100 thoughts on “What to Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Overnight

  1. I'd gladly open the door. But you're gonna have a mossberg 12 gauge with 3 1/2 Turkey loads pointed at your face and better have some damn good explaining to do. Wishing a mfr would

  2. Rings it overnight? Like, throughout the night? Or at night? Like nighttime. Or maybe, they ship the doorbell ring with overnight shipping? You hurt my education

  3. I would never answer the door to no one. It could be a set up, they could try to rob you. Seen that happen way too many times.

  4. So glad I disabled my doorbell a few weeks back and I wear headphones. Every single damn day, as soon as i got home from work, DINGDONG, can I get a cigarette?? Ugh……..

  5. If someone rang my doorbell overnight, I would say “Nobody’s home! Idi trakhni sebya!!!!”

  6. If someone knocks on your door at night what you do is open up your door, punch them in the face, quickly close your door and lock it then call the police

  7. “You will know whether you should let that person in”???!!

  8. I would tell her , I already called 911 and they arriving in 5 min. If she stay then she really need help, if she run away , then she was probably planning to invade the house!!

  9. Nah because where I’m staying an old ass lady comes to doors asking for help at 3:00 am and when u say no 2 guys jump in her car

  10. I wont open the door i would just stay in bed and watch on my tablet until i get sleepy

  11. I haven’t answered the door since that Bruce Willis movie where the man pushed in and terrorized the family, even with the father home. Idk though, if I saw someone being chased in a T-shirt, I would be thinking sexual abuse victim and I probably would be more inclined to try and help.

  12. I'd send my guard dog out, if your that distraught and disoriented. Certainly a growling dog isn't going to faze you. It would for a set up criminal though. You'll know!, like he said!

  13. Happened to me. I called out that I was calling the police for them. Turns out, drug people who had been casing my home( I was a single mother)- and had violent intentions. This is not always the case, but sad that we have to consider this.

  14. Me: is watching this at 11:30 at night, slowly getting scared
    Also me: remembers that no one has ever knocked on our door, even in daylight

  15. Did the police / law enforcement ever found out the identity of the woman (with her wrists tied with some sort of shackles)? I wonder what happened to her? And who tied her?

  16. But what if someone is trying to kill them and they need to get somewhere safe your basically murdering them

  17. It used to be illegal not to help someone in distress.

    Bunch of rich childless cowards in America now.

  18. Sorry people but my doorbell doesn’t work so try all you can will the doorbell it won’t work

  19. What to do if someone knocks on my door at night?. Man I've had multiple people knock at my bedroom window around 4 a.m so it doesn't freak me out. I even had a bum try to break into my bedroom,all because I left the window cracked open a bit. Luckily my window has a metal rod holding it shut. I just do what I usually do,grab my gun and tell'me : you got five seconds to get off my property and I've already counted to 3

  20. If you bang on a door as loud and throw your body at the door why would I open it???

  21. I never open the door. Never ever. I get my iPhone video ready my only witnessand also my best friend which is my Smith and Wesson……Arizona

  22. Well who ever didn't or wouldn't open the door for this woman shame on you

  23. Her: rings bell
    Me: “she’s a vsco girl”
    Also me: “And I oop” ??

  24. What would i do if a half naked women knocked on my door in the middle of the night?…..jackpot baby.

  25. Stranger bangs on my door at 3:20 AM, my AR15 barrel answers calmly… yes, can I help you?

  26. I thought the guy will teach as something smart to do with criminal and mentally knowledge of those kinds of experiences during his career, not just few common sense words!

  27. That's is really good to know.
    Ring a parent I think twice in that situation.

  28. I would litteraly offer a officer 1,000,000 dollars and tell him to guard for years

  29. Well looks like crack heads come out during these hours wow slamming up against the wall yeah no

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