When City Planning in Cities Skylines floods Atlantis

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  1. It's time for the finale. I hope everyone's enjoyed my City Planning series! Much like the Bob Family Household, I'd like to take a break and recharge before coming back for more. I'm really keen on playing the game's expansion content more, but I want to take time to properly understand these before streaming again. The way I see it, this will enable me to do even more things to my cities – just like how we set up The Hunger Games and the Thanos Snap through the Sims before. I hope that makes sense, and I'll see you all with some new games soon!

  2. Why do I feel like little timmy will hear the Kirby succ noise before he dies?

  3. are you a newfie, you sound like your from the east coast, I'm from newfoundland and you literally sound like newfie/irish

  4. 8:10
    literally entire worlds population: starts flooding
    twitter: i never really thought about how much garbage piles up in just two weeks

  5. Bad decisions, bad consequences.
    The Atlantians proved this so well, we still haven't found them.

  6. The wall will hold but the wall didn’t hold quote from every disaster movie with a wall

    Episode 2: Escape From Atlantis

    I perched myself on top of the cliff to the left of the dam keeping all the water out of Atlantis. I watched as all the blimps flew by, and some of them even came up to say hi to me. Then…

    The song.

    I heard it, and I knew what was going to happen. But lucky for me, I came to this city prepared. I waved to my friend, Carter, who pilots a blimp. He flew by me and I jumped to catch his hand. He got me down to the city and ditched the blimp as soon as the dam disappeared. He hopped into a cab and pulled me in, giving the driver my address. As the driver sped towards my home, Carter turned to me and put his hands on my shoulders.

    "Crystal, if we make it out alive, I wanted to tell you that I love you."

    The cab screeched to a halt in front of my house. Carter pulled me out of the cab and forced my front door open. I grabbed my backpack full of supplies, my new gecko Moonlight, and my phone as the water approached us slowly. Carter opened my car door so I could get in. I gave him my keys and he hit the gas pedal.

    "Hang on tight!"

    We sped towards the road leading up to the bridge. But we didn't stop there. We sped all the way to Canada. We were only 5 miles away from what used to be Atlantis when I looked out the back window.

    Everything was gone.

    Carter pulled over on the side of the road and got out. We sat on the front of my car and watched the sunset. At around midnight, Carter pulled out a ring box and opened it. Inside was a beautiful amethyst ring.

    "Crystal, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"

    I squealed and said yes. Carter pulled me into his arms, surrounding me with his warmth. This was the beginning of a new life for us.


    More "Crystal vs. RTGame" coming soon!

  8. 4:45 "lets put in a disater response unit because we care about our people"
    Me: Replays back to 1:08


  9. This game has one thing in this video that bugs me.. The lady says Astrologists report a meteor will devastate blah blah….. Astrologists ? LOL, YEA OK

  10. Thunder rain and lightning Danger on the rising Clement sirens screaming it's just a bad sign. Open your heart and you will see.

  11. this was the perfct endgame for cities skylines, it was just the perfect combination of old,new and a perfect finale with country roads 10/10 great expereince

  12. I can tell you from my city skyline binge. I will never get tired of this shit. I've been laughing my ass off for days

  13. At the beginning of earth you said that everyone will be offended

    Well, you're right, because you destroyed Europe.

  14. here because this video has been in my recommendations since last year…not sure why?

  15. If we could achieve world peace, this would be possible. Unfortunately, everybody hates eachother so that won't be possible.

  16. Jesus christ. Are you Dutch? That's the biggest polder I've ever seen!

  17. – me just chilling in my blimp –
    the sirens go off
    Me: oh, OH GOD.
    Everyone else: mhmmgkejajdlcnfbebfcjd drowing noises

  18. I Came back to this video a year later just to say thank you RT I was going through shite when you were doing this series and it helped me a lot along with all your other videos so thank you mate and I’m sending love from the short distance that is Scotland to Ireland I hope you keep up your work and stay true to yourself see ye later bold yin

  19. Blimp: Okey we're are landing… no wait
    Station: *is underwater*
    Blimp: Welp here we gooo.

  20. "I never really thought about how much garbage piles up in two weeks!" -Random citizen right before their death by flooding!

  21. West Virginia, mountain mamaaa take meee home toooo the place IIII belooong West Virginia

  22. Well, if you ever become a supreme deity I can rest comfortably because I'm Canadian.

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