What’s inside The Hoover Dam?

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  1. Very cool, Getting the behind the scenes views are the best. Amazing they thought of all those passage ways and piping way back when they built that.

  2. I first toured Hoover Dam in 1991. The tour in those days took you down the elevator at the center of the dam. In 2005, I took my wife on a tour only to find it had been greatly abbreviated due to security! I can understand, but I wish tours were still as comprehensive as before.

  3. The whole time i was watching this my stumic hurt. And it was really bad when u when under the big pipes

  4. That massive peace of machinery is a large vertical lathe and the slotted part is the table.

  5. linko:whats in there
    dan you dont want to know
    1second later
    thats where batman lives

  6. Ah yes , i remember massacring the legión with the help of the brotherhood and the boomers there

  7. Thank you for this lovely video. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to see such a huge establishment.

  8. GO TO AREA 51!!!! What's Inside?…………….A….R….E….A….51 There…I even made a video title for ya!

  9. For Nevada, Arizona, and even Col… California

    Like come on, you left us out 😐

  10. I'm 74. That gives me the right to give this opinion on those 2 accomplices. It is so rare nowadays to witness the love and the care between two intelligent, smart father and son… They explore the world, its people, and are becoming rich in the process, because they had an idea, one simple idea, plus they saw the opportunity. I enjoy watching them do it with great admiration. Also, by experience, I'm certain there is a loving (patient/tolerant) wife and mother supporting and encouraging the adventurous duo…

  11. Very similar to a cars alternater but no driven by an engine but by water, very clever really

  12. Too bad they wont offer this type of tour to the public. Went recently and is was about 30% of what you saw but only at distance.

  13. Well we visited every national Park in Utah which is a lot, and we visited the Hoover dam, we have also visited Yellowstone, We have also visited goblin Valley,

  14. I heard that dames have water 💦 wheels
    that powers the water 💦 into electricity

  15. I wonder what happens when you fall off the side with water and you get sucked in the tubes into the turbines (it scares me thinking about me)


  17. *Two billion watts, 2080MW
    Really nice seeing these lesser known places in Hoover Dam!

  18. Hey, great job on your video. I just got back from my tour of Hoover Dam, it's impressive.

  19. Boulder City resident here! I was so upset when they stopped the full tour because I never went when I had the chance. Seeing this fulfilled what I’m never allowed to see lol

  20. The generators could be MANIAC MOTORS . . . if they input voltage was as high as the output voltage coming out of the generators

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