When Giants Fall – Bowfishing on the Mississippi River

(exciting music)Here we are,
Mississippi Outdoors,and today we’re gonna
do some bow fishingon the Mississippi River with
my buddy, Hughes Skinner.And Hughes, he does some
guide and outfittinghere on the river,and mainly bow fishing this
time of year, don’t ya?– Yes, sir.– What are we gonna shoot today?– We’re gonna shoot some
gator gar and some long nose.We’re gonna see if we
can get some clear water,right off some shoots
off the Mississippi,and see if we can get
some big gator gar.– And you said earlier,we’re gonna go north
up the river, right?– Yes, sir.When the water’s falling,
all the clear waterthat’s been sitting
up comes out,comes out into the river.
– Right.– And so, if we can
sit right there, man,the gar should be right therewaiting for us.
– They’re gonna beright there where that muddy
and that clear water hit,aren’t they?
– Yes, sir.– Awesome, well,
let’s go do it, man.Yeah, when it comes to
this Mississippi River,you can’t play around.– No, I’d always rather
be safe than sorry, man.(upbeat music)– [Kevin] How long you been
doing, you know, guiding?– I’ve been guiding
for about five years.I got into it,
when I was little,my first time I
went bow fishing,man, we smoked ’em.I’m gonna tell you what,I’ve never had an
experience like it.Once I picked it up,
I never put it down.Just a passion of mine, it’s
just great to get outsideand have a lot of fun
with a bow and arrow.All right, we’re gonna try
right here for a second.– [Kevin] Which one’s you want?– [Hughes] Mine’s the blue
one, and yours is your choice.– [Kevin] All right,
bud, what we looking for?– Basically, any trash
fish that’ll swim,– Okay.
– But main target todayis gonna be some gar.We’re gonna see if we
can get on some big ones.It was a beautiful day,
the sun was perfect,and we started shooting fish.– [Kevin] What’s the
trick to shooting at onein the water like this.– So if you have one
like that right there,what you wanna do is
you wanna put your arrowa little under
him, and you shoot,you’ll hit ’em just like that.– [Kevin] I mean,
just like that.Good shot.– [Hughes] Thank you, sir.(exciting music)Just like that.It’s probably gone.(exciting music)– [Kevin] Got him.Just like you.I got him.
– We both got him.– [Kevin] Oh, that’ll hurt ya.– [Hughes] He’s still
right there, watch this.– [Kevin] There
you go, good shot.Good shot.You got a pretty
good reload time.(laughing)– [Hughes] That’s a good one.– [Kevin] Like today, we
got pretty much blue skies.That the kind of
situation you want,so you can see these fish?– [Hughes] So you see
the fish right there,how they’re just glowing.I mean, they are just, I mean,there’s six or seven out there.– [Kevin] I mean, they’re
basically sunning, aren’t they?– [Hughes] All right, so
now, look, look at it now.– You can’t hardly find ’em.
– You can’t hardly see ’em.There’s a fish right there.Make a shot.There it is.The limit on gator
gar is two per person.– Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey.– [Hughes] Make a shot.Oh, man.
– See, that’s whyI don’t shoot these.There’s gonna be a big
fish anywhere here.It’s gonna be over here.– It’s pretty fun, man.– Yeah.
– A lot of guyshave never tried it
and just don’t know.I mean, you’re out here on
the lake, the wind’s blowing,and you can cover a
lot of ground, too.Hold on a second, you get him?– Yeah, gator gar.– You got a good one.– Oh, he’s pulling me.The adrenaline rush when
you stick a 100 pound fishis, it’s a rush, man.It’s a lot of fun.It’s addicting.– Well, they say it
always happens when
you least expect it.And I’m down there
taking to Scooter,and old Hughes
sticks a big fish.You gonna get him up to the
top and then you want meto put one in there, right?There we go.– [Hughes] That’s what it’s
about right there, man.– [Kevin] Man, what a fish.Like my buddies say back
home, I hit him right there.(laughing)That’s a workout, ain’t it?A hundred pounds of dead weight.That’s a work out,
good job, brother.So this time of year, you said
the gar are spawning, right?– Yes, sir.Hopefully when we get up
here in some shallow water,hopefully warmer
water, you’ll see,every time we’ll see
one, there’ll be tworight side by side.– All right, so the male, he’s
following behind the female.– Correct.
– Okay.(upbeat music)Now how in the world?– [Kevin] Dang, right over him.– [Hughes] Awe, broke my reel.(upbeat music)– Just like bow hunting,except you can shoot
more, you know?– [Hughes] Two, three.– [Kevin] Dang, you got him.Shot two, look.You wanna put
another one in him?– [Hughes] Oh, yeah.– Got him.
– That’s perfect.You gotta watch the water level.As far as the fish, when
the river’s falling,the fish come up.When the river’s rising,
the fish go down,and so when that happens,
you gotta time it perfectand the gator gar will bewaiting for you
when you get there.– [Kevin] Old gator gar.– [Hughes] The
lower the river is,the more concentrated
the fish are,and when it’s high,
they’re like this.They’re kinda spread
out, but they get bigger,so it’s a lot of fun either way.– [Kevin] Well, like, with
the river where it is now,you got so many
spots that you can gothat you can get to
from the big riverwhich makes it nice, too.One, two, three.(laughing)Yes.That’s what it’s about,
baby, right there.Oh, wrapped around his head.I think I got, nope.There we go.Hey, I’m looking at you, too.– All right?
– All right, thank you, bro.– [Hughes] I got him.– So Hughes, he
