff maintaining it?

    Also, where it is currently live, are you catching everything? 10%, 50%?

    I am not questioning your work, I am just eager to learn more than those 1 minute adverts.

    Thanks for the great work you are doing!

  2. Awesome! Getting the Plastics and Garbage before it hits the Oceans. This makes a huge impact in the world. Thank you bringing systems that work to reality.💪👍

  3. The real answer to stop plastic (trash) from entering the oceans is education. The interceptors are good as a temporary solution, but they will be running forever when people keep dumping trash in the rivers.
    Is The Ocean Cleanup team also involved in educational projects?

  4. Der Ocean Clean-up Team, Im going to sponsor your grest project on a monthly basis. But can you please more highlight, what actually happens to the garbage collected out of the river (which is the most important 1.step) in the countries where Interceptors 1 to 4 are operating. Because, if the garbage is not dealt with adequately, or it is even brought back to the river, that would be bad

  5. You are the best. I live in Mendoza and I am waiting to see an intersepter in our rivers. I got inspired and I'm already preparing a project to clean up the trash. THANK YOU

  6. This is truly an amazing and ingenious way of solving the problem and closing the taps!! Amazing invention!! We’re all with you!!

  7. We are going to need these everywhere. All the way from China, India to the London Thames. We need to start the cleanup operation now. In fact, they already have started. Well done to the ocean cleanup. Let’s rack this thing up to full power.

  8. Under which Licence are this videos published?

    Could we use and share them? (For example https://creativecommons.org/)

  9. are you surveying effect this might have on river ecosystem when not retrieving just plastic? i saw some weeds in there – those can be vital for nutrient circulation! got any publications in works? dont get me wrong, not criticising and dont want to make you feel threatened im just handling a thought

  10. If I was a billionaire, I would order 10 000 of these and spread them in rivers across the globe.

  11. Actually the interceptor 001 in jakarta doesn't have the exact shape like this prototype, it has no garbage dumpster, and the garbage only dump into a big bag which is full immediately, and they'll just remove it manually. I don't know why the interceptor 001 really different from the other models. But it's still work well, the orange vest people operate it continuesly I think, because it used be their job to clean the river, and the interceptor 001 does help them a lot. I can only thanks the TOC and everyone who are put their best efforts for cleaning the rivers.

  12. Hello Lady and Gentleman, Congratulacion amazing Machine, much respect from San Francisco of Macorís Dominican Republic

  13. How many Interceptors are they going to build for this huge task of cleaning the rivers around the world?

  14. now the unbelievers do not see again, or sit very quietly in a corner dying of shame

  15. #NOPLASTICWASTE Please sign this petition to help for a healthier world. 🍂🌎🍃🌱🌼

  16. Portugal watching
    I dont have any money but i send all good Karma… 👏💪👏💪👏💪👏💪

  17. I still think the same, who will pay the cleaning of the river? and something thats complex is necessary? Moreover, in Malaysia I don't think anyone pays to clean their rivers, no private company will pay for it and neither does the government.

    Can someone explain to me, what market studies have they done? Or are they really going to get benefits?

    It still seems to me a ridiculous, absurd idea and of someone who has never worked or with recycles or the sea …

    nobody is going to pay for this, the rivers are dirty because nobody wants to waste their money badly, not because there are no means to do so …

    It was not necessary to develop this boat blast

  18. Most of developing countries really bad in sanitation. Most of domestic waste(detergent or other chemicals substance)dump into river without filter or taking purification process.
    Im from indonesia please help us

  19. Fantastic system, Iooking forward to seeing more videos. Since it is anchored in the river, could a paddlewheel generator be cheaper to maintain than solar panels?

  20. Hm. Lots of leaves and branches. What is the unforeseen ecological impact of deploying these machines?

  21. Can you have a livestream of one of those in actions for full day? also allow donations in the chat. All help counts!


  23. This is great but let's also make it a point to not have these locals think "Oh hey, I can dump all my garbage into the rivers now cause the interceptor will take care of it". The next step would be to fix people's way of living.

  24. Give exact location for google earth for each machine so we can follow them/find them

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