counts one, two, threeand we shoot him.But I got some buddies that’ll
do one, two, and shoot.– [Hughes] Got him, stoned,
that was a good shot.– [Kevin] Look at you, man.(laughing)That boy can shoot, man.– [Hughes] That was it
right there, right there.– [Kevin] I missed him.Good fish right there, boy.– [Hughes] Yes, sir.Yeah, you don’t wanna get
caught in those teeth either.I knew a little
spot where you know,I thought we would probably
get into some pretty big fish,but when we got there,we had a little
surprise waiting for us.– [Kevin] Did y’all get him?– [Hughes] I got one, bro.This is the biggest
fish I’ve ever shot on.– [Kevin] It’s huge.He’s huge.
– This is the biggest fishI’ve ever shot.[Kevin] Like, really big fish.I thought it was a log at first,and I mean, that’s a big fish.I went right over him.I can’t tell where
you’ve got him hit.– Right in the back.The fish took off, and
right when he took off,Kevin’s line snapped.– [Kevin] Got him.Dang, it popped.– [Hughes] It’s all right,
we’ll get another arrow.– [Kevin] I should’ve
hit the button.– Yeah.
– You want meto get that other bow?– We don’t see the fish
again for another 30 minutes.The fight is on, but
once I pull the fishback to the surface, Kevin
does get another arrow.(dramatic music)(laughing)– [Kevin] That’s
a big fish, man.This is like Jurassic Park
stuff right here, man.That’s a big fish.All right, so we need
to get that other pole.– [Hughes] We need to
rig something up here.– [Kevin] You wanna,
you just wanna kindalet him sit somewhere,and then I’ll hold both.
– Yeah, we’re gonna,I don’t want him in the, I
don’t wanna get up in the trees.– [Kevin] You want me to rig
one up, and you hold these?– Yeah, you’re not tired?– [Kevin] No, not really.This fishing ain’t
fitting in the tank?– [Hughes] No, he ain’t.I don’t know where
we’re gonna put him.Might not fit in the boat.– Hey, there’s not many times
you can hook a fish like thisand can’t get him in the boat.There, you guys see him?Those are like jaws.But a barrel in him.See there?– Gator gar have this
bladder in side of ’emthat where they have
to breath oxygen.– [Kevin] It’s
coming up for air.– [Hughes] The reason
we saw this fishat the surface of the waterwould be for him
coming up for oxygen.– [Kevin] You’re a
200 pound fish, bro.All right, there’s a there’s…– [Hughes] When I go up on
the deck get another one,I put another one in him.– [Kevin] Yes, woo.Holy cow, what a fish.It’s like one of them big
alligators in September.You just tie him to
the side of the boat.– [Hughes] I can’t,
he’s so heavy.This man working three bows.I can take one.– [Kevin] There you
go, you got him.Dang, it come off?– [Hughes] We fought the fish,I think it was close
to an hour and a half.I know it was a struggle.– [Kevin] Where is that gap
there, you still in him?– And just the pure
weight of that fishwas really amazing.(laughing)– [Kevin] We got him now.You been doing this
a long time, brother.Would a fish this
size, what kind of ageare we looking at
on a fish like this?– [Hughes] Man, he’s
gotta be over 100.– [Kevin] I don’t think I’ve
ever seen one this big ever.I ain’t scared of the
water, well, maybe now I am.Man, what a fish.– We get on the bank, and
I’m just sitting there,just shaking, I mean,
as hard as I can.I mean, to shoot something like
that is absolutely amazing.– I’m kinda wore out, Hughes.– I am, too, man,
that was a fight.– You been fishing this riversince you were about five,
six year old you said earlier.– Oh, yeah, man.– Have you ever seen an
alligator gar that bigin the boat?
– Man, in the boatI have never seen one that big.That’s the fish of
a lifetime, man.– [Kevin] And it’s
just now lunch time.We still got more fishing to do.– We kept fishing a little
bit, shot a few more fish,and then I think we
finally realized,I think we got a record
here, and we did.Now, it took us from 12
to I think two or threeto get there, so he
was out of the waterfor three or four hours,so he may have lost
a little weight,water weight between then.We took it to the scales,and showed 182.The previous record was 175,but there ended up being
a second fish killedthat was a little
bigger than that,so we actually had the
second biggest alligator garever recorded in
Mississippi history,but it is a BAA state record.I think it was a absolute
honor to do it on camera.I think that was
just an extra bonus,and it was a lot of fun.About a week after
we shot this fish,Jim Shockey was
gonna be in town,and he ended up going
with me for two daysand we got to talking
about this fish.I said, hey, Jim, I got
a 200 pound gator gar.You want it?He said, yes, I do, and
so, we are in the processof mounting it and getting
it in Jim Shockey’s museum.(exciting music)– Hey, that’s all the time
we have for this week.Hope you enjoyed the show.– Join us again next time
for more exciting adventures.Until then, I’m Pamela Weaver.– And I’m Kevin Meachum.– See ya outdoors.
– See ya outdoors.(exciting music)♪ Riding through the bayou
heading for the sky blue ♪♪ Back out on the
trail again and again ♪♪ Hiking and hunting
and fishing the land ♪♪ Time was time well spent♪ We’ll take it to the delta♪ To the great white shores♪ There’s so much
to see and do ♪♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors

54 thoughts on “When Giants Fall – Bowfishing on the Mississippi River

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